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Download: Motorola DROID RAZR HD Update 9.16.6, Android 4.1.2

razr hd 9166

At the end of last week, Verizon approved a new update of build 9.16.6 for the DROID RAZR HD. That update is slowly trickling out to users now, but if you’d like to manually upgrade this minute, you can do so with the update file below. In order to update with these instructions, you’ll need to be 100% stock. I’d bet that you can keep root by using Voodoo Rootkeeper, however, I was not able to test it.

The update improves connectivity, camera, video streaming, and more. The file is roughly 96MB in size, jumps your phone to Android 4.1.2 and works on the RAZR MAXX HD as well. 


*You have to be running the official Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) update of build 9.1.41. You also have to be completely stock.

*Hearing from Matt Groff that you cannot downgrade once you update to this new build.

1.  Download the update file here:  Download Link [mirror] 2.  Drop that file on your SD card, not internal storage.
3.  Turn phone off, and reboot into recovery.

*Hold both Volume Up and Down along with Power until you see the boot menu. Use Volume Down to hover over “Recovery.” Press Volume Up to select it.

*Once you see the Android and Exclamation point, press both Volume Up and Down at the same time.

4.  Select “apply update from external storage.”

*Use Volume keys to highlight, Power button to select.

5.  Then select the file you downloaded from above. It should already be on your SD card.
6.  Watch as the update applies.
7.  Once finished, choose the “reboot” option and enjoy!

  • Jd

    Bluetooth now works if you own a 2007 Infiniti g35 droid razr

  • Stache

    anyone know if you can do this from JB version 9.1.39?

    • Do you know if you were able to do this update? I am still on 9.1.39 and cannot update.

  • robert

    Does it work for another company outside the US

  • Viktor

    For those who are getting the message “ABORTED” here’s what you have to do.
    Download droid RAZR HD utility(latest one). If you don’t know what it is or how to use it, research it.

    1.Flash back to ICS 4.0.4
    2.Root the phone (option 2 in utility) if you wanna have it. back up root and temp-unroot it via voodoo root keeper
    3.go to settings>about phone>system updates. Install update, repeat this option because there’s two updates here.
    4. restore root via voodoo and temp-unroot it again.
    5. Then follow instructions above in this article.
    6. When you get to recovery, prior to installing the update reset phone to factory and wipe cache.
    6. Install the update.

    I had to do this and it finally worked for me. I hope I was clear

    • Ronnie

      What if your phone isn’t rooted?

      • Viktor

        Well…l then you just skip step 2 and 4 if you don’t want root:-)

    • Basilio Antonio

      Gracias por el tip amigo, yo segui tus recomendaciones y me ha funcionado. Antes me abortaba la instalacion via OTA.

  • bev

    How do you uninstall the app? My phone was flashed to cricket and nownot even the dialer works to make a phone call.

    • bev

      Not sure how to fix my phone. It was working great for cricket. Now nothing works at all.

  • Mark Mann

    can also confirm that you can restore root after flashing this update via stock recovery. i also had to flash back to ics and then take the upgrades back to jb .41

  • viktor
  • danetbra63

    is there a way to perform this update through ADB???

  • Joey Fields

    How does the new feature of wallpaper options being displayed when a home screen icon is selected work??

  • jdclem301

    I’m having a issue, its saying that its aborted when I try to install it. I am doing root keeper and every works fine until I try to install the update

  • David Moylan

    just cuz im curious, how come I can update this way but cant flash ROMS in the same fashion? its a noob question i know but just wondering

  • TheNinthPlayer

    I used the ADB Sideload option to install since SD card install kept aborting.

  • Josh Selly

    I tried this and i get an “installation aborted” message. It says assert failed: file_getprop…
    What version of software are you on prior to upgrading?

    • Josh Selly

      NVM, realized that i was not on the most recent 4.1.1 version…flashed back to 4.04…then updated

  • Speedracer98

    thats funny i got my update to 4.12 before the hd folks. =P

    heres to hoping they update to 4.2 on the og razr maxx

  • bananatroll

    I need the NEW update: 9.16.6.XT926.Verizon.en.US

    What is linked above is the exact version I already have: 4.1.1

    Does anybody have a download link for the actual OTA update this article is referencing? I already have 9.1.14.XT926.Verizon.en.US so a link to the actual updated OTA which puts us at 4.1.2 would be appreciated!


    • skinien

      Even though the file is named 9.1.41, it is actually the 9.16.6 update. Confused me too.

  • Drebin

    Droid Razr HD here….

    It worked fine. Cleared cache before installing. Running supa fast.


  • Alex Ortega

    Just tried to, got into recovery menu, then got the android with red exclamation, and could not get any further than that. Any advice?

    • Cooljoe

      hold vol up then press vol down or reverse to bring up menu, or slam both vol up and down till it comes up

  • Sam

    Does this bring back the USB Charge Only option?

    • valjean615

      Nope. Only options when connected via USB are still MTP or PTP. The HDMI out issue also appears to have not been fixed either. Alas. But it does seem a bit snappier.

  • Someone can tell me if case I update my phone to this version, from the Brazilian jb, my system will be in English?

  • 21chip

    Installed fine. It keep root with Voodoo OTA and I had to reinstall Safestrap. no big deal. im able to go back to my roms i had installed if i want there still all there. This is XT926 HD Cool.

  • I’m rooted with disabled apps (not frozen via titanium backup), I have safe strap installed and I installed the 4.2 camera and keyboard. I’m not running any custom ROMs. Running stock. Is this a no go for me?

    • I didn’t remove/delete any apps. Just disabled what I could via Jellybean.

