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How Many Updates Behind is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Four.

verizon galaxy nexus

Over the last year, we have taken to pointing out publicly that the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus continues to fall further and further behind when it comes to updates. In fact, we created the idea of counting them out when the device fell three full updates behind other Nexus devices, a bandwagon that other sites appear to have jumped on. So since Android 4.2.2 is rolling out to the Galaxy Nexus (GSM version), we should probably update the count as it has officially reached four

The last update that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus received was Android 4.1.1 (JRO03O) on September 21. Since then, Google has pushed out Android 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.1, and now 4.2.2 to the rest of their Nexus lineup. Count ’em – that’s four full updates.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read my thoughts on Nexus devices never being tied to another carrier again. It’s times like these that I’m not sure I even need to argue many of the points made.

Thank Buddha for custom ROMs. At least the device is still technically a “Nexus.”

  • Sassy

    Does anyone know why a Nexus phone says “Samsung Test phone” and won’t connect to the Verizon mobile network?? It was working fine. Now it only receives texts and won’t make/receive calls. Any ideas??

  • Biohaz7331

    Just a quick question that I have not seen answered anywhere else. Now that Verizon has given the Nexus the boot what would someone receive if the need a warranty? I.E. if you have the Verizon warranty and your screen breaks will you get a refurbished or will you be given a different phone that is comparable?

  • If I want Verizon’s service I have no choice. Google has not sold a Verizon compatible phone through their store yet.

  • Jon Beller

    Hey guys, I’m sure this is a really really dumb question. If I were to get a Nexus 4 what carrier would/should I go through? Who pushes out the updates faster? Also lets say I get a N4 and go through verizon, if so would verizon still be pushing the updates or is google because it isnt a verizon phone? Sorry if this wasnt clear.

    • J M

      Unfortunately, the N4 won’t work at all on Verizon–they use incompatible mobile technologies. The N4 is a GSM phone, while Verizon’s network requires a CDMA phone. Without going into great technical detail, for the most part, only Verizon-branded phones are compatible with Verizon’s voice and data networks.

  • i’m crying inside. :/

  • soops

    So, I should bemoaning Verizon for not sending 4.2.2 to my Galaxy Nexus, to fix the Bluetooth issues from 4.2.1, which was supposed to fix that issue, as well as, the random reboots, battery drain, missing calendar month and other stability issues, from the initial 4.2 release? I’m already dealing with those issues on my Nexus 7. It’s actually great joy to use my Galaxy Nexus running a relatively stable 4.1.1. Flashing a ROM doesn’t help me because the issue still remains with Google unable to put out stable software. The Dev community does a great job at putting together working software despite Google. But that doesn’t help me get my updates any faster. I’m okay with 4.1.1. It works. Has less glitches than my fully updated Nexus 7.

  • Alright. I have been on this site for quite some time. I had a Droid X back when it first came out, and now I have this Verizon “Nexus”. I have never unlocked or rooted my phone or put on a custom ROM. I am stuck 4 updates behind. Can somebody please tell me the easiest way possible to back up everything I have done on my phone (text messages, saved game files, etc etc etc…) so that I don’t lose them, and how to go about getting this phone up to where it’s supposed to be? I hate to sound stupid, but since I’ve never done this before I’m going to need the childrens walkthrough.

    • Ben Taylor

      Since no one else has replied to you, look up carbon backup. It just came out, but is made by the same guy that made CWM Recovery. Once you run that, find a nice ROM that you like. Popular ones are CM, AOKP, Shiny, etc. I would recommend BB, but he stopped updating back in October…

      Then read through the install instructions for your particular ROM, most are the same, but some have installation quirks (ie, BYO Google Apps). After installing the ROM, reinstall Carbon and restore your backups!

      Disclaimer: I don’t make ROMs, I don’t make Carbon, if bad things happen, it’s not my fault. Read some more and you can probably fix it.

