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Just Before iPhone 5 Launches, Galaxy SIII Becomes Most Sold Smartphone in the U.S.

Since it has launched, the iPhone 4S has been the top selling smartphone in America across pretty much all of the major carriers. However, Samsung has slipped in and stole that title and won a battle for Android this month. The Galaxy SIII is now the top selling smartphone in the U.S., moving up to the first spot on Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. AT&T users still prefer the 4S for some reason.

This is a bit of good news for Samsung in hopes that we will all forget last month and the verdict that slammed Samsung in the media across the world. This may not last long though once the iPhone 5 actually launches, but we will see.

The last few months of the year are looking to have some serious smartphones launched. Who do you think will come out on top?

Via: BGR

  • daryle barden jr

    The Galaxy S phones are to Android as the Iphone is to Apple 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting the wife the S3 or the HD Razr Maxx. I’d personally take the Maxx but i think she’d love the S3. Decisions…

  • It sucks that it will be a short-lived record, wait for the September 12th announcement.

  • yarrellray

    Apple and it’s iphone 4/4s doesn’t compare to the Galaxy S3 what so ever. The Galaxy S3 is on a level on it’s own something no other smartphone compares too. Compare the iphone 4/4s to the Galaxy S2 but even then it still loses. Bottom line here folks Samsung innovates and every year new products are made that pushes innovation to another level. I am very proud of my Samsung Galaxy S3 0n Tmobile it’s clearly the best period. With the Galaxy Note 2 arriving on Tmobile soon as well as the upcoming Galaxy Nexus 2 coming in November the new iphone won’t add up to much anyway.

    • yarrellray

      Plus look forward to Samsung on September 13th suing apple and it’s crappy new iphone due to Lte patents.

  • bradaboy2011

    Honestly I don’t have any hatred for Samsung nor Apple. Just the reasons that people get the iPhone is down right pathetic in most cases sadly.

  • master94

    Duh Android>Everything apple

  • James Hill

    Yeah, but Apple will just sue Samsung for all their hard work. It’s a wash.

  • fixxmyhead

    so im guessing u cant comment on iBGR cuz of all the trolling right?

  • jim

    Got to admit the s3 is an amazing phone

  • DeJay

    Apple had to sue so they could get the money that ishit won’t make, and Big Reds LTE is going to eat that little battery for all three daily meals.

  • DeJay

    Apple had to sue so they could get the money that ishit won’t make, and Big Reds LTE is going to eat that little for all three daily meals.

  • frankandsimple

    A newly released popular device is generating more sales than a purportedly competition device that was released almost a year ago.. and that too by counting into the statistics a carrier that doesn’t even offer the said competition’s product… and that too merely a month before a newer product of the said competition is gonna be released??


  • “AT&T users still prefer the 4S for some reason.”

    Answer: Marketing. I think many people still do not know you can get the iPhone on other networks now. It is so ingrained in the public’s mind that iPhone is only at ATT.

  • Guest

    but the iphone is not sold on T-Mobile.. and yet they counted S3 sales on T-Mobile?? LOL.

    • violator702

      T-Mobile has millions of iPhones on its network.

      • Eric

        1 million *

  • T4rd

    “This may not last long though once the iPhone 5 actually launches..”

    I almost guarantee it won’t last after the iPhone 5 launches. It certainly doesn’t mean that the iPhone is better phone though. They could prolly do a slight hardware upgrade (like from the 4 to 4S) and it would still break record sales. The iPhone is much more than a phone most of its followers, it’s standard issue for most teens and people who don’t care to look at the alternatives. They just default to the iPhone because of its huge success and penetration into our tech culture; because it was the first smartphone in the market that was esthetically appealing in both software and hardware, plus its functionality was considerably better than any RIM or WM OS at the time.

    Since that’s happened, people have gotten stuck in that comfort zone that is iOS, so they just keep coming back to it and will continue to until they mess something up badly enough to force people to migrate from it. That’s mostly what I attribute to its continued popularity.

