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Verizon Memo Hints at Future Google Experience Phones and Tablets, Will We See Another VZW Nexus?

A Verizon memo with tomorrow’s date on it that ended up in our inbox, talks about a new pairing of Amazon apps with future devices. If you looked closely at the Galaxy Stellar or our video of the RAZR HD today, you may have noticed that the IMDb, Amazon marketplace, and Audible apps are all preloaded. This is the partnership that I’m referring to. According to this memo, all “newly launched Android devices” will have this suite of apps, well, unless they are “Google Experience devices or tablets.” Let me say that again – unless they are Google experience devices or tablets. 

What exactly am I getting at? Well, a “Google Experience” device is either a 100% stock Android device or one that Google has worked directly with the OEM on. Basically, I’m saying that this is potentially referring to a Nexus. When you hear the words “Google Experience,” you can usually swap them out and put in “Nexus” and get the same result (XOOM also fits the description even though it wasn’t a Nexus).

So if we read into this memo, there are a couple of scenarios they could be referring to. The first, is that Verizon already has plans to launch either another Nexus phone or a Nexus tablet in the future. The second, is that they are simply informing their employees that if they were to have a Google Experience device in the future, that it wouldn’t have these apps preloaded.

I sort of doubt that they would drop such a bomb like this in a September memo, but hey, crazier things have happened. After all, there are rumors floating about that suggest that a 3G Nexus 7 is in the works. Who knows, maybe that story should have read, “Nexus 7 4G LTE tablet in the works”? Or maybe one of the multiple Nexus OEMs is planning to release a carrier-branded version to help drive sales?

What do you guys think, will we ever see another Verizon-branded Nexus? If so, who would you want it to be from – LG, Samsung or Sony?

  • Certainly not Samsuck, they use cheap materials and you’re lucky if you can get it to work for longer than 6 months. Additionally, the engineering on them makes no sense, you still can’t figure out how to turn on a Samsuck TV– light on? light off? noise?

  • Another Nexus device from Verizon? Ohhh…ha ha ha….nooooooo…..not going to fall for that again.

  • EC8CH



  • David Wilson

    Yes, I’m pretty sure by Google Experience, they mean a device preloaded with GApps. I doubt the new RAZR line will launch with said Amazon apps installed, because even though its not a Nexus, it is still a Google Experience device. Meaning the user will be able to experience the best of Google through its series of preinstalled applications.

  • Havoc70

    There is no such thing as a Verizon Nexus because Verizon is a bunch of lame asses who cant/wont release software from Google like they are supposed to…

  • Answer2K1

    Isn’t Verizon-branded Nexus an oxymoron?

    I’m running Bugless Beast’s Jelly Bean (which is awesome btw) just so my VZW “Nexus” can have the latest software before non-Nexus phones out there.
    Don’t need a 4GLTE Nexus 7, you’d probably end up running it on Wi-Fi most of the time to save data; besides you get the LTE when you turn on the GNex’s hotspot anyway.

  • If another Nexus phone on Verizon means another phone like the Galaxy Nexus that was utterly ignored by both the carrier and the OEM from day one, then I say forget about it. I’d rather have a phone loaded with bloatware that I can at least disable than one without the availability of proper accessories or decent support. That said, I love my Nexus and would love to have my next Verizon phone as a Nexus as well but only if the OEM and Verizon are going to treat the @#$^% thing like a Nexus.

  • I don’t care what the nerds on the internet think of the relationship between Google and Verizon is, they will continue to carry Nexus phones. They make money off the plans, not the phones and nerds love the Nexus.

  • Michael Grubbs

    LOL @ “Verizon” and “Google Experience” in the same sentence.

  • PC_Tool

    They are only talking about devices without the “Google” apps installed.

    Pretty much the exact *opposite* of a nexus, guys. ‘

    “Well, a “Google Experience” device is either a 100% stock Android device or one that Google has worked directly with the OEM on.”

    “Google Experience” is a device approved by Google and given license by them for the manufacturer to ship it with Google Apps (and ability to connect to Google accounts) pre-installed. It has *nothing* to do with the Nexus brand.

  • LOL! Verizon will NEVER have another Nexus! They HATE the Nexus! Even though the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was their 3rd bestselling phone!

