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This Week in the Life of DROID: 10/5/2012

Finally, we’re getting to the time of the year that we love here at DL – Nexus rumor time! This week has been filled with some pretty juicy rumors, so we’ll take the time to go below and make sure to highlight all of the good ones.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!

  • Mack

    I need an opinion. I’m sick of my Droid X2 and I found a recent Craigslist ad for a brand new, never activated Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $220. Should I buy it and keep it for the next year or wait to see if Verizon gets gets the 2012 Nexus/one of the 2012 Nexus phones? Or buy the GNex now and sell it if/when Verizon get the new one. For what it’s worth I would be buying a 2012 Nexus at the full retail price even though my contract is up to keep my unlimited data. Or a $220 brand new GNex??

    • JoshGroff

      220 for a brand new G-Nex is a great deal. I’d honestly get the G-Nex now and sell it when/if one of the next Nexuses (apparently that is the correct plural O-o) hits Verizon. (Especially if you have 4G in the area.)

      If you decide not to get the G-Nex, Liberty ROM for the X2 was pretty delicious. (Was my main driver on it back in the spring)

  • +1

  • awesome device.wish to have one.