    • New_Guy

      As much as I love Android, I must agree with your entire post. Timing is everything in the tech world and boy did they hit it on the head. Market share is also huge in a fast growing industry so it’s nice to see that Sammy is stealing a lot of that opportunity away in big chunks. Sammy is single-handedly leveling the playing field and is crushing Apple in world-wide sales. 9million pre-orders is no small feat for any OEM. But, yeah, the iPhone will basically be all tech blogs not related to Android specifically will be talking about for the next 4 – 5 months…

    • anywherehome

      exactly, USA is full of fools who ignore how rotten Apple behaves:
      goo [dot] gl/AWKfX

  • Me… on Apple’s mother.

  • RichFromBX

    it will be interesting to see how many first time iPhone customers there are this time around…I would expect that the number would be down from previous years especially given how many GS3s were sold recently…they’re obviously going to pull monster numbers but I think being late to the LTE party might hit them a little in this release.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I still think it’s impressive for a single Android device to be outselling a device that’s the sole device for the platform. How much is Android as a whole outselling iPhones? Three-to-one? More?

  • nightscout13

    America has made their choice.

  • jnt


  • manny

    Is that really that impressive considering the iphone 4s has been out close to a year? What changed ? All of a sudden an android phone is going to sell more than an iphone? Nice try but it’s not going to happen. Android phones are drowning customers and most get kind of upset if moto releases a razr today and a razr maxx hd type r amg in a month. Choices are good but too many often show a sign of desperation and lack of quality. And let’s not forget the fact the most if not all phones that are about 6 months old are still running gingerbread.

    • Robert Jakiel

      Ummm… it did happen. Unless of course the mastery of English language escapes you and reading comprehension is not your strong suit. The Galaxy S3 has indeed outsold the iPhone 4S in the U.S. this month. That does not include the plethora of other Android handsets being sold by the big 4 and smaller regional carriers. On that note Android is pretty much outselling the iPhone 4 to 1 globally as well.


      • Manny

        Again a NEW phone out selling and OLD Phone.. really impressive. How many people with an upgrade or just getting a new phone are gonna jump on an S3 with out at least waiting for the NEW IPHONE. Android fan boys are delirious. Samsung copying the iphone was stupid for copying the iphone but smart enough to figure it was the only way an android hand set was going to compete with an ios device.

        • Robert Jakiel

          You do realize that Apples $1 Billion payout will not happen. By the time the USPTO gets through invalidating Apple’s “Design patents” in both colors (black and white) as well as Samsung’s appeal AND the filing of a Motion 50(b), Apple will be lucky to get a few million out of the whole ordeal. Apple will suffer just like the other monoliths did when they tried exercising their litigation tactics. Microsoft and Oracle got punched in the face more than once for trying the same thing. Apple will just be the next in line to get smacked stupid by common sense. Once that is all said and done and the dust settles Apple will be in third with WP8 holding the second spot and Android still reigning supreme.

          • manny

            Come on you sound like you got something up there but then you make a comment like this. Does apple really need the money? These law suits arent about the money it’s the fact that sammy just blatantly said screw it lets make an iphone with android. And the only way android will ever be on top of ios is when they sell a few more tablets…hahah oh yeah nobody buys those. And with more ios devices being used in the work place that’s never ever ever going to happen.

          • Robert Jakiel

            You really are delusional. That’s ok though so is Apple. If ANYONE can confuse an iPhone for a Samsung GS2 or GS3 or for that matter confuse an iPad with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Galaxy Note 10.1 then they need to be shot. For the simple fact that SAMSUNG is plastered across the device and the lack of the HUGE Apple logo on the back. Let’s not even get to the point of the packaging saying SAMSUNG and not APPLE. Idiot.

          • Manny

            hahah is that really why samsung lost? Nobody confused an apple product for a samsung but the fact that even goggle tried to get samsung to change up the way these devices looked can tell you a little something about their case. If I am an idiot it’s only for getting into a battle of witts with someone who is unarmed..

        • Tim242

          You seem to forget that the only reason the iPhone sales are so great per handset, is that it is the only one running iOS. If iOS were on multiple devices, the iPhone wouldn’t sell in such great numbers. Android sales are divided by many handsets. The fact that a few stand out and outsell the one phone on iOS is damn impressive.

          • manny

            Dude not one android device has ever out sold and ios device. This is based on an month by month basis. How in the world is an S3 going to out sell a device that’s been out for 10 months. And 8 of those it’s been number one on each carrier. This happens every year around the time a new iphone is about to be released. The fact that a company like moto releases the same phone with minor improvments 2 or 3 diffrent times shows desperation and lack of quality or even confidence in a product. Then to have every one complain about the skin,bootloader,radio,blah blah blah

          • Tim242

            Whatever you say troll. You conveniently avoided the fact that iOS being on one phone is the only reason that phone sells in such great numbers. Give people hardware choices, and you get Android sales.

