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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-launch Thoughts on What We Might See

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The date is set and my flight is booked – the Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost upon us. And with the March 14 unveiling date quickly approaching, it’s time to start discussing what we know and what we think we know when it comes to what could be this year’s phone of the year. As was the case last year when the Galaxy S3 was announced, all eyes in the tech world will be focused on what Samsung has in store. As of right now, it is the smartphone event of 2013. 

Display and Processor

We’re fully expecting the Galaxy S4 to have a 4.99″ FHD (1080p) display. Rumors dating back to 2012 have suggested as much, but what we don’t know, is whether or not it will be new Super AMOLED tech, one of the current LCD displays that are attached to a number of high-end devices, or something else altogether. The latest word out of SamMobile suggests that Samsung has ditched the AMOLED for something called a SoLux display, which could be similar to an LCD3.

On a processor front, the latest rumors have stated that Samsung will not use its new Exynos Octa processor and will instead go with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.9GHz. If you haven’t paid attention over the last year, Qualcomm has essentially taken over the mobile processor game, having created incredibly powerful and efficient chipsets with integrated LTE modems. The Snapdragon 600 is their newest that is also featured in the HTC One. It’s insanely fast.

Other Specs (Camera, RAM, Storage, Wireless Charging, etc.)

The rest of the specs of the Galaxy S4 are rumored to include 2GB RAM, 16/32/64GB of storage, microSD slot for expandable storage, and a 13MP camera. There is a chance that we see wireless charging built in, but then again, we almost doubt it. Not once has Samsung included wireless charging as a built-in feature for any of their devices. Instead, they tend to offer separate accessory kits that enable wireless charging (take this wireless charging kit as an example). We would love for Samsung to change this trend and include it in the Galaxy S4, but again, we’d be surprised.

galaxy s4 case1


If the case above accurately depicts the design of the Galaxy S4 as rumors suggest, then we are in for something quite different from the Galaxy devices of last year. The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 both featured pebble-like soft curves, making either device feel incredibly soft in hand. Samsung bragged about how much time they spent on the ergonomics of the GS3 in particular, something that the case above appears to go directly against. The case above suggests that we’ll see a much more rectangular device, with less curves and more sharp angles. I hope for one that this case doesn’t come close to the final design. If it does, Samsung better have another sales schtick prepared to sell me on it.

Other design rumors say that the device won’t look much different at all than the Galaxy S3 at all. It should also have a physical home button along with soft back and menu keys.


If you watched the HTC One event, then you’ll see that companies have realized that specs no longer sell phones on their own. While phones need to have top-of-the-line processors and displays, it’s the software that allows manufacturers to differentiate. Over the last 10 months, Samsung has been pushing their suite of camera sharing features, multi-tasking apps, and social-ready integration to get users excited about using their phones. In the Galaxy S4, we’ll like see them take most of these areas a step further, particularly in the camera. Rumors peg the software as mimicking stock Android’s Photo Sphere in a camera trick that may be called Samsung Orb.

We also wouldn’t be surprised to see them beef up their NFC feature set, which could potentially include a payment system in partnership with Visa.

android photo sphere

Security and Enterprise

Samsung has done a wonderful job of taking over the consumer market with its line of Galaxy phones, but they know that enterprise is the next frontier. Expect to see further security improvements thanks to their newly announced KNOX solution. It works as part of Samsung SAFE, is defense and government ready, is “ultra-secure,” provides enhanced application security, and industry leading MDM control.


If Samsung is ready to announce the new Galaxy, then we’ll assume that the device is ready to be shipped. No longer are we seeing companies announce phones and then sit back for months while they finish them up before shipping them out (well, outside of Sony). Last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 and then made it available on multiple carriers shortly after. We’re expecting a similar situation this time around. When Samsung takes the stage on March 14 in NYC, don’t be surprised if the device is ready to be purchased in early April.


The new Galaxy, likely named the Galaxy S4, will be available on every carrier known to man. Like Apple, Samsung has the power to influence carriers. That also means that carriers can’t live without their new phone on their network. So yes, you’ll see this phone on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and more when it comes to launch day. A benchmark for the Verizon version under model number SCH-I545 has already surfaced.

What would you like to see?

