Carphone Warehouse Expecting a 32GB Nexus 7?

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What was and probably still is the biggest complaint over the Nexus 7? Storage. With 8GB and 16GB models as your two options, and no microSD slot to allow you to add to that, many of you have had to find ways to obsessively manage your storage for the first time on a smart device. One or two TV shows downloaded plus an HD level game, and 8GB is gone in minutes, especially since 2.5GB is taken up by the system.Well, what if a 32GB version was finally on the way? 

According to a screenshot we received that is purportedly out of Carphone Warehouse in the UK, a listing for a 32GB variant of our favorite tablet has appeared. No price or release date was included. Also keep in mind that we see products act as place holders all of the time in system likes these, so this doesn’t necessarily mean the device is imminent or that it will ever see the light of day.

Then again, both Amazon and Barnes and Noble released new versions of their tablets in 32GB sizes at ultra low prices. Maybe it’s time that Google does the same? We would certainly welcome in a 32GB version, assuming the price can be kept down.

On a side note, does that say “Samsung Nexus 2”?

Cheers KCR!



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