  • mdeamicis

    screw you verizon. I am going to walmart.

  • Oh boy do i love the Android ecosystem!

  • Counsel Dew

    I am leaving Verizon… G Nexus mid-call muting here in western NC and Verizon’s response mean I’ll take AT&T or USCellular. Coverage w/o service means nothing to me…

  • calum wilper


  • Droosh

    This memo will only piss off Google. They provide the OS. They OEM’s provide the phone and their “enhanced software.” Verizon having no loyalty undermines Google’s effort to build an eco-system by pre loading and adding a home screen dedicated to Amazons competing ecosystem. If they cared about their customers, why don’t they have their OEMs preload Google Books, Magazines, Music, and Movies rather than Amazon’s.?

  • NemaCystX

    Verizon’s definition of a “Google Experience” device was one that had the Google Logo, remember the DROID Incredible, they labeled it as a Google Experience device. So I don’t want to get my hopes up about another Nexus on Verizon just because of this memo.

    • BrianLipp

      i think that might have been partly due to the carriers ending up not selling the Nexus One, and Verizon pushing the DInc as the “replacement” and “basically the same phone”

  • john

    More bloats…bring it on.
    I told people I have an electronic billboard in my pocket…it’s awesome!

  • Trevor

    Honestly, if Verizon doesn’t get a Nexus this time around, I’ll probably jump ship to a GSM provider. I would severely miss Verizon’s giant LTE network, but it’d be worth it for the freedom GSM provides.

    • BrianLipp

      the term “freedom GSM provides” should be used very lightly when talking about US carriers, especially AT&T

      • Trevor


  • harryharry

    I wanna see a Nexus from GooPhone!

    • harryharry

      But not really. If Samsung could beat the sAMOLED HD screen in the S3 and improve on radios, battery, and camera from the GNex, I’d be more than happy to see another Samsung Nexus. A Nexus Note would be cool. I’d love to see Moto bust out a Nexus MAXX HD or something. HTC would probably put a non-removable 1400 mAh battery in it or something.

      Am I the only one that finds it odd so many people would love to see Sony build the next Nexus? Neither Sony nor LG has really ever interested me. Whenever there’s a post about a Sony or LG phone on any tech sites I usually just move on to the next article. I guess this could be their time to really prove themselves.

      • Tyler Chappell

        Quite honestly, there really hasn’t been a single impressive or interesting Android device from Sony or LG, so your feelings have great merit. In fact, Sony and LG devices are so mediocre that it would REQUIRE stock Android in order for them to be in the least bit interesting.

  • markopolo

    Motorola all the way!!!

  • I sort of dont want HTC to announce a nexus at their event i know its unlikely but still no unless they plan to make it ready to preorder soon after. I don’t want another rerun of having to wait so long after they announce it

  • i want a nexus 10 to be in the works. pwetty pweeeez!! Christmas maybe

  • SleekGN

    Where is the Moto option?

  • CHRIS42060

    What more bloat from Verizon? Now there is a shock. What is POS company.

  • If there isn’t a VZW next this year, I’m skippin town.

  • CapnShiner

    I think we are all hoping for another Nexus device on Verizon but most of us are skeptical. What I think would be a nice surprise would be if the “Developer Editions” Motorola talked about actually end up being Nexus devices. I know two of them have already been announced as the RAZR M and RAZR HD Developer Editions but that doesn’t mean they can’t also include a Nexus in the future.

  • Primax

    Obviously the author has confused the nexus and Google experience initiative’s.

  • I want another HTC Nexus. They make such great hardware. Imagine a One X, but with stock Android and soft buttons!

    • LionStone

      Now you’re talking!

    • The one x just have a good display and camera. What else?

  • Flexo

    Am I the only one who has noticed that the amazon appstore eats up a lot of memory, and the overhead it adds to apps, vs the same app purchased in the play store is pretty significant? Uninstalling it alleviated some of the lag on my memory lacking phone (droid 3).

    • Raven

      I have not noticed any problems with my 236 Free Apps of the Day on my even older Droid 2.

  • Sweet. Vanilla android or nothing.

  • Rich

    I don’t care who makes it as long as Verizon allows a damn upgrade from Google like a true Nexus model should receive!

