Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Stops at the FCC, We Wonder Which Device Will Utilize It

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Samsung Qi

Over the weekend, it appears that a Samsung-branded Qi wireless charging unit hit the FCC. That’s neat, but it leaves us wondering – which device in their lineup can we expect this to be marketed with? Could this be a super late arrival for the Galaxy S3/Note 2 or will they actually launch an accessory with a new device such as the Galaxy S4

When launching a new device, it’s no secret that Android OEM’s have had issues pushing compatible accessories at the same time. Pogo dock for the Galaxy Nexus, anyone? If Samsung can break that vicious cycle, that would be beneficial for everyone involved.

Either way, wireless charging will become a big factor for smartphones whether we all want it or not. It’s becoming another standard for top tier smartphones, much like NFC, 1080p displays, and Verizon-branded home buttons. /s

Via: Engadget



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