  • After thinking about it for a while — may be we do have a chance to win a class action lawsuit against Verizon about the delay. Is there any lawyer here who can tell us whether it’s doable?

  • Since each updates contain bug fixes that are important to our daily operation of the phones, we Verizon GNex users probably can have a class action lawsuit.

  • Hector De Jesus

    This just in from the Verizon technicians… no more updates for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. They told me that since the phone is official retired they have no pending plans for ANY updates whatsoever for this device.

    Basically… Verizon Nexus owners were told to f*** off and root.

  • Anon

    Verizon doesn’t care about you getting software updates on your phones. In other news, water is wet, the Pope is Catholic, and bears definitely do go potty in the woods. Film at eleven.

  • bacchus71

    I’ll continue to stick with the Nexus brand. Verizon, not so much..

  • Adrian Sciutto

    I’m gonna take this article and post it on Verizon’s facebook wall. Call it wishful thinking, but maybe if enough of us also post it, someone there might listen?

  • Michael Collins

    Hate Verizon. Love devs

  • MatthewSimmons

    What exactly is the reason for VZW not releasing any of these updates? Is their a genuine technical problem or is it because Google ruffled VZW’s feathers when they wanted to release the Gnex with Google wallet and now VZW wants to show their dominance?

    • Usually the updates take forever because Verizon wants to test and authorize each and every update that passes through. They don’t give anyone else CDMA signing rights (I’m assuming exception is Apple). Usually manufacturers send Verizon the update and it takes an extra 4 to 5 months, which is flat out bull

      • edmicman

        This. If the LTE iPhone5 gets to push out the next updates to iOS via iTunes it will be a complete double standard. I don’t see why Google can’t release an LTE updater utility then for the VZW GNex.

  • Snowcrash

    Ha! I posted this on Verizon’s Facebook page, and they deleted it. ;-p

    • Jim McClain

      Post it again

  • Richard Guadagno

    So sad… I have given up waiting for Verizon. I installed CyanogenMod ROM which at least gives me 4.1.2 If I wanted to “beta test” a ROM I am sure I can get a newer version.

    So sad Verizon is so far behind. If their network were not so good, I would have dropped them years ago.

  • When is the nexus 4 going to get 4.2.2?

  • shehippie

    They dont have time for the Nexus, they were more worried about updating the Thunderbolt! lol

  • poeddroiduser

    Any legal-beagals read though the customer contract at Verizon to see if failing to provide updates voids the agreement? I doubt it, but just hoping.

  • Adam B

    If it weren’t so late in the life cycle, I would say Samsung/Google should drop the Nexus tag from the Verizon version.

  • Alright, this one has officially pushed me over the edge. I am a rooting newbie, where can I find a walk through on how to Root and ROM. Also what ROM is closest to stock android?

  • reyalP

    Verizon- We screw up everything and then we put ugly logos all over your nice phone and make it look cheap!

  • reyalP

    The very reason I left Verizon! + their share everything plans which screw individuals. + they are too expensive!

  • Danny Holyoake

    This is why Verizon, LTE, US carriers and 2yr contracts suck.

  • jnt

    Seriously not trying to troll, but this is one area where I envy Apple and how they deal with the carriers.

    • AnthonyMoya

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m no fan of Apple but I like how they have complete control over their devices and software.

    • Very true. I wish other companies can/would do this.

  • Dead horse can’t get away from beating….

  • Brian Walker

    I tried explaining how many updates the GNex is behind while processing my ETF this weekend. They kept asking me if I wanted to speak to tech support. Nobody had any clue what I was talking about. Now I switch to the Nexus 4, and 4.2.2 isn’t pushed yet. I know its not the same, and I’ll get it soon, but it does make me laugh a little bit.

    • Steve Benson

      I’m uber temped by this. How much was your EFT?

