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Verizon Support: Galaxy Nexus LTE Update Coming Soon

verizon nexus update soon

Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus LTE is a full four updates behind other Nexus devices, that’s no secret. What we would love to find out, though, is when they plan on changing that status. And if they do, are we going to skip past all of the previous updates and jump right to Android 4.2.2 or will we be stuck back at 4.2.1 or something earlier? 

We know one thing, an update is indeed on the way. In a response to a frustrated DL reader on Twitter, Verizon’s official support account has confirmed that there is no release date, “but it will be soon.” We should point out that the VZW support page for the G-Nex also has a “Coming soon!” tag attached, however, that could have been there for some time.

What we’re confused about, is why they think the update is coming from Samsung, but that’s a story for another day. All of us fully understand that once Big Red approves the update, the file will come directly from Google, just as it has since day one.

If it makes the situation seem any brighter, keep in mind that Verizon has approved a handful of updates to a variety of devices over the last week. Maybe there is hope on the horizon.

Via:  @VZWSupport

Cheers Jeff!

  • asad

    Samung galaxy coming soon Mobile Samsung Galaxy Pop SHV-E220 Specification is available now
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    • nikky


      • gimmy

        this mobile is very good but Ram should increase to 2 gb

        • Rocky 2

          yeah …you right ram should increase 2gb must

  • Dave12308

    Why would Samsung be pushing an update for a Nexus device in the first place?

  • JasonIvers

    Just got my Nexus 4 (work phone), and man it makes my Verizon GNex (personal phone) look inferior… newer, better OS version, better screen, better battery, more RAM. I was already a tiny bit frustrated with my phone, but now it’s even worse.

  • Earl Says!

    Q. When will you get your ROM update?
    Verizon answer: Any day now! Any Day! and Soon! Also been told, “The check is in the mail”, “You can’t get pregnant the first time”, and “I won’t ##### in your mouth”

  • I want my sg3 updated to the current bean!

  • DanWazz

    In other news, 95% of G-Nex owners are already running 4.2.2.

  • Recently flashed Carbon 1.4 for 4.2.2. Been smooth sailing.

  • Elthon Cisneros

    Well at least you Galaxy Nexus owners have Jelly Bean! Im still stuck on 4.0.4 ICS on my DROID RAZR MAXX(although an update is supposed to be coming soon)…

  • Shaggy723

    My GSM GNEX running 4.2.2 sends its regards…

  • edmicman

    Wouldn’t you see the official build available from Google first before Verizon or anyone pushes it OTA?

  • chazzdjr

    I just want the radio’s!!!!

  • TJZ

    The downside of my poor LTE Nexus, no updates and battery life :(… Maybe I have to jump ship to a Galaxy S4 since the Moto X phone seems to be more of a pipe dream at this point.

  • This is one of the biggest reasons to root. You simply cannot expect timely updates from your carrier.

  • currently running JBSourcery 5.0 with exchange mod for 4.2 let’s me get my work email without having to encrypt the phone. this rom rocks and i never worry about updates. had my phone rooted and romed a day after i got it in the mail from Amazon. Wug’s toolkit for galaxy nexus takes all of the work of rooting down to a few mouse clicks and enter stabs. i can easily say that i can put my phone up against any phone out there and hold my own even though its almost 18 months old. 4g speeds is just icing on the cake.

  • SecurityNick

    I bet they just answered the question to get someone off their back and there really isn’t an update…considering the whole “come from Samsung” thing, I bet this guy has no clue.

    • florious80

      Agree 100%. The updates has to come from Verizon since they are holding the CDMA part hostage. If anything, he/she should have said the updates will come from Google, even though we know that’s not true either (just look at the last update). Nexus devices won’t get updated by phone manufacturers because they have no skin. Nexus 4’s updates certainly didn’t come from LG, lol.

  • NYAvsFan

    Too little too late, love my N4!

  • Todd

    I got a text from VZW last week that my GN is already eligible for upgrade to a new phone. I thought this was very soon considering how short a time I’ve had mine. I called the local Verizon store, and they confirmed. Does this seem odd to you all? I’ve been eyeballing the Droid DNA anyway.

    • JMG Nole

      They’re probably afraid of the Google phone in May. They moved mine up from December to July.