          • Manny

            Ios doesn’t need to be on so many devices. That’s one of the things that hurts android. Is it really necessary for Moto to release the same phone 3 times or for in the same month for htc release another 3. Ios outsells android b/c it was the first smart phone that didn’t suck and most people got so used to using one that they just keep on buying them b/c they are so convinient. Unless apple really blows it with their customer base nothing android can do is going to change that.

          • Tim242

            You STILL missed the point. iOS being on one device is the only reason it can sell in such high numbers. So, it’s not so impressive.

          • manny

            Dude your telling me that it’s impressive for android to be selling so well when carriers like metro pcs sell gingerbread phones to people with crappy credit who have no choice in the matter or people who cant afford an expensive plan. The fact that its 30 devices to one tells you the quality of the devices, moto releases the same phone 3 times in a 3 month period and that’s impressive. The fact that ios isn’t on every other device is what make it work.

          • Tim242

            If moto releases the same phone 3 times in 3 months, obviously it’s not the same people buying. I’d rather have a company release the same phone 3 times in a month, than the same phone for 5 years.

    • Tim242

      Let’s not forget that Gingerbread has more features than iOS 6.

      • manny

        more features more random reboots and more damnn i wish i had the last operating system

        • Tim242

          More trolling….

          • Manny

            Don’t get mad at me for stating the facts. Plain and simple Android is crap !!!

          • Tim242

            Such trash, that it outsells iOS 4 to 1. Don’t come at me with free or cheap excuses. At&t “sells” double the iphones of Verizon, due to the freeGS. The 4 is $99. The 4S has come down to $149.

          • Manny

            Hahaha. Dude those devices are 1 and 2 years old. An android device drops to those prices in 6 month. You say 4 to 1 if that would have been the case would Sprint have put all that money into getting an iphone. What is the one thing keeping tmobile so far behind? Dude get serious. The iphone 5 is probably going on sale sometime in september pick one android device new or old and let’s compare the numbers. When and ios device gets announced even in europe or asia it’s big because of how many go out to get one. The last device android that may have caused the same hoopla was the droid bionic but we all know how moto screwed that up.

          • Tim242

            Dude, I work in a Sprint Store. 90% of the phones we sell are Android. Out of that 90%, 99% of them are $199 in price.

  • Dre Garner

    How about them apples?

  • NEWS FLASH: Apple sues Samsung over patent on selling most phones.

    • Manny

      News Flash if Samsung didnt copy apple it would SOL and be in the same financial situation as HTC

      • zepfloyd

        Go away troll.

      • Robert Jakiel

        Oh and Apple didn’t copy Android? Really? How about that slide down notification bar? Voice commands? Let’s also not forget how the need for anything larger than 3.5″ was silly and not necessary. LTE? Bah, fad. NFC? Nope not needed. Hey wait… the iPhone will have all of that! How about a “new” innovative feature being touted in iOS 6? The ability to select a custom tone or song for your alarm! MAGICAL! Get real.

        • Manny

          So LTE is copying android or carrier based? 3.5 in screen which iphone has a bigger screen than that? Notification bar have you ever heard of SB settings. stay off the halucinagens

          • fixt for u


          • Jorge Guaman

            @manny everyone is copying everyone but there is only one
            BIG fraking @55 bully that wants to sue everyone because they are afraid of a
            little competition. We as consumers are
            the ones that getting screw by all this.

          • manny

            This is where i get a little confused. What competition is it that you are talking about. Let’s remember This is a buisness and let’s exclude us and by us I mean us nerds that root jailbreak and hack the @#% out of our devices. There is an IOS device everywhere you look. ESPN, the news channels, now ipads are being used more in the work place. Let’s not forget before the iphone the biggest hit in town was a blackberry and look what happend. Android has a lot of features and stuff that we use but most people dont.

