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Here is Verizon’s Changelog for the DROID RAZR Jelly Bean Update

razr change1

After Motorola announced that the Jelly Bean update for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX was officially rolling out in phases beginning today, Verizon decided to join the party by releasing their official changelog. In it, you’ll see further confirmation that 98.72.16 is indeed the final build number. They mention that it’s Android 4.1, but we all know that it’s actually 4.1.2. 

With the update, you’ll see improved Voice Search, enhanced notifications, a smarter keyboard (with gesture typing), more from Google Now, better network connectivity, the removal of all sorts of bloatware, and more.

If you haven’t yet updated, feel free to do so manually. We have files for those coming from Ice Cream Sandwich (here) and also for those who updated to Jelly Bean in December (here).

The changelog from Motorola can be found here.

razr change2

More info.

  • Ron

    poor signal strength. I live 1/2 mile from the tower and have 2 bars

  • Pam Lux

    How do I get my photos back. I lost many of them after the update.

  • AJ

    When I type on a community forum, it’s all title-case like this: Hello
    My Name Is Blah. The 49ers Will Win Next Year’s Super Bowl..man Android sucks!

    • cvtaylor

      Mine Does That Too. it’s Driving Me Crazy. Did You Find A Fix? You Can Manually Click The “Caps” Arrow Three Times Before The First Letter Of Each Word And It Will Go To Lowercase, But that’s BS To Have To Go To All That Trouble, And It Takes Forever.

  • Michael Buck

    If your Razr has an encrypted internal SD card you are probably screwed. Verizon had to send me a new Razr and said about 2% of Razr’s being upgraded to JB crashed. I had the eye staring at me for 4 hours and as noted below the on-screen keyboard in the boot process does not fit on the screen so if you have a zero or other end of keyboard character in your password you may not be able to enter it. The best thing to do before upgrading (besides a full back up) is to turn all security and passwords off until the upgrade is complete. The replacement Verizon sent to me also crashed on the upgrade but I was able to recover it because the security was turned off. Looks like someone forgot to test for encrypted internal memory when they were testing the upgrade. Quite disappointing and even with a backup took hours and hours to fix.

  • Barbara

    All my photo albums have been erased! Widgets moved all over the place or missing completely! Anybody know where the mute button can be found?

  • AlchemX

    Overall I am super happy with the update on my Razr Maxx. I am, however, extremely disappointed with the “Clock” app replacing the “Alarm and Timer” app. First of all, as others have noted, there is no timer anymore! I’m sure I can get a timer app for free, but c’mon that should be standard on all phones. Also, the alarms have lost the option of using music files as the alarm sound. All the alarms I had set up are still there and useable, but I cannot change which song they play (I like to switch it up), nor can I create new alarms that use music files. Why get rid of such an awesome feature!!?!

  • nolagal

    anybody Know How To Fix This AutoCaps And Lack OF Spacing On Websites. Works Normal Still In Texts. Also, Where Is The Timer?

  • Unhappy

    I uploaded to the new software “jellybean” from “ice scram sandwich”! I’m not a very camper at this time. My contacts became all unknown and their numbers were duplicated one to many times… Also when you Google search there’s no exit button to exit the screen at once, instead you need to use the back button several times! I’m not very gappy about that…

    When you dial up a contract and want text at the same time, you really can’t. You have to completely exit to text the contact. The cheesy Google version to search looks completely fake!!!

    I’m very dissatisfied very the upgrade. I feel that I now have to use extra steps to search and other stuff with the phone. The upgrade suck!!! 🙁

    I think I’ll be upgrading to a different phone!!! I’m very displeased…

  • joemcg

    Lost some things I used all the time. No more timer – alarm only. No more internet radio in the music player.

  • Brian

    My non-rooted MAXX is totally fracked after this morning’s update. The password decrypt screen was rendered incorrectly so some of the keys were not accessible. I just managed to hit the edge of a key I needed. The update seemed to go through, but then after the installation, I unlocked the screen to get a blank screen with the toolbar. Tried to reboot and now can’t get past the Droid eye. Tried to boot into the recovery, but it just hung there. Very disappointed. 🙁

    • Opie

      Same scenario is happening to me. I have a droid RAZR with encryption enabled and I also noticed the sceen incorrectly rendered. Glad to see someone else is having a similar problem as I am. Unfortunately, I think it may be bricked. I’m going to Verizon to try and correct the problem in the next few days. Let me know if you find out anything by then – i’ll check back here to see. Thanks for your post Brian.