      • Brian Walker

        Sounds like you got your GNex right when I did, my ETF was $220 as well. I knew that I wouldn’t be jumping networks again any time soon, so I got the N4 on contract through T-Mobile for $150, plus a $50 rebate. I’m selling my GNex to a friend for $170, so that makes up the ETF right there. Add in that I’m saving $30 per month by switching, and within 3 months the price I actually spend on the N4 will be covered. I did get a Nexus 4 for my wife as well, but her contract was completely done, so no ETF, and we needed to buy her a phone anyway, so I don’t count the price of her phone in the overall savings. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it. Also, the Nexus 4 * might* end up being LTE compatible when T-Mobile lights theirs up, so I might not have lost intense speeds.

  • LOL @ Verizon. What a stubborn company…

    • trwb

      Verizon are like those 2 aliens in South Park that suck each others jagon

  • trwb

    Not sure if you guys know this but Verizon is the worst carrier for Android in general

  • Michael Quinlan

    While this count of the number of updates the Verizon “Nexus” is behind may seem to be of interest only to owners of the device, or people who want to make fun of them or Verizon, it really should be of interest to all Verizon customers. This comparison is a good indication of how far behind ALL Verizon devices would be when compared to their carrier-independent counterpart (if one existed).

    • Good point. Especially since Verizon is always the last to update a device that has a counterpart on another carrier.

      • Mark Mann

        so the razr m didn’t get jellybean before the electrify m on usc?

    • bakdroid

      The Razr M and Razr HDs (Regular and Maxx) are on 4.1.2 which is more up to date then this device. There updates came weeks, not months like other devices, to JB. I would say it is not all just Verizon, but some OEMs not turning the screws on Verizon. After the Googorola meeting with Verizon, Verizon is no longer in control of their devices. More OEMs should be like this.

      • Mark Mann

        when did the razr hd get updated to 4.1.2, i’ve been running a custom rom for about a month and a half, shortly after it got updated to 4.1.1

  • PLL

    Oh, I just spent a little while on google trying to figure out which custom ROM Buddha had released…

  • rjs

    Has Verizon ever issued a ‘Official’ statement on this issue? Just curious…

    • Nah, and they probably won’t. I just wish they would cut ties with it and let Google take control like they should have from the beginning. It’s not fair to make customers wait because they’d rather focus on other phones.

  • Joe

    To my knowledge Google has not pushed the 4.2.2 update to any Nexus 4’s as of yet (which is really an even more interesting or strange story), so you might want to amend that in story.

  • Nick

    Bugless Beast hasn’t been updated since Halloween either. Peter Alfonso is a car dude now. Anybody here recommend a different ROM? My GNex is on 4.1.1

    • Jared

      If you liked BB, I’d check out Mmuzzy’s JB ROM. I recommended it earlier. It can be found on XDA and is awesome and similar to BB.

    • Jeremy Martin

      CyanogenMod 10.1 http://www.cyanogenmod.org

    • Greyhame

      Another close alternative is Shiny’s ROM. Stock look and feel.

    • Steve Benson

      Shiny is the new Bugless. By far the best stock ROM for the GNex. The majority of BB users shifted over to Shiny when Pete stopped developing for Toro. Shiny developer Baldwinguy77 is one of the best in the business. Great support and an ever growing fan base.

      Shiny: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/36706-romaosp421232013-shiny-ota-like-stock-android-421-jop40g-no-bugs/

  • Dan

    I am a stock Nexus user – I know wimp – but, the Big Red Machine pisses me off. I bought this phone because I wanted a stock Gphone that would always be up to date. If one of the other providers had better coverage in my area, I’d be switching.

  • Unlocked bootloader > Accessories and timely updates

  • duke69111

    Maybe Verizon will suprise us and skip all the 4.1 and 4.2 updates and just jump us right to 5.0. /s

    • I would hope that they would at least jump us to 4.2.1 at this point. We’ll see.

      • Jared

        I can see it now – “Get the most out of your Galaxy Nexus with the new update to Android 4.1.2” Coming soon.

