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Tamagotchi Digital Pet Gets Resurrected for Android to Celebrate Sweet 16


Well I hate to say it, but I called this one. Today, to celebrate 16 years of business, Tamagotchi has come to Android. Yes, it is very hard to believe it has been that long since these little creatures were all the craze, but while I can admit to being a fan of Pokémon, I can’t say the same for Tamagotchi. I was still too young to even take care of a digital pet.

The app is free and features “higher resolution” than the originals. Not that achieving that would be impossible, given the original pets were made up of about 5 pixels. Either way, if you have a child that needs a pet, one that you don’t actually have to take out, go grab it in Google Play.

Play Link

Cheers Ashley and Mike!

  • coolsilver

    I was looking for this for ages.

  • I think there needs to be an app for the old Scannerz toy. Makes sense right? Use your phone’s camera to scan barcodes to battle other monsters and build your collection haha. Wish I knew where mine was still 🙁

  • EEEEE!

  • Jared Tau

    Now we need POGS online!!!

  • seanrobot

    Does anyone remember when digimon was just a virtual pet. Essentially the same thing as tamagotchi but you can fight others by connecting the devices. They need to make THAT an app.

    • seanrobot

      but in the mean time…this will do

    • OMG YES I DO!!!!! I used have one in fact. I loved it. That would b4 awesome

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      and use NFC to battle other people

      • Xavier Spruill

        They REALLY can make this work with some time to get it right.

        • coolsilver

          OMG!!!! Yes

    • carluverdrm2004

      There were a few Kickstarter projects that are similar to this idea. Check out Megabits, and EvoCreo.

  • wheineman

    What were the ones that you could raise and then battle against your friends?

    Also, does anyone remember the Pokemon Pikachi? That thing rocked! It was a pedimeter where your steps were food or coins or something!


    • Daniel Maginnis

      Yes. It came packaged with pokemon yellow edition. Just a pikachu edition of red/blue. I might possibly still have mine in my closet with my purple GBC

      • wheineman

        So that’s where I got mine! I had the yellow edition. I am sure mine is long gone by now though.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      I ,might still have Mine in my closet with my purple GBC. I could swear it was packaged with pokemon yellow, part of the blue/red series. But apparently I’m wrong according to wiki

  • Man, no more crappy knockoffs and terrible ports? It’s a good day.

  • Al


  • Artune

    Now We just need Nano babies and GigaPets and we’re set (says a 26 yr old)

    • Jared

      Sadly enough, I thought the same thing. 🙂

    • Thand

      If Bandai releases a Digimon app I’ll probably lose my job.

      • FireDragon_1321

        Preachin’ to the choir.

      • I came here to say this.

  • Justin Kos

    This goes back to elementary school for me..and I’m 23 everyone had these lol

    • Geoff Johnson

      Same here, although I think I had a Giga Pet or something

  • I’ll admit it.. I’ve had it on my phone for about 20 minutes already..