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Quick Look: Ringke Slim Case for Nexus 4 in Black, White, and Grey

Ringke Slim Case Nexus 4

After the back of my LG Nexus 4 cracked, prompting me to order another one, I decided to set out on a mission to find the best case for it. As you know, I have zero confidence in the glass backside, so even as someone who hasn’t used a case for more than a few hours at a time over the years, I am willing to give them a shot. If it takes covering up that pretty class backside to preserve it, then so be it. Today, we’re taking a look at the Ringke Slim case for the Nexus 4, a product made by RearthUSA.

I’ve been a fan of the Ringke Slim line in the past, so when I saw the posting for this at the ridiculously low price of $9.99, I jumped on three of them:  grey, black and white. 

Ringke Slim Case Nexus 4

The case itself, is very minimal. It’s a light piece of plastic that is made to barely fit over the backside and edges of the device. There are cutouts for the speaker, camera, lock switch, and volume rocker. And that’s pretty much it. The plastic has a soft matte finish to it, so it shouldn’t be all that slippery. Rearth claims that they’ve done some super secret grip stuff with “efficiency engineering.” I don’t know what that means, but I do know that it shapes very well to the Nexus 4 without adding bulk.

Overall, I’m a fan of these cases, however, they appear to be working through some issues and are planning to release a “revised” version by December 11. The current version, which happens to be the one I just purchased, doesn’t fit flush with the side that has the volume rocker and constantly does this clicking noise. The reviews on Amazon couldn’t be clearer that this is a pretty major issue. Hopefully, this gets fixed in the revised version, because this could be the perfect N4 case. Matte, minimal, slim, and clean, all things I look for in a case.

Amazon Links:  White | Grey | Black | Blue


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  • Mo jo

    Does the brown part on the back come with it? The all-black case looks very dull..

  • glhem

    I have this case and it does do the clicking noise.

    I eliminated it by adding a piece of paper as a sort of padding between the phone and the case. Now it feels perfect. The paper is unnoticeable.


    Does it fit a Sprint Optimus G?

  • Tony Allen

    And exactly how much protection does this actually offer curiously?

    I’ve always been curious about it with the barely-there type cases.

    • JoshGroff

      It’s pretty much for scratch/ding protection.

  • Eric Brissette

    Unrelated to the article, but you should really fix the dueling
    lightboxes in the gallery. Every click opens two different lightboxes. (Shutter Reloaded and Fancybox)

    • JoshGroff

      I second this, but only because I have OCD.

  • wickets

    cruzerlite has held up really well with my gnex(i). If i had the 4 i would buy a case from them

  • Sexy case! I’m searching for Nexus 7 (back) like case

  • Geo

    To bad the ones for the S3 are all glossy and what not, I like the matte finish more.

    • LionStone

      Me too, I like the matte finish HTC has been doing on the back of their phones. Even my buddy (iphone guy) said it, “wow, you don’t even need a case with that back.” I can place my DNA on the couch arm rest and not worry about it sliding off.

  • I wish the back had the same texture and design (LOVE that shimmer) but with a scratch-proof back. I don’t worry too much about cracks but the scratches? Come on man. I should only have to buy one screen protector!

  • andrew galvin

    I ordered the Rearth case and this one below. The only below is MUCH better. The Rearth one is far too slippery.


  • I’d be happy with the official bumper, if it’d ever return to in stock status.

    • Jeff Martinez

      My thoughts exactly! I’m waiting and rechecking every day, come on Google!

  • John-Mark Clawson

    On my second Ringke Slim for GNexus. Cracks at the seams after only 2 weeks.

    • xformulax

      really strange, my Ringke on my Gnex was a tank, perfect even, maybe my favorite case on any device I’ve owned… so I bought one for the S3… wasnt long before it broke and now i’m running a cheap elago. It doesnt fit as tight, but it hasnt broken yet either.

  • I just placed an order for the white one. I usually hate using cases with my phones, but the glass back scares me. Plus, the white one just looks so good on the N4. It has a sort of storm trooper feel to it.

  • wm snyder

    laser guidance and leveling, for the occasional fall and thermal controll all year round…..perfect i’ll take two please

  • Jeff

    Why even get these cases? They don’t protect your phone much. The only ones that might protect your phone from drops and hits are probably those that make it twice as thick.