  • Uriah Romero

    Well there are definitely plenty of rumors on the Galaxy S4 to keep us interested. Out of all the rumors, I am most excited to see if there is a 1080p display on the new phone. I often stream live and recorded shows on my phone during the commute to and from work at DISH, since it takes a bit of time to get there. I have the DISH Anywhere app on my phone, which lets me stream my shows from my DVR wherever I go, and it would be nice to watch my programs on a higher resolution display.

  • Vijay Kumar

    hi all ,,,, i like this magnificent post…..Samsung bragged about how much time they spent on the ergonomics of the GS3 in particular, something that the case above appears to go directly against.http://gossipscentral.com/technology/samsung-expected-throw-rumor-mongers-galaxy-s4-launch/

  • Tech Pro

    A step in right direction for Samsung, Without technology break through, AMOLED just does not cut it for outdoor door. Glad it change to LCD3 screen. Wonder if Samsung will buy LCD3 from Sharp or use its own factory.

  • uncle paul

    Anyone else get the douche chills when someone refers to samsung as “Sammy”?

  • matti861

    What happened to the curved glass tech that they unveiled at ces. I’d love to see that brought in the s4

  • Richard Yarrell

    The Galaxy S4 will have 1080p 5 inch screen, Exynos 5440 processor clocked at 2ghz with the Mali T658 Gpu, 13meg camera, 2gb of ram, 32gb of internal storage, with the standard ability of the 64gb sd card as well as the new ability to us Samsung’s own 128gb sdxc card. The Galaxy S4 will also have the new Nature UI 2.0, and android 4.2 jellybean. The MAJOR KICKER to this whole thing is that the Galaxy S4 will launch first on T-mobile, 2nd on Sprint, 3rd on [email protected], and 4th on Verizon. That means staggered launches. It will be announced March 14th and be available on tmobile April 19th…Mark it down…..And before the Verizon heads attack since I know 90% of the people on this site are essentially Verizon customers the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 both arrived first on tmobile in 2012 why because tmobile and Samsung have a great business relationship.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I would like to see the design that the case indicates.

  • Bionic

    Why 4.99 inches? Just make it 5.

  • we want that must get one.!!!

  • bananatroll

    If google doesn’t stop this south Korean copy fest soon, Android will suffer as a result. Samsung needs to be spanked and punished.

  • tay

    Does Samsung really need to release this S4 this soon? I think at least a year and a half is the right time to release another phone. It seems like the S3 came out not that long ago.

    • michael arazan

      June of last yea the SG3 came out, Seems like they want to release this before Google’s I/O and the new Moto X phone, that will have revolutionary innovation by Google

  • I hope we see a sliding keyboard version of it!

    *Running far away before anyone can stab me* 😛

  • I think the stock touchwiz SIII has such a hideous UI. I hate the grey/ugly bue tiles and icons that look like a child made them out of construction paper.
    I think it’s great that OEMs want to add new cool features to android. But they always cover the UI with something ugly. Why can’t they use the theme manager and let the play market work for them and skin their phones to what every individual wants, while still adding their own apps and special settings?
    I have CM10.1 (4.2.2) on my verizon GSIII and I love it. I never buy a new phone until i know for sure I can put AOSP or CM on it.

  • my hopes for 2013:
    1. New VZW Nexus
    2. X-Phone
    3. S4

  • Henry Babcock

    I just sold my S3. Now waiting to see how the S4 turns out, and especially for new info on the X Phone. Here is what I need to see in my next phone this year (note that I live in an area with limited and borderline coverage so cloud isn’t really an option, which affects a lot of my emphasis):

    1. Improved reception. Both the physical antenna in the casing, and software. There is no excuse for current phones (my S3) having equal or worse reception than my 3 year old HTC Incredible (which I’m using again for now), or even my 10 year old LG flip phone with pull out antennae, for that matter. Qualcomm’s new products (360) look promising here, but we won’t see how it works real world until we get the first devices with this, probably not until later this year.

    2. Call quality. Related to number 1, cell phone voice quality has been bad forever. How we can be so many generations into cell phones and still not have improvement on this is beyond me. Try a Google Voice/ Google Talk voice call through a good 4G data connection, and then talk to the same person through your cellular connection. You can barely tell it is the same person. Nevermind that even VOIP or equivalent is still not as clear as a near 100 year old copper phone line.

    4a. Big battery. With power saving on, and other battery saving measures like low screen brightness, the GS3 was decent with its 2100mah battery. Then came JellyBean, and it took a hit, is no longer acceptable for power users. I now keep it plugged in much of the time. Any new flagship phone this year needs at least 2600, preferably 3000+mah. 5″ 1080p screens need a battery at least like last years Note 2 or Razr Maxx, standard.

