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Chrome for Android Receives an Update in the Play Store, Bugfixes and Changes Within

If you head over to the Play Store you will find an update for Chrome waiting for you with something unusual: a changelog. Usually Google likes to leave us guessing until later when we have to track down changes but this time they are being upfront about what they are fixing.

Location preference has now been moved to the system level of your device to make things a bit more streamlined. And if you are a big YouTube user you will be happy, “video controls now work in full screen mode and videos continue playing after a screen lock/unlock.” There are some more fixes under the hood that are sure to improve the browser overall. Head over to Google Play now to get your update on.

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Via: Google

  • PuzzleShot

    Still based on Chrome 18. Even Chrome for iOS is based on Chrome 21, and that’s not even using the actual Chrome rendering engine.

  • RW-1

    Perhaps the versions of Chrome that come out with the new RAZR’s will be better, but for now I’m staying with stock until they put quick controls on Chrome.

  • Somebody at Google needs to lock the Chrome team in a room with the Android team and not let them out until JB quick controls are working and it runs buttery smooth all the time (seems hit and miss now).

  • Jake

    I’m happy about the YouTube video control fixes and the that locking the screen during a YouTube video doesn’t lose my place in the video. However, I’d like a feature that I remember working on previous Android devices. I’d like audio from YouTube videos to continue playing when I lock the screen. There’s a bunch of podcasts/shows/music videos on YouTube, where all I really need is the audio, and I hate wasting the battery by having to keep the screen on.

  • Derek Ross

    I wish I had Chrome on my VZW G-tab 10.1. Stock honeycomb browser crashes all of the time… I’ve used Firefox and it’s decent but there are also things I like about the stock browser more. Hoping chrome splits the difference but who knows when VZW/Samsung will update it to ICS.

    Who else loves being 2 OS releases behind on a device that is still sold new at VZW for $630 + tax + 2 year data plan, purchased…17 months ago?

  • ToddLower

    I was hoping for some speed optimization the latest Chrome update. Alas, I am disappointed. I love Chrome on my computer, but Firefox for mobile just seems so much faster than Chrome. (startup time AND page load time)

  • The problem with my keyboards (Swype & Swiftkey) seem to be fixed! Before, when I would type, and try backspacing, it’d start repeating words and characters and was a PAIN to use.. It’s working great now!

    • Derek Ross

      I have that same issue on my stock honeycomb browser using swiftkey. Beyond annoying.

      • Yeah dude, I basically dropped Chrome as my main browser about a month ago because of it.. Ha..

        • Roger W Turner

          It also happens/happened on my stock GNex/GSM/4.1.1 (no swiftkey etc).

          • I thought this was just a Droid 4 bug. Glad to see it was fixed on my D4.

    • Finally! I have been waiting for that fix. I have been so close to dropping Chrome because of this.

  • Andy Christiansen

    I love chrome, but what do you do when you come across a site that uses flash?

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Firefox and the flash.apk manually installed.

      • fixxmyhead

        flashify app

    • fixxmyhead

      use flashify app

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Quick Control added yet?

    • NicholasMicallef

      No :(. After using Quick controls+fullscreen on the stock browser there’s no way I’m using any browser on my phone without them especially since JB made them even more awesome.

  • Guest345

    Still no full-screen mode, there have been rumblings about adding this feature since February. What gives?

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    And Kellex said the reason for the iphone coverage was because there was no news going on today. This is bigger news than the new iphone.

  • Love some of the functionality of Chrome, but it has always been a lot slower than the stock browser. I’ll try this update again

    • Yes, Chrome (I haven’t tried the new update yet) sort of sucks on Android. It’s slow and laggy, which is unfortunate because the desktop version is lightning fast and light weight.

      • I’ve never understood this. Apparently the Chrome team at Google doesn’t work too closely with the Android group.

  • jdrch

    Firefox Nightly for Android (which now autoupdates from within the app) is still my browser of choice.

    • I’m liking the latest Play store version. It’s giving Dolphin (which has been acting up lately) a run for the money.

      • jdrch

        All of Chrome’s features + support for extensions using the same .xpi file format as desktop Firefox + Flash support (which may be moot, but it’s still support) … what’s not to like?

        • mustbepbs

          Firefox. Garbage browser on the PC. I’ve never given the mobile version a try though. I will based on your recommendation.

          • jdrch

            Considering that Firefox consistently wins browser shootouts on Tom’s Hardware and a few other sites, that’s an interesting take. You’re entitled to your own opinion though

          • mustbepbs

            Gave Firefox a try last night on my N7. It’s actually faster and smoother than Chrome. The only feature I miss from Chrome is when two links or buttons are close together, it blows them up so you don’t misclick. Probably the greatest feature ever made for mobile browsing.