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Did Sony’s Nexus Leak Last Night as the “Nexus X”? (Updated)

Well, what do you think? Is this real or fake? Is this Sony’s Nexus device that will be known as the Nexus X? Uploaded by a user named Mutul Yeter, we can see that the device looks very similar to other Sony devices in styling, however, this appears to be running stock Android and has the “Google” logo branded in the middle. All carrier branding is missing and the device has on-screen navigation keys, something we would expect to see on all Nexus devices going forward. We aren’t sure where the name “Nexus X” originated from, but it’s being tossed around as a possibility rather than Xperia Nexus.

We had heard earlier in the year that Sony, LG and Samsung would all be making new Nexus devices, so if that rumor remains true, this may be your second Nexus from the three. Again, assuming these are real and not from some internet troll.

I have to admit that I have been critical of Sony’s phone designs over the years, but this phone, with stock Android and on-screen nav keys, doesn’t look half bad. What do you think?

Update:  These pictures are more than likely fake. As users in the comments pointed out almost immediately, there are too many flaws in the photos to be believable. The Nexus trolls strike the internets again.

Via:  Picasa | Blog of Mobile

  • NO

    I’d want to see Motorola’s Nexus phone,Sony is awesome too.

  • Jackson

    I still think only prototypes are 8gb

  • i hope google allows multiple nexus devices cause for sure i wont get this ugly phone

  • LOL. I dont think Google will choose Sony because Sony is not in the top 10 smartphone brand best seller in the world. I think Google will choose brand Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Huawei because that brands in the top 10 smartphone brand best seller in the world.

  • Simon Belmont

    Something about that printed SONY logo just looks off. It doesn’t look like it’s lined up right.

    I agree it’s likely fake. Next.

  • joejoe5709

    I would probably take the LG over the Sony but if this is true, it’s very very exciting that Google is finally going to have a whole fleet of Nexus phones – each showcasing the various OEM’S. I like the sound of that. My prediction: Google will offer several Nexus phones through the year with higher end flagship phones for major OS releases.

  • chris

    I have actually liked the design of the phones from sony. (I’m really not sure why people knock their design) My only concern is whether it will have the specs we all hope a nexus device should have.

  • Russell Tanner

    Both Android and Me and Android Central are now saying they have reports that it’s a fake, and this site is showing that it’s a manipulated Ion: http://www.hightechx.de/news/ist-das-sony-nexus-doch-nur-ein-fake

    Also, no search bar on the homescreen? I really doubt that.

  • /me still wants a Motorola Nexus however.

  • If it has better radios than Sammy’s piece of crap, why not?

  • MrBlonde04

    I’m not so sure on the rounded back of it. If I had to pick on the style of the LG or Sony, I would side with (surprisingly) LG.

  • nightscout13

    BAD charger port placement

  • tnfcngs

    I think this is legit.
    Google trolling the trends, trololol!!!

    And I think this is going directly focused to developers rather than market. Will be available for general public, but I think the bet here is on different processors and architectures where Android needs to be polished, hence attacking the so called fragmentation problem with fewer flagship devices.

    All that said, I don’t think these Nexus phones will have huge storage nor micro sd slot. They will be purely for developing and improving android and developers apps. The ease of having the architecture used by mayor manufacturers on a few devices, will come handy for developers that now need to buy at least 10 or 20 phones every three months. Of course I’m talking about huge companies, not the regular Joe small developer.
    Same approach was the Nexus 7 that turned to be a hot product, that’s why they ran out inventory that fast.

    *grabs popcorn*

  • HTC1

    This thing is almost as ugly as when people put those huge extended batteries in their phones. I think i would rather have that stupid looking hump than a phone that looks like this thing.

  • paul_cus

    Looks like a doctored Xperia ion from the back.

  • strows

    First pic looks like a TV remote, Not a fan of sharp edges.

  • Why are all Nexus Leak photos leaked on Picasa only? Seems intentional

  • br_hermon

    Corners seem a little too sharp for me but I like the minimal bezel on all 4 sides.

  • I don’t like the square corners on it!

  • omgitzjose

    i like this phone but i doubt its ever coming to verizon. but hell if it does ill be ditching my galaxy nexus in a heart beat for it.

  • Zach
    • Larizard

      Doesn’t explain the front pic though. Sony’s phones had always have hardware/capacitive buttons. This one has on-screen, buttons with stock Android.

  • Butters619

    Why do all these leaked Nexuses not have chrome?

  • Kisuk3

    Looks like my Sony TV remote.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    The first picture looks photoshopped. The the contours don’t match up and the scuff marks on those contours look flat like they were just pasted over top. Hard to tell for sure seeing as the picture is kind of crummy.

  • Charlie

    If this is real, still NO WAY it comes to Verizon.

    Sony has released a ton of Android phones, and Verizon has only carried one, the Xperia Play. This phone would do well in Europe, however.

    I still think the only shot we have at a Nexus on Verizon is a Galaxy Nexus 2, but even still, I highly doubt it.

  • Neither of the leaked Nexii will make it to Verizon. Guess we just have to wait for the DROID NEXUS RAZR. *drool*

    • JoshGroff

      Just because you see the GSM variant announced doesn’t mean an LTE CDMA one won’t follow…

      • Duh. I stand by my PREDICTION. Neither the LG Nexus (real) or this Sony Nexus (fake) will end up available for VZW.

        • JoshGroff

          Well, considering VZW doesn’t have a solid relationship with Sony, I’d be willing to agree with that. LG on the other hand, with VZW passing on the Optimus G, I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with an LTE LG Nexus.

        • Zach

          I agree. No way either of these two phones (if real) make it to Verizon.

    • Tim Hardeman

      Too bad neither Motorola nor Google hold the rights to “Droid” or “Razr”. It’ll probably be the Nexus R or Nexus D — if it even comes to Verizon, or exists.

  • jaybar


  • Fckn ugly.

  • Ibrick

    JMO, but I’ve always thought Sony made some of the best looking devices. Hardware specs were always lacking compared to current HTC and Sammy devices which is what kept me away.
    Definitely keep my eyes on this one..