Galaxy S4 to Feature Samsung Orb, Their TouchWiz Version of Photo Sphere

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Photo Sphere Header

Even though it may not work as well as some would either expect or hope it to, Photo Sphere is still one of my favorite additions to Android 4.2. According to a report from Android Geeks, who supposedly have a friend on Samsung’s software engineering team, Photo Sphere will most certainly be present on the upcoming Galaxy S4 from Samsung. Naturally, they are renaming it to Samsung Orb, which throws me off, but I wouldn’t put anything past Sammy at this point.¬†

That does sort of imply they created the idea, but with Samsung being the only OEM currently making any real money off of Android, I don’t think Google cares what they do at this point. Apparently, the source stated that Samsung Orb will be even better than Photo Sphere, thanks to the “S4’s amazing camera.”

So, with Photo¬†Sphere-like features possibly confirmed on the S4, we can also throw some money down on the device shipping with Android 4.2, unlike someone else’s flagship that was announced recently. Attention OEM’s, if you are making a flagship currently, you best be using Android 4.2+.

Via: Android Geeks

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