    4b. Removable battery. Flexibility. And in a couple years when the battery starts dying, we shouldn’t be forced to upgrade or go through a difficult process to replace the battery. Also better for the environment.

    6. Removable memory. Again, I wish Google would stop being like Apple here, and give us this flexibility.

    6b. Large internal memory. This stuff isn’t that expensive any more. Include 32 minimum or preferably 64GB internal. That means actually make the phone available for purchase in 64GB (for maybe $50 more than 32). Not like the S3 saying the phone will be in three sizes 16/32/64 but really only available in up to 32 (what I bought).

    5. Front facing stereo speakers with good sound. No more ridiculous cupping for hearing video, or awkward speakerphone calls.

    6. Build quality. I don’t care if the phone is plastic, but make it solid, feel good in the hand (no sharp edges), and with a back that doesn’t scratch or crack (no glass back please) when you so much as set it down. This current acceptance of needing cases is really a design flaw. Apple started this dumb trend, basically selling an unfinished device. I want function, not a shiny toy to put on display in a glass case. The rubberized backing on my Nexus 7 is perfect. It is also inexpensive, incidentally, but that doesn’t make it worse than glass or aluminum. It functions better, so it is better.

    7. Buttons. a)No physical buttons. b)Leave Google’s default Android button layout alone! That Samsung home button absolutely detracts from the touch screen experience. Even more so now with Google Now. Again my much less expensive Nexus 7 with its on screen buttons is a much smoother experience than the S3. I personally don’t care too much if the phone has hardware buttons or on screen. On screen gets a slight edge for, again, the flexibility, though you lose a little screen space when they’re there. I can be okay with hardware touch buttons, just leave them as the default three: back, home, recent apps, in that order.

    8. Charging plug. This is the one (and only) thing I liked about the Iphone 5 when I played with it at release, plugging in the charging cable just felt easy and smooth, like you could do it with your eyes closed, and not worry about messing up the phone or the cable. On my S3 and my Nexus 7, getting that micro USB cable plugged in is always a slight chore, by comparison. And on one the USB plugs in one side up, the other it goes the other way. (This is one area where Apple does it right with their attention to detail.) And there is always a concern about eventually the electric contacts inside the phone breaking so you can’t charge it any more (this happened to both my previous phones). Admittedly I charge my phone a lot, I plug and unplug it many times every day. Put in a huge battery and this will be less of an issue, but still one I want too see improved. I would pay more for a device that does these little things better.

    8b. Wireless charging. Convenience, and flexibility. Also eliminates some of the above issue.

    9. Stock Android. Or as close to it as possible, with well done, timely updates. The trend unfortunately seems to be going further away from this. I see the importance for additional software features for a device like the Note with its pen. But not for a regular smartphone. I’m buying Android, not Touchwiz or Sense, etc. So give me Android. And if you can’t, at least make the boot loader unlocked, so I can use the device how I want it.

    9b. WiFi hotspot included. Where I live the only internet I can get is through my phone. And its still 3g, though I get 4g in town. But even on Verizon’s terribly slow 3g (<400 mbps dl typical), this is the most regularly used feature of my phone. And it is built into stock Android. Though Verizon tries to remove or cripple it, it even worked great on my stock S3 with the help of FoxFi. Until Jellybean, after which it only sort of worked. This has to be totally reliable. Now writing this on my Nexus 7 tethered via WiFi to my good old rooted Incredible, with basically stock ICS, through 3g. And it works better than my fancy, shiny S3 did.

    10. And that brings me, finally, to the big, sad requirement: Must work on Verizon. I hate this one. If I had decent T-Mobile HSPA+ here, I'd have already switched. But where I live there is not another option. Even Verizon only works with the help of my elaborate, expensive setup: signal amplifiers and external antenna 80 feet up a tree.. And I'm still on Verizon unlimited data, so I'm not giving it up any time soon.

    I didn't touch on basic things like the processor or screen, or thin side bezel, because I imagine all the 2013 flagship screens will be good enough. QCOM 600+, 4.7 to 5" 1080p. I was actually very happy with my S3 screen, I prefer AMOLED for the phone because I use it mostly for reading text, better blacks. I don't want crazy high brightness, I found the lower default auto brightness to be an asset. And I'm not using my phone for perfectly accurate color reproduction photo editing or something. But whatever OEM's go with should be good enough here, as long as it doesn't kill the battery.