  • DC_Guy

    I was gonna leave Verizon until I recently found out that I could share my unlimited data between my devices. I didn’t realize that the hotspot was unlimited on 4G LTE because it was capped at like 2GB back when I was using it on 3G. This is just too sweet to give up right now.

    • Alex Schechter

      what are you talking about? Do you mean with foxfi?

      • Tim242

        No. If you have unlimited data, you can subscribe to the unlimited hotspot for $30.

      • DC_Guy

        No, just using the hotspot feature on my phone. I added the feature to my plan. With my discount it’s an extra $25va month, but well worth it in my opinion.

  • Jeff Tycz

    I tweeted verizon this morning asking if they are going to update the GNex

    • LOL. WOW

    • Robert Slovak

      Most generic answer ever.

      • mbaldwin85

        There’s nothing generic about searching for unicorns.

    • schoat333

      Been there, received that answer. Typical VZW dodging the real question.

      • michael arazan

        People need to contact your State’s Public Service Commission, that regulates Telecommunications in your state and file a complaint, also with the FCC. Technically by not having an updated os our phones could be vulnerable security wise.

        Editorial on malware, fragmentation and clicks:


    • MetroGnome711

      I like the nod to AOKP in your question. Hoping that was intentional. And maybe we should respond: “Updates we’re released six months ago. You’re four releases behind.”

      • wh1te_mag1c

        I doubt it was intentional, but that was insightful of you!

    • Havoc70

      Typical Verizon Stupidity

  • TheWenger

    Back when this phone came out, people didn’t think Verizon was gonna be as bad as they are. I even remember a DL article predicting the Nexus would still be considered a true Nexus and that updates might only take a couple weeks longer. WHOOPS!

  • My whole VZW Galaxy Nexus experience has led me to decide to jump ship from Verizon for my next phone. It’s something I never even considered before…

  • NAM37

    Where’s my RAZR jellybean update?

    • you can already flash that with stock recovery….

  • kervation

    “$ fastboot oem unlock” should make ANY Nexus user smile

  • joejoe5709

    I’m still happy that I have a phone that is loved by the devs. So at this point, screw Verizon. I could really care less. I’ve completely forgotten what update my phone is actually “officially” on. I’ll continue to buy a Nexus phone on Verizon (if it ever exists) because I’m sure the devs will still love it and TMobile is about $10 cheaper than Verizon – big whoop. If Verizon gets neglected by Google (very possible) that will be a very difficult decision. I’m really not sure what I would do. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one in that boat. In over a year I haven’t seen more than a couple phones that gets excited like my Gnex does and I think I’ll still be happy with my phone for another 9-12 months as long as nothing terribly drastic happens to it.

  • The Galaxy “Not So Nexus”..

  • Gforce

    Wait..what’s Verizon’s official reason for lagging behind on the updates?? I honestly don’t remember. But they did get one out for the Tbolt….42 years later!!

  • Jeremy Martin

    To all the people poking fun at the VZW Galaxy Nexus and talking about stripping the Nexus name etc…its all in good fun I’m sure..but if you are serious in any way you are a tool. It is a Nexus..as defined by Google. The only thing is Google does not directly update it which is a shame. The device has its binaries available for download for dev community…it was added back in AOSP…there are many custom roms that make VZW’s lack of updated OS a non factor. I have moved to CyanogenMod long ago and never looked back. I didn’t buy a Nexus for Google or VZW to update it..i bought my Nexus to have freedom to do whatever I wanted. I still have that. I have a Nexus.

    • Thank you for being smart, unlike a lot of other people who aren’t. You’ve earned your gold star for the day

    • Rodeojones000

      This man speaks the truth.

    • steveiww

      you are a moron and are missing the point. We shouldn’t need to jump through hoops to get the latest updates to this gimped phone.

      • Jeremy Martin

        Jump through hoops? Did you honestly buy a Nexus to get updates from Google directly and/or Verizon Wireless? The whole reason for a Nexus is freedom. Right now you are free to wait on Verizon to push out an update from ICS to JB or you have the freedom to fully unlock it and flash a custom ROM.

