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Samsung: Gmail and YouTube Headed to Verizon Note 2 Multi-window Feature Soon

If you were as disappointed as I was to learn that the multi-window feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon was limited to only a handful of select apps, then maybe this news will cheer you up. One of our readers hit up Samsung’s official support account on Twitter, asking why YouTube and Gmail were not yet available while using multi-window. Samsung Support’s answer – “That feature will be available soon.”

It’s tough to tell if this was simply a quick response to the “When is multi-window coming to my device?” question that we are sure they get asked numerous times throughout the day or if they actually are going to bring in additional app support down the road. It would make sense for them to fully open it up to app developers. How much better would it be if you could use Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, and a favorite Twitter app at the same time? 

On a related note (pictured below), Total Commander works flawlessly with multi-window. Once downloaded from the Play store, it automatically appears in the list of apps for use with multi-window. Does this mean that app developers can build in support without approval from Samsung? I’ll have to let developers answer that question.

In the mean time, feel free to share any other apps that you find to work with multi-window.

Via:  @SamsungSupport

Cheers Jess and Trey!

  • MrMLK

    You people need to chill out. There are already three third party apps from small developers that work on the Verizon Multiview. Gmail, Youtube and Chrome will also work as soon as Google releases app updates. It doesn’t need an update form Verizon.

    • Tim242

      Not sure that it is Google. Multiwindow already works on the Sprint version with Gmail and YouTube.

  • starfoxx

    My cuz has the note 2 for T-mobile and he does not have multi-window at all.. I would say better to have it with some features rather than not at all.. I just use the youtube on the internet browser for now..

  • Att model works too with this feature?

  • The feature is pretty much worthless without Gmail, Youtube, Chrome or various social media apps supported.

    • DC_Guy

      I COULDN’T agree more! I got to use the Sprint version of the Note 2 that is complete with multi-window that includes social media, YouTube, Gmail, Google Talk and others and the Sprint variant is FAR more useful for multi-tasking that the VZW model. Only issue is that the SPrint version doesn’t have group texting capability and we all know how the Sprint LTE rollout is going.

  • DC_Guy

    Ugh it should’ve been available from the start. Hopefully they’ll add facebook and twitter clients too. That would be awesome!

  • acras

    yea, it’ll be here soon on Verizon, it is right behind ANY update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, the note 2 should get multi Window for YouTube and Gmail around the time the note 4 comes out and your note 2 contract has ended

    • michael arazan

      Great multi window multitasking has been added but only works for verizon bloatware apps, Thx Verizon, how they got the number 1 in Consumer reports is beyond me.
      So people can use the 2 windows to pay their vzw bills and watch their data which is all the multitasking verizon thinks you need.

      • MrMLK

        > Great multi window multitasking has been added but only works for verizon bloatware apps,

        This is incorrect. Did you even read the article? Or do you think that Total Commander is a Verizon app? Good news, it isn’t.

  • chris125

    I dont understand why samsung wouldn’t have made it this way from the start. Just like the tmo variant not having multi window support right away. Why not have them all being able to do the same thing out of the box?

    • moew

      Because google said NO for a launch in a qualified way. So it’s coming after the launch.

      • chris125

        If Google said no why did the other note 2 on other carriers launch with it?

        • moew

          Samsung is pushing things, and carriers decide. I love what they are doing here! I hate that carriers have so much control.

          • chris125

            so first you say it is because of google and now you say samsung is pushing things and carriers decide? So pretty much you just have no clue as to why some note 2 variants have all the features and others do not out of the box….

          • Tim242

            The Verizon variant is the only one with multi-window out of the box.

          • Brian141

            multi window as well as some other battery intense features were apparently discussed at the stockholm developers conference, due to CDMA technology requiring much more power to operate at desired speed/rates for us carriers. so with a combo of big ass screen, quad core processor, and general “all the time use apps” what is really needed is better battery tech…

  • EZE4

    No Samsung headphones either. I’m glad I got the Tmobile version

    • LTE>theREST

      You’re glad you got the Tmo version? I live in Boston, and in Cambridge using speedtest.net ? I get 75mps on ATT LTE. My friends Tmo GN2 gets 12mbps test right next to mine. 50mps more or headphones?

      • EZE4

        Yeah I am glad. I’m in Houston & the Tmobile speeds are great, I get better speeds than my Verizon S3 in some parts of town. Cdma services are wack compared to gsm. So to answer your question, Yeap I’m glad. I’m tired of Verizon being late withupdates as well as being the last to drop phones or not carry them @ all.

        • 123

          LTE is GSM…even on verizon

  • Jon

    So I’m the go to guy for family and friends when they need advice for holiday tech shopping. I’m surprised at how many friends have called and texted me these past few days that are considering the Note II. 2 of them actually bought it.

    I just never thought it would appeal to a mass audience including women, cause it’s a monster…but apparently even the non-geeks are digging it.