    I'm always hoping for HTC to come back. Other than battery, my near 3 year old original OLED Incredible still beats out many new devices for me on my above list. The new One checked a lot of these boxes nicely, but screwed up royally with the insane button layout, still slightly too small battery (again, again…), etc. And it is not on Verizon anyway. So next looks like the S4. Physical home button already makes me want to write it off. And probably no front speakers judging by those alleged S4 case pics, so already looks like I might as well have kept my S3 over this. But we will see.

    I'm left to hope the Google/Moto X Phone becomes real and checks all/most of these boxes. I am relatively poor but I will save up my pennies for the next six months and pay as much as $700+ off contract for the above described device. Make it so Google, please!

    • alex drum

      you just wrote a college sized paper.

      • Henry Babcock

        Yeah, not going to college leaves me open to such things. Better to write this than get any work done all afternoon, right? : )
        But seriously, perhaps not the right place for this. We need a good “what do you want in your next phone” thread. Or else I need my own blog.

    • John

      My goodness dude, you had a lot on your mind. With all this info you could build your own phone. Very good input by the way. I just hope that the GS4 is good as they hope to be. I still think its too early to release GS series. the GS3 is one hell-a-va phone.

    • Henry Babcock

      I forgot one more important one:

      11. A good camera. I think HTC is on the right track with their new tech. Shutter speed is great on the S3, but why are low light pics so much _worse_ than on my three year old Incredible? If that Google quote we’ve heard is true, they will be focusing on camera quality in future devices. Great. Hopefully not just Nexus devices but whatever Motorola ends up with too.

  • Brandon Buckley

    Having a physical home button makes waking up the device so much more convenient You no longer have to shift your whole hand up the side of the phone just to turn it on. One simple tap with your thumb and you’re good to go. I think people use this more than they realize.

    Also, sammy isn’t going to take the physical home button off the phone any time soon. It is a way for people to recognize that it is a samsung phone and that is exactly what sammy wants. Get used to it.

    • Rodeojones000

      If reaching a side power/wake button requires you to shift your whole hand, either you have incredibly small hands or you’re doing it wrong. In fact, I’d say the design of a phone, like the GNexus or Nexus 4, is more convenient.

    • Tech Pro

      It’s the way people recognize IPHONE. While Samsung was marketing “Anti-Apple”, copying Apple IPhone is the hidden agenda.

      If Samsung really like press button so much, there should be 3 of them for each functions.

      • Brandon Buckley

        No, you’re wrong. You recognize the iphone and it only has 1 button. Obviously all it takes is one button herp derp

        • Tech Pro

          Look at Galaxy S3/S4/Notes, they also has 1 1 press button. Samsung went to the length to hide 2 touch buttons. This makes them look like iPhone.

  • Rodeojones000

    “It should also have a physical home button along with soft back and menu keys.”

    Pass. Even if free I wouldn’t get this phone because of the physical home button.

    • Tim242

      I don’t like the home button. However, it is far from a deal breaker. You get used to it quickly, and don’t even think about it

      • Rodeojones000

        To each his own I guess. For me it’s an absolute deal breaker – right up there with a bootloader that can be easily unlocked. I won’t buy a phone, not matter how fantastic the specs, if the bootloader is locked down. The same goes for a phone with physical buttons.

        • Austin Warren

          If you haven’t figured out how too unlock a bootloader by now, just leave.

          • Rodeojones000

            I think you misunderstood my comment. Having a bootloader that can be unlocked is 100% necessary to me. The opposite would be the Motorola phones that have been released post-OG Droid that couldn’t be unlocked. I know how to do it.

    • Can’t live without a physical home button. Unless they fix the software button issue where it takes up part of your actual screen I’m just not sold on software buttons.

      • alex drum

        the deal with on screen buttons is that the screen takes up the place where the button would be…

  • joejoe5709

    I like the mention that software tends to count these days more than specs. I’ve found that to be very true. Not only with my own Gnex, but my buddy’s very stock GSII. He told me wouldn’t even care if he kept his phone another year because the specs are still respectable. I think that’s a sign that Android is finally getting somewhere and you don’t feel the absolute need to change phones every year. That’s great. 🙂

    • joejoe5709

      My prediction: Specs-wise this won’t be much different from the SIII. The SIII still screams on the about anything the developers can throw its way. The 4.8″ screen is still the biggest thing this side of a phablet. The design is still fresh especially after seeing their Note 8.0. I think the rounded thing is here to stay at least for another 6-12 months. Software will be 4.2.2 at best so don’t expect anything mind-blowing there either. I hate to say it and I mean this in the nicest way possible – this will be Sammy’s iPhone4S. Mostly minor improvements to an already great phone.