        There is nothing that the GSM version of the Nexus can do that I cannot. Only difference is I have 32gb of storage verses 16gb and my updates do not come directly from Google. My updates come from CyanogenMod. I can also compile an AOSP build from source myself (technically which would be from Google) to have a pure Android experience as designed by Google.

        If installing a custom ROM or making your own ROM built from AOSP code is not what you wanted then you bought the wrong phone to start with.

        • B.

          The whole point is getting updates directly from Google. “Freedom” is an added bonus. People who say, “if you don’t install a custom ROM, you bought the wrong phone” are tools. You sir are a gigantic Home Depot.

        • Tim242

          Preach it!

        • edmicman

          That’s exactly why I bought a Nexus phone. I don’t want an iPhone, but I want a stock Android experience. The only way to get that is via a Nexus. That doesn’t mean I want to fudge around with unlocking, rooting, ROMing, etc. I want a constantly updated phone without the hassle and without having to turn to Apple. Why is that too much to ask?

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      I’d think calling it a “Nexus” is a serious statement made in jest…. actually. And it’s a shot at Verizon, and not explicitly targeting only this phone, but rather all Verizon Android phones…. compounded by this one being a Nexus. VZW is the last carrier to update ALL of their phones… it’s ridiculous. And a growing problem.

    • Michael Quinlan

      I hate to admit it, but you’re right. Google owns the Nexus name; if Google says it’s a Nexus, then it’s a Nexus. I still wouldn’t be caught dead with one though.

    • Booyah


    • Tim242

      From an Atheist ..AMEN!

    • justin

      All I want to do is get the updated version of android. You obviously know what you’re doing. What’s the easiest and safest way of doing this?

  • Rodeojones000

    I’m sure I’ll get down-voted for this, but if you have a VZW Galaxy Nexus and you’re waiting for an OTA update, you’re doing it wrong.

    • joejoe5709

      Even if Verizon has been somewhat diligent on their updates, at least 80% of us would still be flashing ROM’s (probably still quicker than Verizon) so I agree. You’re doing it wrong.

      • j

        80% of who.. owners? DL browsers? Either way, methinks you’re overestimating.

        • ToddAwesome

          I think 80% of the DL community is a HUGE overestimate, forget the general buying public. It’s the old ‘if you smoke pot you think everyone else smokes pot’ routine. Some people just liked the phone, some people just like the unskinned OS, etc, etc.

          • B.

            I know man. I love how it’s completely unacceptable to some people that you just liked the specs of the phone, the unskinned OS, and prospect of timely updates. The people who are all high and mighty with their, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG” and “YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG PHONE”, are just as bad as Verizon with their heavy handed policies.

      • Andrew Hubbard

        Except that people who don’t flash ROM’s on their phone probably don’t even know that there are updates for their phone.

    • B.


      • Rodeojones000

        You know I love it when you call me King Rodeojones. And the all-caps response clearly shows how serious you are.

        I say you get a wiz wit from Pat’s in South Philly.

    • Booyah

      This shouldn’t even need to be said, but apparently it does. Over. And over.

    • True, but that’s just not right. It should not be this way.

      • Yeah, if a company locks a consumer into a 2 year contract, they should provide support and timely updates for the length of the contract. If Verizon doesn’t release anymore software updates for the Galaxy Nexus, it will only have received updates for 9 months. I shouldn’t have to install a ROM just to be on the latest software release. Although I had unlocked my boot loader and rooted, I was running stock for 11 months until I got tired of waiting for the 4.2 update. I must say, my phone seems much more stable with better battery life on a non-stock rom.

    • Tim242


    • TankRizzo

      I’d say the vast majority of us are on custom ROMs, that’s not the point though. Verizon deserves to be publicly shamed for this. They hide behind the “we thoroughly test every update”, but it’s not like the GSM phones are bursting into flames. With as much as they charge, they sure are doing the consumers a huge disservice.