      • Nishant Junankar

        I’m in the same boot as you. I just enabled all the apps, backed up my root using Voodoo rootkeeper, took the update and rerooted through Voodoo. Worked perfectly

        • Thanks for the reply! Did you uninstall/disable Safe Strap? Did you install the update via the download link above or was it pushed to you by Verizon?

  • timd

    Updated last week and it killed my wifi. It wont let me connect to my home wifi but every other device is fine and lets me connect to other wifi spots and works… Need to fix the bug motorola

    • superman1o1

      Go under settings, WiFi (the actual menu), press the menu button on the right (next to the “+” symbol, choose advanced, and then uncheck “Avoid poor connections.” This might help. I had trouble connecting to some WiFi networks after installing jelly bean and this seemed to solve it.

  • chris125

    It’s sad Samsung can have a device with the latest os yet the company owned by google can’t even do that….

    • Kassidy Klink

      huh? samsung doesn’t have any 4.2.2 devices. s3 got 4.1.2 beginning of march.

      • I think he meant that the S4 will run 4.2.2 when released (which isn’t even released yet, so I don’t know what he’s getting at).

  • Ronnie

    is anyone getting a “Installation aborted”?

    • Mark Mann

      check your build number…if it’s not 9.8.41…you have to flash back to ics and then re-upgrade before flashing this…i was on .39 and had to flash bcak to ics

      • jdclem301

        I’m on .41 and I’m getting the “installation aborted” too. Any other ideas?

        • Mark Mann

          flash back to ics and re-upgrade

      • Ronnie

        how do you flash back if my phone is not rooted?

        • Ronnie

          my build number is 9.8.1Q_37

        • Mark Mann

          download matt’s droid razr utility, you don’t need to be rooted to use it

  • RoomTenONine

    I kept root and took this update. Thawed frozen apps in TiBU, backed up SU in Voodoo, UN-root in Voodoo, OTA, restore Root with Voodoo, reboot.

  • Rodney Banner

    Just updated and kept root with Voodoo OTA RootKeeper. Everything seems to be working fine so far.

  • Ryan Christoper

    i would say not worth it to update, removes the ability to flash back down in case there is a need

    • Kassidy Klink

      can’t imagine a scenario where you would need to unless you messed up keeping root

  • Steve

    psst….Googles latest is actually 4.2.2 ….pass it on…

    • Hey, I say be glad we got JB, we even got it before the S3. I don’t know how many more updates we’ll actually get, but Motorola seems to be getting better about pushing out updates.

      • David Heim

        The S3 already had 4.1.2 for a while. What are you talking about?

        • michael arazan

          lmao, almost all the new phones have a newer os than the vzw Nexus, I can’t wait to leave verizon when my contract is up

        • Kassidy Klink

          you mean since the beginning of march? wow big difference considering this phone has had three updates since it’s release late last year.

        • Mark Mann

          he said jb, not which version…the hd has been on jb since january

          • I think the JB update got pushed out in December, but I could be wrong, I’d have to comb through the DL update stories to find out.

    • Kassidy Klink

      what phone besides the nexus line has 4.2.2 officially? exactly

  • Steve

    If it says “installation aborted”, is that because I have disabled a number of preinstalled apps?

    • RoomTenONine

      Yes. Have to thaw any frozen apps first. Use Voodoo to keep root.

      • Ronnie

        what is your phone is not rooted?

        • Ronnie


      • Does that include disabled apps using built in ICS/JB or frozen apps using TiBu? Both?

  • The update to Jelly Bean made it so my Maxx HD couldn’t detect my SD card, did anyone else have this problem and did this update fix it? It was working fine on ICS.

  • McFunk

    I accepted the upgrade tat was pushed out and it killed my SD card. Tried my ASUS Transformer and imac, neither would recognize it. Had to reformat and lose everything on it. Not too pleased.

  • Steve

    Is it right? The download links are to Blur_Version.9.1.41.XT926.Verizon.en.US.zip

    • jnt

      They normally label the zip files the PREVIOUS version, so you’ll (or whomever) will know what build you’ll need to come from in order for it to work.

  • faganm24

    FYI, you cannot downgrade back to the previous verison of JC or ICS, which means if you lose root, it may be awhile.

    • You can actually use RSD Lite to restore a factory image of ICS and root that and then use OTA RootKeeper and download the latest update.

      • faganm24

        Per some guys at DROIDRzr.com, this is not the case. The security was updated on this JB update.

        • Really? That’s annoying. Well the community always finds a way. I wish Verizon wasn’t so harsh on rooting and locking bootloaders and generally being totalitarian phone carrier.

  • Nick Moyer

    Holding Vol UP and Vol DOWN at the android logo didnt work for me

  • Just realized the phone didn’t come with a sdcard, curses!! Didn’t really think to look until now, guess im waiting!

  • jnt

    Would LOVE to hear some feedback on the camera after updating…

  • kixofmyg0t

    100% stock……well crap. I’m already running the 4.2 camera and media profiles tweaks and I removed quite a bit of Verizon bloat.

    I’ll wait til root is confirmed before attempting this.

    • bobukcat

      Hashcode has posted on Twitter that you should be good with OTA Rootkeeper and flashing it from Safestrap as well.

      • kixofmyg0t

        My HD is unlocked so I don’t have or need safestrap.

        But thanks for the advice.

  • richard gurska

    Does it add any bloatware?

    • Timothy Edwards

      None removed, none added

      • It adds “MobileShopping.apk” do /system/vendor/app/.

      • Kassidy Klink

        supposedly 2 verizon apps (apps and accessories) are removed but i haven’t noticed that