      • I couldn’t help but laugh at the 4S comment. That is the EXACT same thing people were saying about the S3 last year, and it went on to become the biggest selling Android phone – ever.

  • Rickerbilly

    I’d like to see one in my hands. Seriously people, get over the physical home button. I think the device looks great and I cannot wait to buy one.

  • wuss176

    I can do away with an even bigger screen. the s3 screen size would be ideal for a few generations of phones. But i guess i’m in the minority here, huh?

    • Joe

      If the footprint doesn’t change, what’s the difference?

    • flosserelli

      I couldn’t agree more. I have no interest in a phone larger than my SGS3. Hopefully the S4 doesn’t expand into Note territory.

  • James L

    Continued Apple envy..A black/white model..a physical home button. S Life..S Health..S Universal translator and other gimmicks. PLASTIC..can’t wait for the X Phone to come and hopefully deliver the goods. Too much power in Samsung hands when it comes to Android.

  • Dain Laguna

    While i am excited for this, i dont see the point of a 5 inch s3 and a 5.5 note 2. And if you argue that the next note will be bigger, then samsung has confirmed their tendency to over saturate the market, now that they offer an 8 inch gtabnote and still make a 7 inch g tab

  • Kendal

    Do you think there’s any chance this is being announced a little earlier than expected because they want to get out ahead of the X-phone announcement?

    • Probably not, when Samsung are sending out invites to a March 14 event. It would seem a little silly to invite everyone to come and see it unveiled on the 14th and then announce it on the 1st 😛

  • I hope software keys and no huge verizon logos but thats pretty far fetched.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I’m expecting an S III on steroids, I hope I’m wrong.

  • Futbolrunner

    I will have to wait and see Motorola’s “X-Phone” before I jump onto this.

    • fartbubbler

      this is where I am.

    • Joe

      I think their timing may be off seeing as though the GS4 is coming shortly

      • michael arazan

        Seems like Samsung pushed their event earlier to get ahead of the Motorola announcement at Google I/O, the SG3 came out in June last year and now they pushed up this even to march? Also there is no announcement of an eol to the SG3 meaning they are still going to be selling them at all carriers side by side with the new S4. Just seems like they wanted to get in front of Google I/O to me.

    • Austin Warren

      Everyone keeps saying X phone, roll a phat one and chill out

  • MichaelFranz

    some software redesign i would like to see. The touchwiz UX while ugly could use some redesign. I highly dislike the lockscreen clock. The font is ugly. Just some simple tweaks

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Chances are the Galaxy S IV will have Android 4.2, so you’ll be able to just download the dashclock lockscreen widget, thus solving your problem whether or not Samsung changes their own clock.

      • MichaelFranz

        true, love me some dash clock. But would still liek some redesign elsewhere

  • John

    I think we might see a phone pad to make calls, a homescreen to see the time and then you can add applications. Come on, its up in the air what we might see. Samsung keeps it hidden pretty good. We don’t even know how the phone will look like let alone what it runs on.

  • moelsen8

    Can’t believe were on 4 already.. Wow time flies.

    • Seems like I just got my S3….

    • joejoe5709

      Seriously. I had to go look it up because I was willing to bet money that it hadn’t been more than 6 months. Sure enough. Released May 2012. Crazy…

      • Yeah, got mine at the end of august!

      • You just lost a dollar….to yourself!!!

  • laser keyboard!

  • Jedi54

    Please for the love of all that is Android, NO physical home button. That’s soooo 2010

    • Austin Warren

      Yeah cause its so hard for people to throw LMT on there and no need to waste space on on screen buttons.

      • Whats the point of lmt if you have ugly home button?

        • MichaelFranz

          for verizon…branding…

      • alex drum

        waste space?! on screen buttons are the opposite of wasted space. they take the place of where the physical buttons would go and during videos they disappear and make the screen larger… how do they waste space?

        • goodbyebb

          They waste a lot of space. What about when not watching a video? The space is always being occupied. Where with physical buttons, all the screen is for apps. IMO, physical buttons give you much more screen space.