      • boohoo

        Me too, Droid Razr Maxx wtih encryption enabled. I have tried rebooting, safe mode, clearing cache. Nothing works. I can get calls in, but not make any out since I have no Icon’s, all my apps gone. Black screen with toolbar at top. Motorola rep said possibly a patch to follow. Meantime, I lost all my songs/photo’s that were not on my SDCard ;-(

        • StuckinSeattle

          Me too, has anyone figured out how to solve this short of a Factory Reset?

  • rick8340

    got the update. took one hour to download on LTE full signal and 30 minutes to install. seems to be working ok.

  • dep7418

    Receiving the OTA update right now in MN!

  • Rick8340

    I am also getting the update. Downloading right now!

  • Chris McKain

    Getting mine now, of course I had to check right before I went to bed. Damn you Jelly Bean

  • dbam987

    Is this rolling out to the general masses yet? I haven’t received it yet for my OG Droid RAZR.

  • rob

    I still have not updated. When I try it tells me my phone is up to date. How long is it going to take for everyone to get the update?

  • Rob

    I have not updated because when I try to it tells me my phone is up to date. How long is it going to take for everyone to get the update?

  • WPNX

    Gesture typing is not part of this update. It is not included in the moto change log. I updated and don’t have that feature.

    • Dang, that sucks :/

      • RedColoredGlasses

        It is a bummer…but i have been using Swiftkey 3…it has a swype style typing called swiftkey flow, and IMO it is better than Google’s gesture typing (which i think still needs work). And what is nice is that when one want’s to use google voice typing, the mic key on swiftkey opens up voice typing, not whatever it is that Swype opens up.

    • stormteaser19

      i too had received the over the air update and found NO Gesture included either…. 🙁

  • Tethering fix? I’m using Wifi Tether and have Voodoo RootKeeper installed. Will I have to do the entitlement hack again once I update to this or am I on?

  • Ken

    Downloaded from the mirror, copied the zip to my local SD card on the phone and followed the instructions on this site. Everything works as expected.

  • zombiewolf

    am just here. with my droid bionic waiting for jelly bean. knowing verizon ill get the update the first quarter of next year

  • Brabacoa

    Ok all, If you did the upgrade or the patch and like me forgot to save your root there is a fix. this was set up for the Christmas push and still works. I take no credit for this other than testing it cause im dumb lol. http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/6924-root-achieved-for-jb-ota-razrmaxx-xt912/

  • OMG, just pushed the update through; thanks for that step by step. only problem i have a yahoo mail that resending a email thats not going through… funny i got google now on my ipad2 jailbroken before my razr maxx lol.

    • oh thanks to my 4g i had the update file downloaded in like 60 sec flat if that,.. winning

  • MK

    Thanks, works like a charm

  • What about the Droid 4?

  • Landon Landsiedel

    Is the Droid Razr gonna see Android 4.2.2?

  • Sangro Azul

    I hit “system settings”, “about phone”, and “system updates”, but it says, “no updates needed…” huh? Isnt the OTA update there yet???

  • Thought I’d try the update before I cancel my service with VZW on my Droid
    RAZR and low and behold the link you have listed in your article is broken and
    does not work nor will it download.

    The official DROID RAZR Jelly Bean update [Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip] for Ice Cream Sandwich build 6.16.211. for DROID RAZR is broken and will not
    download on any of the sites I have tried; what’s up with that? This will NOT update you to Android 4.1.2. Jelly Bean build 98.72.16. When clicking on the link all you get is a compressed file of 539 bytes, that’s it!

    • MerReady

      Click on “mirror” at the end of the link. That is how I got it.

      All I can say is wow. Made my Razr feel like a new phone. I can say I’m happy now!

  • Ryan

    Think I Updated From The Xmas Jelly Bean Leak To The Official. How Can I Tell If I Did It Right?

  • MTX

    I’m in Texas my phone is not updating I’ve been waiting for Verizon to push this update now I feel like a lil kid before Christmas :Δ

  • Although you might not think of it at first, this update is a VERY BIG leap for owners of this former flagship.