    • gorkon

      No. Just…no. YE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ROM TO GET UPDATES. Sorry. That’s just the way it is. Moto and others are ALSO wrong. One of these days the lack of updates on ALL Verizon phones will come to bite them in the ass. They don’t just add new features but they plug security holes. I am so close to just ditching Verizon period and going with AT&T.

  • MrBlonde04

    The sad part is, that number will only grow…
    Up yours Verizon!

    • Mikey Styles

      Well Said Sir Lol.

  • jawa5636

    Still waiting for BAMF to catch up. Any other solid suggested Gnex Vz ROMS I might want to check out [that or rocking the latest update]?

    • Jared

      I recommend Mmuzzy’s Jelly Bean ROM. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of CM, but it does have a lot of nice features that ought to be stock, and he is fast with updates and he is active in the forums. There is a good chance he’ll have 4.2.2 ready by the end of the day or early tomorrow.

      • jawa5636


  • Greg Morgan

    This is the reason I sold my VZW Nexus and bought a Nexus 4.

    • Sean Bello

      I did the same thing. Waiting for my taxes to clear so I can give VZW The Goat

      • ArrowCool

        Gotta love The Goat. Hey and just think, Verizon already has you bent over, so you’re already halfway to the position!

        • Sean Bello

          I’ve been there so long I don’t think I can stand up straight

    • Rich Koos

      but you’ve made the scary journey of dealing with a new and maybe worse carrier?

      • Depends really. If you live in an area with good T-Mobile or AT&T coverage you can go Straight Talk and get the benefits of decent coverage without having to deal with poor carrier service. Every day I get closer to that magical end of contract date and a new life with Straight Talk.

        • Tim242

          StraightTalk is too restricted. They forbid streaming of any kind…including YouTube. You have a 700 MB per day / 2GB limit per month, or else they harrass you and finally cancel you. Their TOS says you can only browse the web and check email. I also heard that they are no longer offering at&t SIM’s.

          • Well, there goes that idea. Good to know ahead of time.

      • Greg Morgan

        That’s true. I still have Verizon and used an upgrade to get an S3. But having an N4 even with a crappy carrier still gets you latest android available.

        • What service did you go with for your N4?

          • Greg Morgan

            Tmobile. It’s ok, obviously not as good as verizon. but i take solace in the fact that i don’t have to deal with them as much.

          • Greg Morgan

            though twitter is freaking out today because apparently the N4 isn’t a nexus device either.

        • Tim242

          Flashing a ROM does the same

  • DJyoSNOW

    Isn’t that why people root there phone #DUH

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Nope. People root their phone to get ROMs…. people buy Nexus devices to get the latest updates directly from Google themselves without having to manually intervene by rooting. If someone buys a Nexus to ROM it…. they’ve made a grave error…. there are much better phones available that can be ROM’d all the same, and with better results with their better specs.

  • So are you going to make a new post like this on the day a new Android build rolls out, every time one does?

    My Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 haven’t received the update. Don’t think there’s really a point to be made here. If there is, it’s not a very good one.

    • Nah you know what, I’m gonna expand upon the point I was making, even though I probably should just leave it as a snarky little comment.

      It’s been, what, 4 hours? 5 hours? Since the new build started rolling out? And you’re going to try and use that to back up your complaints that the LTE Nexus is now 1 more update behind schedule? Let me ask a better question, when has a CDMA/carrier Nexus device EVER gotten a build update on the same day as the unlocked/GSM counterpart? You wouldn’t make a post about the Sprint GNex being an update behind now and that Sprint really needs to get on the ball, would you? Of course not, because that would be stupid, right?

      Just like this post. It’s either A. Stupid B. ClickBait or C. A bit of both. Cmon Droid Life, I hoped you were better than this. This is BGR quality blogging.