    I am so jealous with my bite size S3.

    • I’m considering buying the Note 2 on Verizon but I just haven’t decided yet! The DNA looks amazing with the specs and display but the restriction of no mSD card slot and only 16GB of internal storage is a huge downer! However I haven’t gotten the chance to hold the Note 2 in my hands to get a feel for how big it will actually feel in the hand. Is there anything major coming around the corner such as a SGS 4 or something that would reach a compromise between the Note 2 and the DNA? Such as a 4.8-5 inch high-res display with quad core processor and expandable storage (or at least 32gb internal). I’m just stuck between which device to invest in!

      • FAL_Fan

        If you can wait, then I suggest waiting til February. There may be a few things that are announced that may tickle your fancy, and honestly there’s no risk because they will still be selling the Note 2 and the dna then.

        • hkklife

          Agreed. Think back a year ago when all of these people bought the original Droid Razr prior to Christmas. Then the Maxx was released in late January and everyone was pissed because they had just missed the return window to exchange their devices. VZW is all about moving cheap/free/special color devices for the holidays.

          If you can live with whatever you’re rocking for the next 2-4 months, then I recommend waiting to see what is an ounce or whatever Verizon’s next big release is for early 2013. If nothing else, maybe we will see a new version of the DNA released with a bigger battery and/or more internal storage…or a 32Gb Note2.

      • Transamturbo350

        Dna is sexy but poor non removable battery and only 11gb of space available to use its a wast Imo. I just got the note 2 and it is huge but it’s just to amazing to let that or the dumb Verizon logo on the front to pass it up. I had the s3 before this and I’m still blown away at how great it is. and if the logo button bugs you amazing sells a metal sticker that covers it

        • hkklife

          As far as storing apps are concerned, the Note 2 is just as gimped as the DNA is for its internal storage. I refuse to buy anything less than 32Gb internal + an expansion slot in 2012, much less 2013.

          • Thats kinda my major dilema with the DNA. At first I thought 11-16 GB of storage would be plenty if I just transitioned to using Google Music and relying on Netflix, YouTube and other streaming apps for video content and only having one or two movies stored locally (I still have unlimited data) but then I got to thinking. If I transition to Google Music I can’t use apps like PowerAmp (I payed almost $5 for the full version) and MoboPlayer (to me it offers the best interface for watching videos and its pop up player is amazing). Then I also looked at my current usage on my Droid Razr and noticed the entire 8GB of internal storage is almost full as well as with almost half of the dedicated app storage is full along with my 32GB mSD is almost full (most of its ROM updates and SS backups that I just haven’t gotten round to deleting yet). I think the Note2’s 16gb of internal storage wouldn’t be that big of an issue and with the mSD card slot I can load a 32GB or even a 63GB card and be set!

      • JPose

        There are some things to bear in mind. I own the GSIII but came from the DROID INC I and I really appreciate Sense.
        I find accessories an issue since I can’t talk on the phone using my Dr. Dre Beats. headphones since the Samsung 3.5mm jacks are proprietary. I needed unlimited data so my best option was the GSIII in June and had few other options. The DNA is a great device and wouldn’t have forced me to find new Phone or over-the-ear headphones or a fix via micro-USB

      • Brian141

        Asus Padfone 2/ and some of those windows phones are looking ok. I might wait till feb also, I waited forever for the note 2, ive been eligible for 5 months for upgrade, just cant close the deal, i think the complete package might be just around the corner…

      • Think you might be waiting at least 5-7 months more man, for an announcement.

      • Chilagurl

        The AT&T version comes in 16, 32 and 64GB with a Micro sd slot good up to 64GB. My friend has Verizon 16GB and it has a micro Sd slot good up to 64GB.

    • Tim242

      The Note 2 is only huge, if thought of as a phone. Once you think of it as a small tablet and computer that just has a phone app…it seems rather small.

  • duke69111

    That means mid 2013

  • bigillz

    This is the new paradigm, right? First up is all apps. Then dragging and dropping from one window to the other. Photos to msgs/facebook, links to a url shortener, files to dropbox, etc. It is in its infancy. Give it a year. We have the resolution now for multi-window, full functionality will follow – likely direct from Google, not Samsung.

  • nightscout13

    Oh, so we’re trusting these one liner answers from Samsung’s twitter account?

  • billy routh

    YouTube has worked since day one.

    • Doesn’t work on my VZW Note 2.

      • billy routh

        Really? Works on sprints.

        • This is for the Verizon model. For whatever reason, YouTube and Gmail don’t work, as well as many others. Other carriers work fine.

          • Not much works at all. Total Commander does, and I’ve heard that the XDA app does too.

          • Do you think there has to be a code update? Cause I have an app and I am not sure if by default would work. :/

            Huh, did Samsung ever release like an SDK for it or something?

        • Trey Mitchell

          hence our dissatisfaction

  • KleenDroid