          • Robert Jakiel

            I see far more Android handsets than I do iPhones. As for iPads they are still more prevalent but more and more Android tablets are showing up. I see a lot of Kindle Fires, Nexus 7 and Transformer TF300s out there. The other thing you forget is that the Transformer line of tablets be it in their current form as an Android or future iterations with Windows RT as an option are far more flexible and usable in a corporate environment. I do most of my work on my Transformer Prime and have a Nexus 7 that I bring when I go walking around. All devices have wifi and can be tethered to my G2X for mobile data if/when needed and there is no wifi available. The options and the flexibility that Android offers in combination with the different devices that run it far outweigh anything that Apple can ever hope to release now or in the future.

          • Manny

            More androids really, I live in new york and ride the subway even the elderly have iphones because they just work all that crap you just said is for nerds. Coorporate enviroment are you serious. Who is taking Blackberry’s customers away. Not android When the FAA approved tablets to be used as navigation devices on aircrafts was it a transformer?
            When the president or someone from the white house get’s pictured with a tablet is it a xoom. NO. Androids are for nerds that like to push buttons and fiddle and root. Out of the Box ios just works androids aren’t even compatible with each other.

          • jim

            so what you are really saying is that iphones are for the simple minded people that are a bit slow in the head, ok, I understand and agree with you son

          • Manny

            Hey Jim I bet if you gave your 75 year old grandma with hip problems and iphone and a galaxy nexus and she figured out how to use the iphone first you wouldn’t call her slow and simple minded would you?

          • jim

            if she were 75, yep I would,grandma drank quite a bit, hey I heard apple will soon have nav and voice directions, wonder if any iphone users are smart to figure out how to use it

          • Manny

            I bet inbetween your random reboots and extra flashing to get gps to work you probably wouldn’t have time for those any way so i guess those features are going to waste

          • jim

            hows that updating one app at a time working for you,? lmao

          • Manny

            hahahaha it all gets done at once on itunes.. ohh yeah your going to cry about that too….sure why sync everthing at once oh wait do you know what sync means ????

          • jim

            oh thats right ,you have to plug your phone into itunes to get updates lol now thats funny, now hurry on home, you might have one waiting on you,maybe mommie will help you, its easy to see that you are no doubt around 12 years old and still live with mommy,or maybe you are over 21, but still live with mommie

          • Dagger

            How old are you 5 Grow up Kid

          • Yes, when i went back home to visit in nyc, i saw a lot of iphone , but when i came back home up state, everyone had a android phone, and most of the people i over heard in nyc that had a iphone , it was mainly cause it was consider a fashion item, and the in thing to have, not because it was any good

          • Dagger

            aren’t they all around the one thing Apple products. who do you think got does companies to start making them. thats right Apple we would still be playing with blackberries if it wasn’t for apple. you know Nothing Kid.

          • So Apple pretty much invents everything? I suppose Apple invented the tablet, and not Microsoft ten years ago. (Sarcasm)

          • Jeetu K

            So let me get this straight .. you would rather the companies think of the $$ and not us consumers?! .. regardless of wheter we flash roms and that why would you support companies making more money off of you .. unless offcourse apple gives you a share .. didnt think so .. competition should be the type which drives the companies to give us the best possible price and feature combination .. not sheep blindly buying product just cos their other device is an i device ,, and as to you personally having seen more iproducts out there thats not really a fair measure .. just look at the latest share scores i think android is at 59% apple below 40

          • New_Guy

            ….Um…Samsung owns multiple 4G LTE patents, so let’s just slow down there…

          • Manny

            Yes but it was Verizon and I think ATT that announced that they will no longer be releasing devices on their old 3g network. So if that’s the case Not even goggle will allow samsung to sue apple over a 4g patent. Google makes more money from ios that it does android.

          • I don’t think Google has a say in who Samsung can and cannot sue… besides that, Google isn’t all about money all the time. They made that pretty clear with the Nexus 7.

          • Manny

            Kyle answer this. Would you knowingly release a tablet that cost the same as an ipad after every android tablet has tanked with the fire making a little noise because of it’s price point? Would goggle let its ios cash cow hell not even samsung is stupid enough to sue apple knowing how much they make from all the parts used to make the iphone. Just when you think it’s not, it’s always about the money.

          • New_Guy

            …Um…Samsung is gearing up to sue Apple over those very LTE patents…Are you just speaking what you “think” or what you actually know because I think the whole world is all too familiar with Samsung’s stance on suing Apple by now…Where you been???

