Pretty Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam is Making the Rounds, Google is Investigating (Updated)

You may have received an email today that looked a lot like an email you get when a colleague or contact shares with you a Google Docs file. If so, you should be careful and double check that it’s actually from that someone. I say that because a pretty convincing Google Docs phishing scam is making the rounds at the moment.  (more…)

Monday Poll: Do You Use Gmail or Inbox for Your Email?

Kellen swears by Inbox. He loves it. All those features like bundling, snoozing and link saving, he can’t get enough of it. For me, I enjoy the basic, “it just works” approach to Gmail. Why fix what isn’t broken, am I right?

Our question to you is, should you be using Google’s email service, which do you prefer? Inbox or Gmail? If you love Inbox, I would love to know why. If you prefer the antiquated feel of Gmail, let’s fist bump.

Let us know!

Do you use Inbox or Gmail?

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Inbox by Gmail Gets Organized Trello, Github, and Google Alerts Updates

Inbox by Gmail, the other email solution from Google that continues to see innovation and automation, is receiving an update today that makes it easier to stay on top of projects and Google Alerts, thanks to better organization from the first rollout of services integration. The update also brings Google Drive support, drag-and-drop of contacts between recipient boxes, and a delete button.  (more…)