    • Joe

      Yeah couldn’t agree more, no way I’d consider one of these cases. Been rocking a Seidio Active case on my GNex for a long time now, couldn’t be happier with it, very protective and really doesn’t add all that much bulk (plus I always carry my phones on my belt anyway, these phones, including the N4, are just too big and fragile to be pocket phones. I’ll be using a leather belt pouch for now until Seidio comes out with one for the N4.

    • while this may be true, you have to know how his first N4 cracked. the difference in heat from his hand to his cold stone counter top cracked it. this was not a Fall. he literally placed it back side down on his stone counter top and it cracked it. for someone like him, who doesn’t drop their phones much, and dont want something like what was described above, this is the perfect case.

      now, i would like the cracked N4 please….for “gettin’ your back”
      and i would throw on a black Slim case for sure…looks sexy as hell.

  • LeDerp

    It wont save you from this though. Ringke slim for Galaxy Nexus didnt save my phone from the one and only major fall its had (because falling from 10 inches doesnt count). if i were you, even though im also a fan of minimalism, id get something that protects better 🙂 …oh and id give me the cracked nexus 4 just because

    • That’s the first GNex I have ever seen with a cracked screen… weird.

      • Alexander Anteneh

        I dropped my GNex of my bike while i was riding full speen on concrete and all i got was small scratches on two corners

      • C-Law

        Mine just cracked the other day. Nooo. It hit near the earpiece and left a split down the glass. Luckily it didn’t break into any smaller pieces so it kinda just looks like there is a hair on the display and isn’t too annoying until I find a replacement

      • LeDerp

        Im going to be honest with you, i was very surprised as well. It fell from the height of my pocket, so about …3-4 feet? (i missed my pocket as the 90lbs dog pulled). It flipped in a way that it faceplanted on asphalt, which had small rocks on it.
        i didnt wanna believe it 🙁 now i have to wait till my buddy gets his N4 in the mail to buy off his GNex cause the glass/display cost for repair is wayyy too high

    • Billzilla2005

      I Dropped mine too with the ringke slim on it and i have cracks on my screen as well, not nearly as bad as yours but the screen is still broke, and was on my second case from them after the first one’s paint wore off and cracked at the seam. the second one cracked in the same spot. very disappointed with them, had i just stuck with my otter box my screen might still be in one piece

      • Greyhame

        I used this case and saw cracks in it as well. It didn’t fully break, but still, I expected better.


    I’m using one on my iPhone 5 and love the feel and how minimal it is. The material feels really good in the hand and not slick at all. I’m sure the revised version they put out will not disappoint!!

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I’m going to try the diztronic one since they have worked out great for my maxx and maxx hd devices.

    • KOBALT

      Check out FlexiShield as well. Diztronic rocks!

  • Christopher Williams

    I have this case now and really love it! I didn’t even notice that issue until now surprisingly. I definitely will be buying the revised version in a different color. This IMO is one of the best cases yet for the N4!

  • FarmerTechno

    FYI, just pre-ordered one of the revised cases on Amazon for $9.99 and received free shipping.

    • I got the free shipping too and I also got a notice that the item was shipped w/ a delivery date of 12.14 – 12.18. So odd. I didnt know you could now ship in the future?!?!?

  • Randy Brooks

    Looks like an Incipio Feather.

  • Bknowles

    In case your phone takes a tumble which case will protect your phone the Ringke Slim or something like this: http://www.amazon.com/i-Blason-SoftGel-Flexible-Frost-Black/dp/B009Y0ZZD4/

    The Ringke Slim looks slick but is there a tradeoff in protecting your phone?

    • Cowboydroid

      That one looks really nice as well. I have a feeling the Nexus 4 is going to have some really slick cases from a lot of manufacturers, due to its design.

      • DanSan

        wish the galaxy nexus one cover the sides of the phone like N4 does.

        • Cowboydroid

          I actually prefer the opposite. I wish this covered the top and bottom, not the sides. It makes sense on the GNexus since the screen is curved, it protects the top and bottom. I don’t see any point in neglecting either one in the Nexus 4 though.

  • nightscout13

    WOW, the Nexus 4 looks better with a case than on its own. Never thought i’d see the day….

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  • Nexus_FrEak

    Sweet… So wanna sell me the old N4? :p

  • santy

    why would anyone post or advertise a case with known issues. It would be better if you asked people not to buy these

    • Because they are revising it and normally make some of the best cases around.