    • They start offering upgrade discounts at 18 months into a 2 year contract. Trying to keep their hooks in ya.

  • has anyone read the thread on twitter, read the second @VZWsupport. post

    VZW Support [email protected]
    ianxcom1 Good question! Samsung will push the update directly to your device over the air. Sorry, no release date. But, it will be soon.^LH
    Retweeted by ian

    Barry Karschner [email protected]
    @VZWSupport Verizon is a disgrace we are 4 updates behind(4.2.2). Spring verision has received 2 of the 4. As he said it comes from you!!!

    [email protected] @BWK5150 Sorry, it’s shameful. Samsung, our partner, will send the update directly to your device. Stay tuned, http://bit.ly/n5snpq ^LH

  • josh911usa

    The only good thing about this update for me will be new radios. granted, I don’t have any specific issues with the current ones, but I will still be on AOKP regardless.

  • Nicolas Fuentes

    @VZWSupport is just as confused as the initial person you talk to when calling Verizon Support; even the next tier of escalation is just as uninformed as them.

    9/10 times they provide wrong information, when the Moto XOOM LTE was still rather new, I had 3-4 of their Twitter Support people tell me to go to the VZW XOOM Support page to download my update… since when can you get updates from the VZW Support page?

    Check on Twitter for @NykoNako & @VZWSupport #TRUESTORY

  • Stewie

    On MMuzzy 4.2.2 and not giving a damn about more rhetoric from some sniveling response on Twitter from some low level VZ “Support” person to make a frustrated non-rooter go away. Let’s face it – I had to inform a VZ store support rep that there was no way he was going to find the SD card slot on the GNex for his customer to transfer his contacts from the phone he had, need I say more? Must be trying to fill dead space with this thread ….

  • Who cares. Running Shiny ROM here, 4.2.2

  • teevirus

    Thanks Verizon. Because of your crappy system of delayed updates, even
    for my G-Nexus you gave me enough courage to root my phone.

    • CasperTFG

      Amen. Just unlocked mine last weekend. No longer a locked virgin. Now will need to study rooting.

  • flosserelli

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an “update” to 4.1.2.

  • LarryT

    Too little, too late. Already ordered my Nexus 4 and am switching to T-Mo once it arrives. I’ll adjust to the lack of storage space, so long as I get timely updates. Once the GS4 comes out, I’ll prob. upgrade. F Verizon, they’ve screwed me and every android owner out there one time too many.

    Remember kiddos, like in any abusive relationship, things won’t change, until you decide to leave it. T-Mo and Sprint, and the other smaller carriers, won’t grow, or have revenue to build out like Verizon did, without new subscribers. So long as you keep b*tching but staying put, you enable Verizon to continue abusing you.

  • Eric Markson

    Not going to hold my breath.

  • Chris Mullins

    Your hopes, they are wayyy up here, when they need to be down here, below sea level, where light ceases to perpetrate.

    • florious80

      You meant “penetrate”? 🙂

  • Chris Bigg

    This is exactly why I unlocked it and flashed 4.2.2 from Mmuzzy. I am so tired of Verizon’s delays on updating a Nexus phone that I will never have a stock rom again.

  • Scott

    They’re probably going to drop Isis on us. I don’t care what Android version they drop, as long as it has some improved radios. Signal drops has been getting worse lately.

  • CasperTFG

    Hey a JRO03O post…and the inevitable pogo dock comment in 5, 4, 3, 2…..

  • DanSan

    absolutely LOVE my gnex but its time to move on. they completely ruined the nexus experience on verizon. going to be getting an S4 since i cant rely on verizon to push updates in time. ill just stick to flashing AOKP roms.

  • DanSan

    absolutely LOVE my gnex but its time to move on. they completely ruined the nexus experience on verizon. going to be getting an S4 since i cant rely on verizon to push updates in time. ill just stick to flashing AOKP roms.

  • Jay

    This speaks worlds to why Verizon will NEVER see another Nexus device as long as this crap continues. Can’t wait to leave come November.

  • Jay

    This speaks worlds to why Verizon will NEVER see another Nexus device as long as this crap continues. Can’t wait to leave come November.

  • bravsfn1

    Love my gnex but I’ve moved on. Verizon has a great network but awful people running its phone development.