Google Announces YouTube TV Streaming Service, Starts at $35/Month

At an event in Los Angeles today, Google unveiled YouTube TV. The service, which is not yet available or even ready to be demoed by press, is a live TV streaming service, similar to what you see from AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW and Sony’s PlayStation Vue. In addition to live TV, though, it offers access to the entirety of YouTube Red Originals, meaning its not exactly short on digital content.  (more…)

YouTube Rolls Out Mobile Live Streaming to Channels With at Least 10K Subscribers

YouTube started rolling out its new mobile live streaming feature today to channels that have at least 10,000 subscribers. Don’t worry, though, the rest of the YouTube community will have it soon.

To start mobile live streaming, once it’s enabled on your account, you’ll do so with a live button that sits in the bottom right corner of the YouTube main screen. Tap that, decide to “Go live,” name it, and then be on your way to interacting with the world live.  (more…)

YouTube Intros HDR Support, But You’ll Need a Compatible Display

Announced this week, YouTube now supports the uploading of videos in HDR (high dynamic range), bringing a new era of content with higher contrast and vibrant colors.

While 4K and HDR is all the rage currently, viewers will need a compatible display/monitor/TV in order to enjoy this upgraded video quality. YouTube shamelessly plugs that HDR TVs with a Chromecast Ultra connected will do the trick for viewing HDR content, but states that all 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs will soon also support HDR.  (more…)

YouTube Creators Can Now Pin Comments, Give Hearts, and Moderate Conversations Better

If you happen to be a content creator on YouTube, things are changing in the coming weeks that you should take note of. In total, there are six things being added for those in charge of a channel, each of which should benefit not only you, but your community as a whole. YouTube lists three changes for the interaction side of things, then three behind-the-scenes changes that can help make your channel a better place for people to be.  (more…)

Upcoming YouTube Go App Engineered to Limit Data Usage, Help Those With Slow Data Speeds

In 2017, YouTube intends to launch a new application called YouTube Go. The app has been in the works at YouTube for some time, with teams of engineers, designers, and researchers travelling to India, collecting ideas and testing prototypes with hundreds of people across 15 cities. The goal, according to YouTube, is to offer those with slower data connections the ability to watch any video at any time, hopefully regardless of connectivity speeds.  (more…)