  • Great now I have to root to take all that crap off since Amazon apps destroy battery.

    • BrianLipp

      they should be able to be disabled since its ICS….right? and that would stop them from hogging memory and wasting battery…right?

    • Raven

      Why do you say they destroy the battery? It is a simple click to turn off the notifications and then no problems. I never see any Amazon apps running on my phone unless I specifically start them and I have got 236 Free Apps of the Day.

  • Bob

    So when do I get Jelly Bean on my Nexus Verizon? Its been 2 months now that to me is not the Google Experience.

    • Samvelavich

      you get it whenever you decide to root it… i know there are some devices that work slower when u root ad flash a rom, but devices like the nexus where its made to be unlockable are just asking you to mess with them

      • New_Guy

        Excuse me…”begging” is the more operative word there 🙂

      • geedee82

        What devices work slower when you root them and flash a rom on them? I guess it depends on the rom but I’ve never flashed a rom on any phone that made it run slower than before. Not to mention custom kernels and overclocking the processor and gpu.

        But even if you forget about kernel and processor tweaks, the hardware is always going to be same, so removing bloatware and manufacturer skins and just running a stock android build designed for that specific phone will almost always make the phone faster. In the case of a nexus, your removing that stock android build for an even more suped up stock android build, that will still make it faster but not quite as big of a difference. You could make the case that rooting and running a custom rom is more of a necessity on a bloated, skinned device than it is on a nexus.

    • michael arazan

      I’ve had my vzw Galaxy Nexus for 9 months. I’m still waiting for my “Google Experience” from Verizon. Yes I can have the Google Experience myself, but verizon is doing everything it can to diminish it.

      • I don’t know why anyone with a VZW Gnex is bitching. You bought the device knowing that they always drag their feet on updates no matter what the device it. With rootkits/toolboxes, the process or unlocking and installing JB is to flip pin easy a grade school student could accomplish the task.

        • Benjamin Sicard

          They’re bitching because they have the right to.

          What makes a Nexus phone is not that they are easily hacked, unlocked, rooted, and customized(though they are exceptional for these things and it is quite wonderful). People forget that Nexus phones are what they are because you shouldn’t have to. Your stock experience with a Nexus phone is what people with different(lesser!) phones should be trying to achieve with theirs.

          I honestly don’t understand all of the hate like this that the complainers receive. People are unhappy for something they have the right to be unhappy about, and in that case it’s very important that the display that dissatisfaction, because that’s how capitalism works. It’s the freedom of choice as a consumer to go elsewhere when there’s a better product or service being provided elsewhere. In this case, there is. Stock GSM Galaxy Nexuses have and have had Jelly Bean for quite some time now.

          By the way. I own a Galaxy Nexus and unlocked/rooted the thing and installed cm9(JB wasn’t out yet) on the second day of ownership. I understand that the phone is incredible and offers such capabilities. It just shouldn’t be required, and it is because of a faulty carrier. That’s worth being upset about.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Aside from the fact that there’s no skin on a Galaxy Nexus, that’s the only “Google Experience” you’re going to get with a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Google may release updates quickly, but as we all know, it has to pass through the carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) first before it hits our phones. And we also know that Verizon is the S L O W E S T when it comes to approving and pushing updates. They moved at the speed on shifting continents when it came to 4.0.4 and if Nexus owners that are waiting for JB to come from Verizon, you will be waiting for a long time.
      I fully understand the Nexus is a “tinkerers” phone and is easy to flash one of hundreds orf ROMs out there. Some of us decided to remain stock as we were happy with the phone as it was out of the box. We were the ones that suffered by taking this path. The Galaxy Nexus was Verizon’s red-headed stepchild and they treated it as such. I will not have another Nexus device unless it’s made by Motorola. Samsung’s horrible hardware/radios put an end to that short and bitter marriage for me.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if my Razr Maxx gets JB OTA before the Nexus does.

      • will bartlett

        there are some straight stock builds out there bro. which is what youd recieve from the OTA.

    • KleenDroid

      Ha ha… I understand what you are saying but I am very happy with what they gave us. It may not get the updates as fast as we would like but at least its a Nexus.

      I would take this every day over no nexus at all.

