Motorola Adds Global RAZR HD and RAZR i to Bootloader Unlock Program

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Motorola extended its bootloader unlock program to the global RAZR HD and RAZR i, this afternoon. When I say “global” I mean the RAZR HD in Europe, Australia, South America and on Rogers in Canada. The RAZR i, and its Intel processor, will be unlockable “worldwide.”

Props to Moto for finally creating a bootloader program, it’s just too bad that most in the U.S. won’t be able to take advantage of it unless they can save up $550 to $650, the full retail price of these phones. We aren’t sure if these other global phones are unlockable even when subsidized by carriers or not, but wouldn’t be surprised. If you glance at their specific product pages, there is no mention of them being separate “developer editions.”

And this is where you flip the bird to U.S. carriers.

Via:  Motorola



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