Thursday Poll: Do You Use Multi-Window?

We were toying around with Picture-in-Picture on the latest build of Android O yesterday, but in doing so I was reminded that I hardly ever use multi-window functionality on my Android devices. Will Picture-in-Picture be any different for me? Hard to tell.

With this poll, we want to know how many of you are using multi-window on your phone or tablet. Whether its the native version built into your Pixel or Nexus device, or the similar implementation on Samsung and LG devices, are you even using it? If you are, for what?

Let us know your take on multi-window and the potential of Picture-in-Picture on smartphones down below.

Do you use Multi-Window?

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LG G3 Tip: Using Dual Window

Like Samsung’s Multi Window, LG has a dual-app feature in its phones called Dual Window. Dual Window allows you to run two apps simultaneously on top of one another in resizable windows. You could do things like continue a Hangouts conversation while grabbing directions to your friend’s location. You could watch a YouTube video for an artist while sending an email about their upcoming concert that you would like to attend. Dual Window, like Multi Window, is a multi-tasker’s dream feature.  (more…)

LG Highlights G3 Features in Series of Videos: Smart Keyboard, Dual Window, and More

Our full-time LG G3 coverage is only beginning, but as you wait patiently for a couple of reports from Tim after a full weekend with the device, we thought we would share a handful of tip videos that LG posted this morning.

In the videos below, you will get tutorials on how to use features like the new Smart Keyboard on the G3. From resizing the keyboard on the fly to swiping to quickly delete words, LG is really bragging about its improved keyboard design. But the videos also talk about using the QuickCircle case, setting up a Guest Mode, and customizing your unlock pattern with Knock Code. LG even talks about using Dual Window, which is very similar to Samsung’s Multi Window feature.

If you plan on picking up a G3, if it ever arrives here, then these would be good videos to watch.  (more…)

Using Multi-Window on the Samsung Galaxy S3 From Verizon, Compared to the Galaxy S4

Included with today’s update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon is arguably one of Samsung’s most innovative smartphone features of the last few years – Multi Window. For extreme multi-taskers or power users, Multi Window shines as it allows you to work with two apps at the same time. Both apps’ windows can be adjusted, swapped, or closed with a couple of simple taps. While Samsung doesn’t allow all of your apps to be used in Multi Window, they still offer a handful of heavily used apps like Chrome, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, and your Gallery.

So since Verizon’s version is finally get this new feature, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows how to use it. And since we had a Galaxy S4 handy, which also has Multi Window, we thought a comparison between the two was needed. In the video below, you’ll find all there is to know about using one of Samsung’s best TouchWiz features.  (more…)

Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Receiving Major Update to Build VRBMD3 – Includes Multi-Window, Plus Other Enhancements (Updated)

gs3 vzw update1

The Samsung Galaxy S3 received approval from Verizon this morning on a major update to build VRBMD3. The update includes a hefty list of enhancements like multi-screen and multi-window multitasking, Best Shot camera mode, better people tagging in photos, S Beam Auto Share Shot, and a image gallery. The bug fix lists mentions a more stable Hotspot experience, improved lock screen function, easier to turn on NFC, and a change to “Close All” instead of “Remove All” in the task manager menu.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Updated to Android 4.1.2 on T-Mobile, Adds Multi-Window Functionality

Galaxy S3 T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S3 should see an update being pushed out to their phones, bringing them up to Android version 4.1.2. The build number is T999UVDMD5. Inside, users can now access Samsung’s multi-window software feature, allowing for two apps to be used simultaneously, making that multi-tasking machine even sweeter.  (more…)

Paranoid Android to Introduce New Multi-Windowing Chat Head-like Feature in Upcoming Alpha Build

Paranoid Android

Details are still scarce as to what exactly is going on, but there are plenty of teasers on Google+ and YouTube taking place, showing proof of concept for a new “multi-window” feature that is to be baked into the Paranoid Android ROM. Please allow me to try and explain. Imagine a Chat Heads-like function for every application on your device. That is what they are working on.  (more…)

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Update Now Live, Brings Multi-Window Feature

Today, T-Mobile has started to push out an update to their Galaxy Note 2 owners. For anyone out there that owns this phone on T-Mo, be happy. The update brings the ever-so-popular multi-window feature that Note 2 owners can’t seem to get enough of. The feature is already in place on the Verizon version, which we should be thankful for since you know, Big Red sucks at updates.

To learn more about the multi-window feature, check out our full hands-on here.

Cheers Tony!