    • Hothfox

      Some people are happy to run stock, but I don’t think they should complain when it’s not updated to their liking. You chose a phone that had an unlockable bootloader and that’s easily rooted – take advantage of that. The Nexus line has always been more of a developer kind of thing.

    • Bsody

      Quoting a wise Droid Life reader’s post from about a week ago. “GNex does not wait for Jelly Bean, GNex takes Jelly Bean. ”

      • New_Guy

        Couldn’t have said it better 🙂

        • EC8CH

          Me neither… cause I did say that 😉

  • “Improve customer satisfaction” my ass

    • rocketdaddy

      When Verizon uses the words “customer satisfaction” these days I often think they’re referring to how “satisfied” Verizon is that they have extracted the maximum possible amount of money from “customers.”

      • brando56894

        My thoughts exactly!

      • BrianLipp

        or more accurately, “uninformed customer satisfaction”, as in the phone who have no idea what a smartphone is and just buy whatever is marketed to them *coughi*honecoungh*, as opposed to “INFORMED customer satisfaction”, as in people who actually look up information on a phone and pay attention to the mobile space (ie. Droid Life readers 🙂

  • It seems everyone has forgotten what “Google Experience” means… It does not require stock Android, for one. Devices that are designated “Google Experience” devices are devices that would have normally come with the “with Google” logo stamped on the back of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S series are all “Google Experience” devices. While “with Google” has been retired, it is still entirely possible that any device that is classified as a “Google Experience” device still allows for skinned Android.

    That said, recent devices that are specifically called “Google Experience” devices have been stock Android devices. The T-Mobile G2x, the LG Optimus Elite, and the Galaxy Nexus have been classed as such. But that doesn’t mean that such a device doesn’t have to be stock. It can be skinned.

    Also, Verizon Wireless may be introducing this policy because of its new agreements with Amazon. That “Google Experience” devices are specifically exempted does not mean that such devices will come to Verizon Wireless. All it means is that if Verizon Wireless does get one, it won’t have the Amazon stuff on it.

    • kevinc

      you are completely wrong. Google experience devices have stock android, end of story.

      • Tcali

        I disagree with you! I am pretty sure “Google Experience” just refers to the device being given the legal go-ahead to include Google’s proprietary applications. Although I can understand how one could confuse “Nexus experience” with “Google experience”.

        • If that’s what it meant then every device on Verizon would be a “Google Experience” device since they all have Market/Maps/Gmail ect.

          Someone correct me if I’m wrong the whole “Google Experience” language started with the Xoom on Verizon.

          • Until last year, a very large portion of Verizon’s devices were not Google Experience devices. They only included the bare minimum Google Mobile Services required to allow for Market access and certification as an Android device. Remember the Bingification? That ended mid last year.

          • Chris Harrison

            “Google Experience” simply means any device that Google says, “ok. We like that. Here are the G Apps that you can have preloaded on your device.” The Kindle Fire is not a google experience device. Everything that came with the G Apps preinstalled is a google experience device. I’d say Google it, but that would be sort of…uh…..biased? redundant? just plain unnecessary? Take your pick.

    • k_nivesout

      Correct. Google experience does not equal nexus and/or stock android. My old incredible was a “Google experience” device but the only stock android it ever saw was after rooting and installing CM.

  • BrianLipp

    In a perfect scenario, Moto of course. But given the rumors……Sony. Their hardware seems to be the best after Moto. Im tired of this Samsung plastic (even though the GNex the only Samsung device ive had)

    • BrianLipp

      o, also, if its made by Sony itll have the Playstation Mobile support, one would assume

  • moelsen8

    i want to see sony get bigger in the us android game. they have some very nice looking products and seem to appreciate the dev community.

  • nightscout13

    More bloatware?

  • Why from LG, Samsung or Sony? Lets have a Google/Motorola Nexus. (Unlockable bootloader of course)

    • Because those are the 3 rumored to be creating the next Nexus phones.

      • nightscout13

        No Moto-Nexus Love?

        • John


      • Diablo81588


        • New_Guy


      • kixofmyg0t

        I would like a Sony Nexus, theyre hardcore when it comes to the devs.

    • Radgatt

      a Motorola Nexus is what we all want but all of the other OEMs would think it would show favoritism since Google now owns Motorola Mobility.

