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ASUS: We Are Currently Working On Development of Android 4.2 For Our Tablets

In a recent discussion with a customer service representative, a customer happily found that ASUS is currently working on development of Android 4.2 for their lineup of devices. Beyond the fact that it is indeed happening, no details concerning which devices would see it first or when we could expect it were mentioned. We have known that ASUS is fantastic with updates and always makes sure their hardware is running the latest version of Android possible, so we could maybe expect some updates before the end of 2012. 

Once we get more official details from ASUS, we will keep you posted.

Via: The Android Soul | Tablets Magazine

Cheers TrekMD!

  • David McClanahan

    Yes, definitely update to Jelly Bean, though everyone keep in mind that means you will lose Adobe Flash support.

  • V

    I won’t buy another Android device if tf101 doesn’t receive ongoing support.

  • jeddo45

    the TF300 will get it first. the reason i say that is the TF300 is still a great tablet, but its not the best one they have. when JB first came out, they pushed it to the TF300 first and then let all the bugs report so they knew what to fix before they pushed it to the TF700, and others. Then they pushed an update to fix all the bugs.

    • jimrebello

      It got it first because the hardware is almost identical to the nexus 7…. it’s the easiest port for them.

  • At ASUS the customer service representatives tend to be the last to know! Last I heard from peeps over at ASUS was that they hadn’t decided “if it was worth it” for upgrading TF101 users. Would recommend keeping the pressure on them by signing the petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/update-to-android-jelly-bean-41-for-asus-tf101/

    • Who wrote the petition? The grammer and english usage is terrible. Please correct it before I’ll put my name on it!

      • jimrebello


  • companyemails

    Lets hope the update includes the new 4.2 UI used on the Nexus tablets (or at least gives users the option to use that UI.

  • Jon

    just sold my Nexus 7 to go for a great deal on a Transformer Prime with keyboard dock. This is great news. Although I usually find that updates on tablets are not as important as on phones, this recent version of 4.2 really kicks ass on the tablet due to the multi user account feature.

  • master94

    This is why ASUS is the best Android OEM. They always support and update their products on a timely manner

    • Andrew Conlon

      Unless your device is over a year and a half “old”, then their support is crap. If your device in new, then their support is awesome. But they I guess they are better than Verizon/Motorola, which isn’t much of a statement.

  • ryancooper143

    I have yet to get 4.1 on my tf201

    • androidfan 4 life

      Hey man the tf201 prime already has jelly bean where you been at bruh 4.2 is the full version of jelly bean

      • ryancooper143

        No shit…..i try to pull the update everyday since release

  • Yep, I knew buying the TF300 was a smart thing todo

  • TylerChappell

    I’m betting on no later than January. I think Asus seems to be fond of January, besides, it’s the 4.2 update, so it is impossible that it would roll out in December because we all know that December doesn’t exist in 4.2. 😛

  • chris125

    If only Asus could get into the phone market here in the states. They make some nice hardware and are always one of the first with updates. Loving the build of my nexus 7

    • Aaron

      I want a Padfone. The carriers will never let us have one.

  • New_Guy

    As a TF300 owner, I am expecting this before Christmas. For whatever reason, the TF300 seems to get teh updates before everyone else. Friggin love Asus.

    • droidify

      That’s because the chips are nearly identical to those in the nexus 7

  • droidify

    I love my prime. Bought it the first week it came out and haven’t looked back. The updates have been awesome.

  • ddevito

    I already got 4.2 for my Asus tablet

    • bvv


      • ddevito

        Simple. I own a nexus 7

  • situman

    Now if they can only bring out a tablet with IO issues that would be great.

    • The only way that will ever happen is if Google locks the OS down. Most of the issues are caused by MFGs F’n with the OS.

      Also another big issue is because of all this “Special Front End” mods these MFGs are making it’s hard going from one Android device to another, even with the same version of the OS.

      Imagine the caos if MS and Apple allowed every Tom, Dick and Harry company Mod their OSs!

      Google gives Android to these MFGs, the least they can do for the end users is make the OS standard from one MFG to another. Also think how fast we would all get the “MOST” recent update to ANDROID.

  • Futbolrunner

    ASUS is one of my favorite tech companies. They have been on the fore front of innovation, along with Samsung. Take a look at the Transformer Book. Its incredible at how fast tech has been moving.

    • jak_341

      Definitely! Samsung and Asus are the only companies that can proudly boast what Android truly is.

  • Raven

    I really hope that they show some love for the OG TF101 Transformer.

    • Or at least a statement that it’s no longer receiving updates. Obviously I don’t *want* that to be the case, but at least then we’d know.

      • Terrance Steiner

        Agreed. I haven’t root my TF101 because I have been very happy with Asus’ update frequency (up to and including ICS). Only once Asus announces that they will no longer be supporting it, I will get my custom roms on.

        • Aaron

          +1. I even don’t mind Asus’s skin.

          • The TF101 doesn’t have Asus’s skin as far as I know. Either that, or it’s so unbelievably minimal that I haven’t noticed it.

          • Aaron

            It’s just minimal. The app drawer and task bar, and really that is just the home button icon. And I think ICS didn’t come with power options in the notification area (i.e. GPS, Bluetooth, etc.).

        • I’ve rooted mine, but I’ve still been running the stock ROM; I just find a stock rooted zip on XDA, RootzWiki, etc.

    • Aaron

      Somebody over at another site said his “rebranded” tf101 has been updated to 4.1. He called it a J Series. I wish Asus would skip 4.1 and give of 4.2, but I doubt it. I really don’t expect to get 4.1. If I see any JB version as a final upgrade on my tf101 I’ll be happy, though 4.2 does look awesome.

    • TF101 owner

      Zero chance. Asus has silently abandoned Tegra 2 devices, as soon as the media forgot about its promise that JB was definitely coming for the TF101. (A promise made only to avoid negative publicity, not because any update was actually being worked on.)

      Tegra 3 owners are laughing… for now. As soon as the first tablet with Tegra 4 (or whatever it goes on to be called) comes out, they’ll quickly find themselves abandoned as well, even if there are major bugs remaining in the final release. It’s the Asus way.

      • Exactly where are you getting your information? I agree it’s highly unlikely they will offer up a Jelly Bean version, but it would be nice for the clean up and fix “ALL” issues with their last update of ICS.. My TF101 was very stable until that update.

  • vincet3

    I love my Prime, great support thus far.. keep up the great work guys!

    • Ken Bosse

      same here, gps issue doesnt bother me at all, since well you know, its a tablet.
      Very happy with my prime purchase

      • will bartlett

        depending on where you got it, you can get it traded for a tf700. im loving the 700 wayyyyyy more than the prime.

    • What about the issues with Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS?

      • vincet3

        Wifi issue is slightly over exaggerated, I get far worse signal than my laptop/phone/etc, however it still works get decent speed from it.. bluetooth I’ve yet to have an issue with.. GPS they sent out a dongle to fix that issue.. GPS is the only thing I would consider an utter failure on the tablet, but serious I wouldn’t use my tablet as a gps ever.. 🙂 plus I can bluetooth it from my phone if I really needed it..