          • alex drum

            i really dont think you understand… THEY TAKE UP THE SPACE THAT WOULD BE USED ANYWAY BY PHYSICAL BUTTONS!!! so no, they waste no space… do you get what im saying? if not ill try to explain it some other way.

    • j

      Don’t get excited because it WILL have one. At strange as it seems, the single oval hime button is now sammy’s thing.

    • joejoe5709

      Oh but it will. Here’s hoping for a next-gen Sammy Nexus.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      To be honest I HATE the home button on my s3 (not sure if i’m spoiled since I had a Gnex)… .but either way…. I hate actually haveing to PRESS DOWN …and LONG PRESS a regular button. If they kept the button and Made it Capacitive It wouldn’t bother me

    • Joe

      I am going to pistol whip the next person who complains about physical buttons/not on-screen buttons

      • Rodeojones000

        Physical buttons are old design elements. Time to move on to better things.

        • Joe

          What’s old about it? You can wake up a phone with the physical home button, which I personally like. Also, on screen buttons take up screen space if you hadn’t noticed.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Physical buttons take up room on the device’s bezel that could otherwise be dedicated to screen space.
            Besides, when playing a movie or game, the on screen buttons can disappear and allow for more screen real estate.

          • Richard Yarrell

            The sad part is everyone is on this stupid bandwagon because Google says so about these silly on screen buttons. I admire Samsung for catering to their customers and telling Google they will make their devices as they see fit. Google is the one forcing that crappy as chrome browser on Nexus devices as well as Motorola devices. Samsung said hell no we will use the stock android browser on all Samsung devices. Now Samsung has it’s own partnership with Visa that offers a solid payment system using NFC which will come preinstalled on all Samsung devices. Pretty much rendering Google wallet dead in the water. Verizon all ready waved a stiff pole in Google’s face and wouldn’t even allow Google wallet on that crappy Galaxy Nexus they have even till this day Google wallet is absent. Message to Google don’t be like apple trying to control the platform for getting where android came from. The Android platform are the customers people who purchase all the devices of their choice. Google needs to slow their roll and not get to big for their britches Samsung sold 213 million handsets Google made a boatload of MAJOR CASH because of Samsung never bit the hands that feed you. Google as well as many others need to face reality rather you like it or not Samsung is android plain and simple.

          • squiddy20

            On screen buttons are far superior to hardware buttons, especially in a tablet. Want to use a Galaxy Note 8 in landscape but it’s designed to be in portrait because of the hardware buttons? Have fun reaching up to the home button on your left/right every time, or accidentally mashing it while holding it in both hands.

            “Google is the one forcing that crappy as chrome browser on Nexus devices as well as Motorola devices.” Riiiight, cause there’s no way for anyone to use any other browser like Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire, etc. despite them still being on the Play Store… :rollseyes: No one’s “forcing” anything on anyone you idiot.

            “Samsung said hell no we will use the stock android browser on all Samsung devices.” The “stock android browser” is now Chrome. The browser you are talking about hasn’t been the “stock android browser” for a few years, it’s been Samsung’s version of it. Just like Touchwiz was their version of Android.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Physical home are better than that silly Nexus line on screen crappy button. Samsung knows exactly what they are doing. They sold 213 million handsets in 2012. That’s 30% market share take Motorola, Htc, Lg, and Sony and add them all up together and they still don’t have more total market share than Samsung. So YES as i always said and feel proud to say it Samsung is android plain and simple.

          • Dain Laguna

            dude what are you even talking about? sammy sells because they market well, the screen is pretty and the camera is decent….not because their button layout is superior

          • squiddy20

            “So YES as i always said and feel proud to say it Samsung is android plain and simple.” No you didn’t. A little over a year ago, you wouldn’t shut up about “Samsuck” and their “cheap feeling plastic phones”. A little over a year ago, you were all about HTC/Sprint and how “BOSS” and “pimp/bitch slapping” they were.

  • GrayWest

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said (hardware) specs no longer sell phones. It’s all about the software, which makes the time frame for this announcement quite laughable for me. I understand people will likely love everything this phone has to offer and it will sell just as good if not better than past galaxy devices, but I can’t help but be flabbergasted that Samsung is willing to put out their 2013 flagship device, essentially on the eve of the release of Android 5.0.