    • CapnShiner

      Sad as it may be, I think Google purposely won’t let Motorola build a Nexus device because it would be seen as favoritism toward its subsidiary and would damage relationships with the other OEMs who build Android devices. Google claims it will not give Motorola any special treatment.

      • Droidzilla

        Then how about Moto just releases a vanilla Android device with an unlocked bootloader that gets updates directly from its parent company?

  • Inquizitor


  • Hmm….

    I wouldn’t be offended in the least if one of the Moto dev phones were one of the “Google experience” phones they are talking about.

  • Very much like the Xperia line of phones, would enjoy seeing a NeXperia device…

    • Dain Laguna

      i totally agree

    • I like the idea, but the term ‘NeXperia’ doesn’t do anything for me.

  • sean.yesmunt

    I really hope Verizon drops another Nexus device, definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on the GNex 2.

    • Dain Laguna

      are we turning samsung branded nexi into their own line? id rather not. we dont need another thing thats ‘kinds like apple’

      • sean.yesmunt

        I don’t think that just because there is multiple GNex’s doesn’t mean it is “kinda like apple.”

        • Dain Laguna

          multiple nexi are one thing, but multiple galaxy nexi is another. we dont need another samsung nexus branded the gnex 2 with a alight spec bump. im all for multiple nexi, but it would be beneficial to google to make these handsets different than whats currently available

    • I hope if they do it will be a true nexus and not months for official updates

  • Just give me a GNex 2 or Nexus Razr Maxx on GSM please

  • Sathariel

    Here’s hoping for Sony Nexus on Verizon. Was planning on ditching Verizon for a new Nexus if one is released this year with only GSM bands but would be great to just switch phones.

    • moelsen8

      same here. would have to buy a phone outright anyway to keep unlimited (really the only thing keeping me on vzw at this point).. so no vzw nexus would mean i’d be heading to GSM nexus.

  • shecalledmejay

    I would love to see what sony can come up with for a Nexus device.

    • Lambo_21

      oh my god. i never thought about that. but that would be EPIC

    • nightscout13

      What about Motorola?

      • shecalledmejay

        YES! I think we can all agree that is the device we all have been looking for, but lets be real that device is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we can only dream.

      • itznfb

        lol. Why all the downvotes? Moto has the best build quality and they would make an amazing Nexus device.

        • New_Guy

          I don’t get it either…We’ve already seen some crazy changes in the culture (and management) since Google took over. Not to mention, Moto has already been successful once with the OG. Seriously, I have been waiting for two years for the next OG from Moto (or MotoGoog as I like to call them).

    • ChrisTraeger1

      I am truly hoping Sony will pick up the torch from where Samsung dropped it this year. That Xperia T is looking like a gat dayum BEAST

    • Samvelavich

      i dont like the xperia-style phones, i dont think i would be interested in one.

  • Matthew Merrick

    amazon app store is absolute crap. as long as the Play Store is still there, its just more bloatware. the second it REPLACES the play store, then, w have a problem.

    • Chris Olson

      What’s with the hate for the Amazon Appstore? I’ve picked up some great apps from there and the sometimes cool free app of the day lets me check out lots of Apps I’ve never heard of.

      • Jason Brown

        the only problem i have with the amazon appstore is that they’re slow with posting updates for apps. i know amazon has a strict set of rules but damn app updates take a while to receive.

        • CopierITGuy

          Don’t forget, no auto-updates in the Amazon App Store, either!

          • Droidzilla

            ^This. I got sick of getting update prompts for apps I hardly use (only got them since they were free) or for the Amazon appstore itself, so I simply didn’t load it on my newest phone. Haven’t missed it.

          • New_Guy

            That’s actually the only thing that irritates me about it. I really don’t understand why they don’t but I seriously wish they would…

      • KleenDroid

        I also don’t have a problem with the Amazon app store. I’ve not noticed it hogging any resources or affecting any battery. There have been plenty of good apps over the past year or so. It is what it is… and I think its worth having as a secondary market.

      • itznfb

        C’mon. Amazon Appstore sucks compared to the Play Store.

  • John

    I’ll still never buy another LG-nexus or not. I’d like to see Sony bust one out and see how it goes though.

  • azndan4

    My jaw just dropped