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How Many Updates Behind is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Four.

verizon galaxy nexus

Over the last year, we have taken to pointing out publicly that the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus continues to fall further and further behind when it comes to updates. In fact, we created the idea of counting them out when the device fell three full updates behind other Nexus devices, a bandwagon that other sites appear to have jumped on. So since Android 4.2.2 is rolling out to the Galaxy Nexus (GSM version), we should probably update the count as it has officially reached four

The last update that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus received was Android 4.1.1 (JRO03O) on September 21. Since then, Google has pushed out Android 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.1, and now 4.2.2 to the rest of their Nexus lineup. Count ’em – that’s four full updates.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read my thoughts on Nexus devices never being tied to another carrier again. It’s times like these that I’m not sure I even need to argue many of the points made.

Thank Buddha for custom ROMs. At least the device is still technically a “Nexus.”

  • Sassy

    Does anyone know why a Nexus phone says “Samsung Test phone” and won’t connect to the Verizon mobile network?? It was working fine. Now it only receives texts and won’t make/receive calls. Any ideas??

  • Biohaz7331

    Just a quick question that I have not seen answered anywhere else. Now that Verizon has given the Nexus the boot what would someone receive if the need a warranty? I.E. if you have the Verizon warranty and your screen breaks will you get a refurbished or will you be given a different phone that is comparable?

  • If I want Verizon’s service I have no choice. Google has not sold a Verizon compatible phone through their store yet.

  • Jon Beller

    Hey guys, I’m sure this is a really really dumb question. If I were to get a Nexus 4 what carrier would/should I go through? Who pushes out the updates faster? Also lets say I get a N4 and go through verizon, if so would verizon still be pushing the updates or is google because it isnt a verizon phone? Sorry if this wasnt clear.

    • J M

      Unfortunately, the N4 won’t work at all on Verizon–they use incompatible mobile technologies. The N4 is a GSM phone, while Verizon’s network requires a CDMA phone. Without going into great technical detail, for the most part, only Verizon-branded phones are compatible with Verizon’s voice and data networks.

  • i’m crying inside. :/

  • soops

    So, I should bemoaning Verizon for not sending 4.2.2 to my Galaxy Nexus, to fix the Bluetooth issues from 4.2.1, which was supposed to fix that issue, as well as, the random reboots, battery drain, missing calendar month and other stability issues, from the initial 4.2 release? I’m already dealing with those issues on my Nexus 7. It’s actually great joy to use my Galaxy Nexus running a relatively stable 4.1.1. Flashing a ROM doesn’t help me because the issue still remains with Google unable to put out stable software. The Dev community does a great job at putting together working software despite Google. But that doesn’t help me get my updates any faster. I’m okay with 4.1.1. It works. Has less glitches than my fully updated Nexus 7.

  • Alright. I have been on this site for quite some time. I had a Droid X back when it first came out, and now I have this Verizon “Nexus”. I have never unlocked or rooted my phone or put on a custom ROM. I am stuck 4 updates behind. Can somebody please tell me the easiest way possible to back up everything I have done on my phone (text messages, saved game files, etc etc etc…) so that I don’t lose them, and how to go about getting this phone up to where it’s supposed to be? I hate to sound stupid, but since I’ve never done this before I’m going to need the childrens walkthrough.

    • Ben Taylor

      Since no one else has replied to you, look up carbon backup. It just came out, but is made by the same guy that made CWM Recovery. Once you run that, find a nice ROM that you like. Popular ones are CM, AOKP, Shiny, etc. I would recommend BB, but he stopped updating back in October…

      Then read through the install instructions for your particular ROM, most are the same, but some have installation quirks (ie, BYO Google Apps). After installing the ROM, reinstall Carbon and restore your backups!

      Disclaimer: I don’t make ROMs, I don’t make Carbon, if bad things happen, it’s not my fault. Read some more and you can probably fix it.

  • After thinking about it for a while — may be we do have a chance to win a class action lawsuit against Verizon about the delay. Is there any lawyer here who can tell us whether it’s doable?

  • Since each updates contain bug fixes that are important to our daily operation of the phones, we Verizon GNex users probably can have a class action lawsuit.

  • Hector De Jesus

    This just in from the Verizon technicians… no more updates for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. They told me that since the phone is official retired they have no pending plans for ANY updates whatsoever for this device.

    Basically… Verizon Nexus owners were told to f*** off and root.

  • Anon

    Verizon doesn’t care about you getting software updates on your phones. In other news, water is wet, the Pope is Catholic, and bears definitely do go potty in the woods. Film at eleven.

  • bacchus71

    I’ll continue to stick with the Nexus brand. Verizon, not so much..

  • Adrian Sciutto

    I’m gonna take this article and post it on Verizon’s facebook wall. Call it wishful thinking, but maybe if enough of us also post it, someone there might listen?

  • Michael Collins

    Hate Verizon. Love devs

  • MatthewSimmons

    What exactly is the reason for VZW not releasing any of these updates? Is their a genuine technical problem or is it because Google ruffled VZW’s feathers when they wanted to release the Gnex with Google wallet and now VZW wants to show their dominance?

    • Usually the updates take forever because Verizon wants to test and authorize each and every update that passes through. They don’t give anyone else CDMA signing rights (I’m assuming exception is Apple). Usually manufacturers send Verizon the update and it takes an extra 4 to 5 months, which is flat out bull

      • edmicman

        This. If the LTE iPhone5 gets to push out the next updates to iOS via iTunes it will be a complete double standard. I don’t see why Google can’t release an LTE updater utility then for the VZW GNex.

  • Snowcrash

    Ha! I posted this on Verizon’s Facebook page, and they deleted it. ;-p

    • Jim McClain

      Post it again