Display Comparison: HTC DROID DNA vs. Galaxy Note 2

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After comparing the DROID DNA’s 1080p display to the Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3, we had a number of readers ask that we do the same with the Galaxy Note 2. Well, here you go. Pixels, pixels, and more pixels. In case you were wondering, the Note 2 is no longer considered to be “PenTile,” something we we couldn’t be happier about. Then again, the PenTile arrangement on the Galaxy S3 is not necessarily noticeable except under a macro lens, thanks to the high pixel count. At this point in the game, displays are so good, that you could throw almost any display tech at us and we’d probably be¬†satisfied. Times are good.

Oh, and ignore the white splotch on the icon of the DNA. I thought I had a dead pixel, but it seems to have fixed itself and I cannot reproduce that spot any longer. Could have been dust for all I know.



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