      • Sean Bello

        This is a huge sticking point since a) a vast majority of this site’s readers are on Verizon and b) a vast majority of those people on Verizon have Galaxy Nexus’. Play to your audience.

      • stupidllama

        The only thing of poor quality around here is your reading comprehension.

      • Rob

        OK, so the patch just came out. Given that they’ve skipped the previous 3, what makes you think they’re going to apply this one in a timely manner?

        • They could take a thousand years. Wasn’t my point at all. My point was that you cannot take an update that’s 4 hours old and use it to somehow bolster your position or make a point, because it’s incredibly stupid to do so.

          • Rob

            Not really, no. It’s just playing the odds.

    • Jared

      You make some good points, but I think the real kicker here is that this device is the easiest device on VZW’s network to update, and there hasn’t been an update to it in almost 5 months. Yeah, there are always custom ROMs with the latest and greatest, but we are missing out on radio updates that may improve connection, etc. The point is that VZW has majorly dropped the ball here.

    • You’ve 100% missed the point. But trolls will be trolls.

      • Sure, I’m a troll. I’ve only owned this phone since the release date and I don’t look at Verizon as the big bad wolf. So because I have a different opinion than yours, I’m a troll. Hot dog.

  • Ryan Powell


  • leenephi

    “Thank Buddha for custom ROMs. At least the device is still technically a ‘Nexus.'”


  • wickets

    I wonder if some brite spark could sue vzw for breach of contract and turn it into class action

    • MikeCiggy

      Yes! Get us a refund on the Gnex to buy a N4

      Or better yet send me an N4

  • Kenny Larson

    Yet another reason I left Verizon

    • Adam Neighbors

      Who’d you go to? I’m thinking of leaving, but don’t want to sacrifice coverage or 4G LTE

      • RampageDeluxe

        I’d like to know as well. I can leave Verizon in June, but I don’t see any better alternatives. If its cheaper here, then I get terrible coverage. If I get great coverage, I have to pay more.

      • j

        this. grandfathered unlimited LTE plan on verizon is what’s keeping me. 18mbps DLs everywhere I go with a rare coverage gap is what’s keeping me.
        No one else can come close to verizon’s 4G network. AT&T is still a joke. The rest aren’t worth even mentioning.

        • Same for me, I keep thinking of leaving but would rather pay full price to keep my unlimited plan with terrific LTE coverage!

        • Adam Neighbors

          Yes, but Verizon will no longer “Gradnfather” you in on unlimited. If you start a new contract they will take it away. Plus no Nexus 4 :/

      • Pedro

        I left for multiple carriers.
        I’m officially gone, having ported my VZW number to Google Voice. I use T-Mmobile $30 prepaid.
        Daughter is unofficially gone, just getting her N4 last weekend. She’ll be porting her number soon. She’s got a StraightTalk SIM. 100 minutes of talk wouldn’t cut it for her.
        Wife will be the last, but plans on just porting her old number to GV, and forwarding it to her work phone.

        Coverage for Houston and San Antonio doesn’t seem to be an issue. I’ve had my N4 since Nov, and used both TMo and ST. Data speeds are much faster than VZW 3G (8/3 down, 2/1 up for TMo/ST). I could never turn on the LTE and hope to make it through a day.

      • Kenny Larson

        I left for Straight Talk and ported my number to google voice.

      • Nexus 4 on Straight Talk with an AT&T sim. Coverage is almost identical, and speeds are a bit slower than LTE but more than adequate. It was worth it to me to be able to leave VZW

    • One of the reason’s I’m going to leave Verizon after my contract on this exact phone is over.

  • blah

    STFU KELLEX who cares

    • John


    • Futbolrunner

      everyone else but you

    • Heh a few people seem to. 😛

  • schoat333

    Long live the VZW Gnex!