    At best, this device will release with android 4.2.2, but even that is unlikely at this point. I fully expect (or hope) that Google will have some “game changing” things to show us with Key Lime Pie… things that will undoubtedly be missing from this “flagship” gs4 for quite some time (probably into Q4).

    • Austin Warren

      Uh I wouldn’t buy a lower spec phone just to have pure android.

      • Dain Laguna

        Then you dont value the software experience then. Even with jb on it, ive yet to play with an s3 that had smoother transitions than my gnex did

        • Austin Warren

          Go into Dev options and turn off animations. Solves problem. I value software but I’d much rather better specs

      • Rodeojones000

        I would. I wouldn’t buy a higher spec, top-of-the-line, yet skinned Android phone even if it was fre.

        • alex drum

          you would really be buying it if it was free.

      • i’ve used previous phones (incredible, thunderbolt) and ran AOSP Android, and never has it been nearly as smooth as it was on the Nexus. You have to remember that when they build the software, they’re building on their most current device, so it is going to run best there. with other devices, there are “custom” drivers for the software, and its not the same. I still have my Nexus since release day, and i still have no reason to change phones.

        • Dain Laguna

          we have a winner

      • alex drum

        you do realize thats not what he was saying right? he didn’t mention “pure android” anywhere in his post… he was saying it is a stupid time for samsung to release the phone… and more less by the time it hits shelves it will be out of date. Up to date android isn’t the same thing as “Pure android” i think of stock when i hear pure android.

    • adam king

      Well then buy a Nexus device because that is the only phone that is built around a new software release. Google can do this because they produce the software and have an inside track. What an OEM does, and what I prefer, is see how consumers are utilizing a new software release and then build around that.

      • GrayWest

        I agree, but I think they’ve already done that with the S3 and the 4.x iterations of Android. I don’t see the hardware specs giving the S4 noticeably superior performance over the S3 (because it’s already so fast and smooth), and it won’t be long before the S3 is upgraded to 4.2, and then what are we left with? Essentially two of the same device, one called GS3 and one GS4, because they’re both built around 4.x.

        I don’t expect it to be as drastic a change as the jump from 2.3 (GS2) to 4.x (GS3), but I’m hoping 5.0 will bring some real improvements, that I think customers may regret not having their new flagship device built around.

        • Joe

          Ummm, 1080 display?

  • I don’t see it being a huge improvement over the s3 or note2. Sure 1080p would be nice on a huge screen like the n2 but it’s not a reason to go buy it.

  • krokodil

    normal radios that dont drain my battery in 5hrs of standby inside an office building

    • See: Motorola

      • krokodil

        i had a DX2 which was great, but i wanted the latest and greatest, so when i was upgrade eligible (had a 1yr contract), i jumped at the GNex like everyone else. who knew verizon was gonna hoodwink everyone with a fake nexus…

        so i am crossing my fingers that the moto X is the next best thing since sliced cheese

    • As a college student, and a Gnex owner, that spends most of my days inside giant cement buildings…i can confirm that this is the worst thing ever.

      • Austin Warren

        Unless you’re carrying around a radio tower you’re never going to get good service inside cement buildings.

      • alex drum

        turn wifi on and radios off… i dont know a single college that doesn’t have free wifi for students.

  • chris125

    Can’t wait

  • ddevito

    …the end of touchwiz once and for all

    • Big_EZ

      I’m all for getting rid of touchwiz if they make some of their features normal apps on stock Android, like multi window and s-pen.

      • alex drum

        can you tell me one instance where multi window is actually helpful and not just a gimmick?…and do you really use the s-pen? most people i know that have the gs3 dont use any of their special unique “features”

        • Big_EZ

          I use it many times daily. Copying multiple links into text messages or emails. Watching youtube and searching the Web for other reviews or prices. Looking at real estate listings while mapping it out in Maps or Zillow. Looking at listings while estimating costs with Zillow Mortgages. I don’t use the s-pen much, but many others do. The S3 doesn’t have anything I couldn’t live without, but my Note 2 has a few things I prefer not to lose.

        • MatthewMurawski

          I have a Galaxy Note and actually find myself using the S Pen all the time.

          • alex drum

            for what? (im talking productivity, not drawing whiskers on peoples faces in photo editor)

          • MatthewMurawski

            Mostly taking fast notes and drawing diagrams.

          • alex drum

            most people type way faster than they can write… like twice as fast, at least. but whatever works for you.