    Google Now is something pretty special that makes your iOS nemesis shut up a little about Siri (although there is a lil work to be done) and project butter make the RAZR’s ancient OMAP processor feel like a workhorse! I have been running this update for a few hours now and cannot get over the amount of zip this phone has.

    • n900mixalot

      You should see how polished 4.2.2 is.

  • I just did the update and lost the ability to use pdanet in WiFi mode .

  • DroidWill

    I don’t have a memory card in my phone. (GASP! I know)…. can I still download and install off the HD memory?

  • Hey I have to give Verizon credit where it is due, they said it would be in the first quarter and they updated it in the first quarter

    • michael arazan

      Should of just updated it to 4.2.2 to the current one, imo. I use the Gnex and if they approved 4.2.2 for it, why not just update all the Razr’s to 4.2.2 if there is a build for it. Just seems like a waste of time updating the os to one from 6 months ago why not just go with the current one, makes more sense

  • how did you guys push it on your phone?

  • I’m running a custom JB ROM that was published way before any of the leaks and offical builds being released. Is it worth it to go through the hassle to use the Droid Razr utility to flashboot back to stock and then update? I really like JB but the rom I use has some issues..namely DNS server problems about once every day or so…Oh and can anyone confirm that some type of Wifi tether app (Foxfi, etc) works on the Droid Razr running official JB?

  • Mario

    I got it!. . no wait. 4.1? Oops, I got 4.2.2 with CyanogenMod 10.

  • Dylan Patel

    5th post and counting about the same thing 🙂 I guess you have to to tell us everything right as you fund out about it though. Thanks!

    • Its really nice for Droid Razr (Maxx) owners!!! But I kinda think a few of the posts could have been condensed into one….

  • Will I lose Fox Fi with this upgrade?

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  • Chris King

    Hmm I didn’t get the new gesture keyboard, still have the pos swype

    • Doug Wing

      The default android keyboard has the gestures. You should have two different keyboards, I don’t know of any phone which ships with just swype.

  • Alan

    Is USB Charge Only mode still gone? Did Google also remove USB mass storage option?

    • I still have mass storage, media device (mtp), camera (PTP) but no USB charge only mode…I also still see gallery and clock, but not the google gallery or google clock as talked about..hmmm…

  • Since the hardware between the bionic & the razr are virtually the same, can I upgrade my OS to this version on my bionic?

    • Brandon


    • Just because the CPU may be the same doesn’t mean other bits of hardware will be. Yeah, they both have the OMAP4 CPU, but there’s still other differences between the two phones. We still have to wait for our official update to even be announced that its being worked on.

  • gokusimpson

    Why is the verizon changelog so lame? It looks like a minor bug patch rather than jelly bean

  • Is this official update? or the Soak Test?

    • Dylan Patel

      official, they started with the Soak test 12 ours ago or so, but they are already rolling out the main build.

  • how do you get the gesture typing to work?

    • Brandon

      That’s in 4.2

      • that’s what I thought but Kellex put in the article (smarter keyboard with gesture typing) so I thought maybe I was missing something.

    • mdubahya

      Get Swiftkey – their “flow” gesture typing is far superior to Swype.

      • I actually prefer TouchPal but just wanted to try it out on the stock keyboard

  • Sparxx2k7

    Does the root method for the Christmas leak work for this version? I have some games that have saves in places only root can access and I don’t want to lose them

    • I downloaded the voodoo root keeper and it kept root just fine. I did have to go back in afterwards through and edit my sms per minute limit as well as the tethering fix.

      • sms per minute?

        • Jelly bean (Christmas Leak) introduced a 30 sms per 30 min limit and you had to confirm every sent SMS after that. I don’t know if this number was upped in this build, but I increased it regardless. There are instances where I do send more than 30 a minute and it got annoying to have to confirm all messages sent.

    • Alexis Fernandez

      Just tried it out and it does work perfectly with root from Christmas

  • Thomas

    When is my Verizon Note 2 going to get 4.1.2. ?

  • A.C

    If I downloaded the leak back in December, would I still get the official update rolling out now?

    • DanSan


    • Hmm….

      Yep, and it’s just a simple patch instead of completely rewriting the system software. Yay 🙂 You can download it from the link in the article, thanks to Kellex!