    Figuratively of course. Obviously that’s not literally possible, unless you have several extended batteries, and carry a charger everywhere with you. 😉

    • Shane Redman

      Stop mentioning my life! lol

  • dragonflyr

    I never really had much hope for Verizon supporting the phone well right from the beginning. What drew me to it was the mod community .. I KNEW they would support it. And, because of the that community, I still love my Nexus.

  • Kerry Fath

    Second that Phil! And I will drink to that….

  • I lobby that all future headlines list it as the Verizon Galaxy “Nexus”

    Although, you’re right, those of us who truly understand what Nexus means are running 4.2.2 right now 😀


      I lobby that they take the Nexus name away. This is clearly just a distant cousin!!

      • Verizon just needs to part ways with this phone and let Google handle it. It’s over a year old already.

        • Mikey Styles

          That’ll NEVER happen as long as were talking about Control Freak VZW & the fact it uses their pseudo “Open” network. Status quo for them

          • snowblind64

            Open network? I don’t think you can get any more locked down than a CDMA based network. I guess we can dream of a future with 4G LTE for voice/data and SIM unlocked phones on Verizon.

          • Mikey Styles

            Oh that goes without question CDMA is horribly locked down. But when they purchased the 700mhz spectrum it was “supposed” to be an open network as goes for AT&T with theirs too well that hasn’t come to fruition @ all. & honestly untill the FCC actually steps in it will never be open as how VZW operates. Just seemingly how they roll.

        • Rich Koos

          Verizon has already parted ways with this phone, it has already reached its end of life. But instead of google picking it up, the updates are just sitting in a back ally somewhere.

        • zepfloyd

          Verizon isn’t ever going to hand over its CDMA signing keys..ever. So technically that will never happen.

          • hkklife

            I predict VZW will squeeze out one final update for the GNex (probably 4.2.1) and then quietly EOL it if it hasn’t officially reached that point already. I mean, heck, the 3-year old DINC just got an OTA update so it’s easily possible the GNex could still get 4.2.2 sometime this fall.

            Me growing tired/frustrated of a VZW device and selling it only to chuckle when an update rolls out months and months later is nothing new. I think this started back in the Palm Treo days and continued through the Droid, the DX, the X2, and the Bionic.

    • MikeCiggy

      I agree… I don’t like to push rooting and custom roms on people but the Gnex makes it VERY simple and the devs have made it even easier. I have 5 friends on Gnex’s I rooted it with a one click root install CM10 or 10.1 and they can update themselves anytime using the CMUpdater. We all LOVE this phone.

      • prestone1

        link please

        • prestone1

          i ended up just figuring it out myself. used the nexus root toolkit to unlock and root and then goomanager to flash cm10.1. was pretty self explanatory with a couple googles required. funny, on my first LTE speed test i got 18,000 kbps, which is about 5k more than i ever got on stock. this wasnt even on full bars, it was on 3.

    • Just waiting for the Shiny ROM to update and i’ll be all caught up.

      • Nex

        Can someone tell me is shiny, similiar to BB? Thats what i see it compared to most of the time.

        • It kinda is. Shiny Has Very limited changes from stock and the developer is great, just like Pete from BB. He’s also VERY responsive… even if you ask dumb questions!

      • Aaron

        Same here, waiting for the Toro version to make it AOSP so he can update it.

    • It’s basically a Galaxy S2.5.

      • sdny8

        Oops beat me to it.

    • sdny8

      I refer to it as my Verizon galaxy s2.5. 🙁

    • themainstrm

      I call mine the Galaxy LTE. The total lack of support by both Verizon and Google/Samsung both with updates and accessories destroys the “Nexus” brand in my opinion.

  • Phil Austin

    And that’s why I’m thankful for the dev community….

    • And the dev community is the main reason why I chose Android over most other platforms.

      • Phil Austin


      • Jonathan Bunch

        what are these “other platforms” you speak of? I was unaware of any in existence.

        • coolsilver

          ayePhone could be considered a platform. one that isn’t open though.

  • brkshr

    Wait for it….