      • Cowboydroid

        Why are they still selling them? And at $10? They should be giving them away if they have issues, or just pull them from the store.

        • they are preorders for the revised cases.

        • Mark

          If you bend the volume rocker side of the case in a little bit while its off the phone and hold it there for a few seconds and then put it on it solves the problem. Granted you shouldn’t have to do this but it worked for mine.

          • Josh

            I can second this. Just bend it in manually and it becomes perfect.

      • GSAI

        Kellen, how is the Nexus 4’s front camera? No community or review has talked about it. From my experience with the Optimus G, I feel it may be a step down from the Galaxy Nexus.

        What do you think? Thanks!

        • Geo

          Phil from AC did one, I’d like to see Kellen do one though

        • From Phil’s test it looked rather nice.

      • anezarati

        i went to the official website to look at the galaxy nexus cases and there was a disclaimer “purchase at your own discretion ” thats not a good sign when the company that makes the cases is warning you before you buy one

        • Cowboydroid

          The Galaxy Nexus cases have an issue with cracking at the corners of the case near the top and bottom if you take it off and put it back on more than a few times.

        • itznfb

          They are so thin and don’t protrude past the glass enough to provide any protection. It will protect glass backs but won’t protect much of anything else. You’d be better off with one of the rubber iBlason cases from Amazon.

        • This is really to protect from scratches and corner bumps that tend to chip plastics and metals. If you drop any phone on concrete you will more than likely damage your phone. Unless you use those cases that basically wraps your phone in a pillow.

  • I have the bumper case. It’s really fantastic, and I hate cases with a passion.

  • DanSan

    “After the back of my LG Nexus 4 cracked, prompting me to order another one”

    Oh the life..


    • Scenario 1 – Put a case on and ignore the crack (free)

      Scenario 2 – Spend $349 because of a hairline crack

      Pretty silly.

    • Michael Nichols

      Do you want to sell me cracked one when your new one comes or now whatever you prefer?

      • Call me silly but I’ve never understood how people can drop a phone anyhow. I mean sure, accidents happen but a phone is like an infant. You just don’t drop an infant. You don’t drop an infant because you can’t drop an infant. I dunno…

        • you obviously dont read kellex’s posts my dude…

          • No no no, it was more of an after thought. What happened to Kellex was a total freak accident. That’s bizarre. I just mean people in general especially with iPhones who just drop them I kind of imagine them swinging their phones while connected to their cable like a lasso. lol

          • Ravi Rao

            What happened to Kellex wasn’t a freak accident. It was the inevitable result of a poor design choice by LG / Google.

        • Dan

          Go to any crowded bar/club at night on a weekend in a major city and then you’ll understand.

        • C-Law

          You obviously are not very bright, and kellex didn’t drop his phone

          • It was more of an after thought than a reference to Kellex. His was a total freak accident. I just meant in general.

          • S_T_R

            So he says. However, the odds are vastly higher that he damaged his phone unintentionally than some kind of physically-impossible thermal cracking theory. 30-40 degrees is not even close enough to cause that.

        • DanSan

          ive always babied my stuff, never dropped, scratched, chipped or anything. back in september i left my phone ontop of my dads BMW and he drove off. i found it 4 blocks away in the middle of an intersection. battery out, face down, screen destroyed. it still turned on lol. only phone ive ever damaged and hope to ever damage. got a new nexus sent to me the very next day

  • JG

    Their customer service is outstanding. First time I have ever brought a case for one of my smartphones and I decided to go with this maker. I was upset when I heard a couple days after ordering this case that there was manufacturer issues with the case so i contacted Rearth. I was expecting to have to get the case i ordered and send it right back so i can preorder the new fixed case. Well in my surprise I received an e-mail from Charlie stating that I can keep the “defective” case and even printed up a USPS label and emailed it to me so when the fixed cases are available they will send one right out to me and i’ll have the tracking info right away.

    That is some great service!

  • I love this case on my GNex and that price is great. Too bad I don’t have a N4!

    • I really liked the version for the Galaxy Nexus. One of, if not the, best case out there.

      • Cowboydroid

        It’s the only case I would ever put on the GNex, everything else just makes it way too bulky. But I’ve been going naked for several months now…dropped it once, but not too bad. Just can’t stand the extra size with a case anymore.

      • slider112

        Agree 100%. It’s the only case I’ve ever stuck with on any phone.