          • Robert Jakiel

            The Nexus 7 is set to sell 8 million by years end. The Transformer line has been very successful as has the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 will also be a huge hit. Acer’s tablets have also been selling well in both their 7″ and 10″ form factors. Thing is there may not be just ONE Android tablet that sells more than the iPad but the iPad has dropped to about 64% overall from its’ previous 88% a little more than a year ago. Soon it will be near 50/50 and eventually just like handsets Android tablets will begin to further erode Apple’s market dominance. Platform will ALWAYS trump product. For reference see Macintosh vs. Microsoft Windows and Linux vs. Unix. Now history is repeating itself again in iOS vs. Android. Guess who will win? If history is any indicator I would bet the farm on Android.

          • Manny

            That’s where your wrong bud and it’s exactly where i knew u were going to take this. Mac would have never taken so much out of windows had it not been 1 for ms delay in releasing Vista 2 how much Vista gave it’s customers problem. I only see one similarity the fact that ms makes an operating system and licenses out to every one where hardware and software are basically miles apart which is why some android apps work on one device and not another. 50/50 in the tablet world. It would never happen.Turn on the news or espn and somebody has an ios device. Android maybe nice for us nerds but for someone who doesn’t have the desire and just wants something to work apple and ios will always come out on top.

          • Jeetu K

            wait and watch manny ,. its inevitable . im with robert .. but only time can proove so u just wait

          • Google could have set the price of the Nexus 7 at $250-$300 and it would have sold well with the spec’s it has. If it was about the money then why would Google have invested the time and man power with Asus to make a tablet that is making them next to nothing? That doesn’t make sense to me seeing as how the money gained by Google from the Nexus 7 is pocket change to any company earning 12.x billion dollars a quarter.

          • Manny

            The Word Specs is a nerd term that most people have no idea or really give a fat baby’s penis what means there fore they say Ipad or android and based on the fact that they already own an iphone will go the ipad way.

          • False. I know I am not alone when I say that I am the family/friend ‘tech guru’ and everyone knows this and I get a lot of questions about “which phone (or tablet) is the best out?” “Which phone (or tablet) is the best that’s under $x” or “I want to do this, this, and this. What tablet (or phone) will work the best for me?” I’ve had friends of friends or friends of family even ask for my input, and more often then not, they end up buying what I recommend because I can explain my reasoning beyond “it just works”. I bet almost anyone gets, at least, a second (and most often ‘tech savy’) persons opinion that they know before they go and drop $200-$700 on a device. It’s like going to a country that doesn’t speak English and not researching for a translator. People who go without probably don’t enjoy it as much as people that do. Picking up what I’m putting down?

          • Jeetu K

            no ure not alone exactly same situation here

          • Robert Jakiel

            No the LTE and larger screens isn’t copying. It’s the fact that Apple and all of its’ rabid followers kept saying that’s all not needed and novelty. Lo and behold the iPhone 5, bigger screen and LTE. Notification shade has been on Android since Cupcake. iOS 5 was the first to copy and introduce it replacing their standard pop up notifications.

        • Tim Lawlor

          You give fans of android a bad name. I love seeing what each company puts out. Apple taking some android features will only make Google work harder and vice versa.

          • New_Guy

            No he doesn’t…he’s just telling the truth. If it hurts, then so be it…

          • jboogie1289

            “Apple taking some android features will only make Google work harder and vice versa”. And this is ok how? Umm, didn’t Samsung just get popped on the wrist about this or is it ok for the ALMIGTY crApple to do it? Sigh……..

  • moelsen8

    i’d really like to see moto to find their way again.

  • Tristan Cunha

    This is pretty much a non-story without some absolute numbers. Rankings don’t say much (unless you just care about who’s “winning”). If both the 4S and S3 sold more phones in August than July, than that might be something. If they both sold less, that’s a completely different story. My guess is that the S3 sold more and the 4S sold less, which is probably the least interesting combination.

  • New_Guy

    I have a feeling MotoGoog is going to shock us all.

    Just a hunch is all…

  • Neomastermind

    Not impressive considering how old the 4S is now.

    • New_Guy

      Who gives a rip about how the old the iPhone 4s is…The bottom line is that it’s the top dog at any point in the year is huge. Sammy is sure stepping it up lately.

  • Not really surprising — the GS3 just recently launched, and there’s a lull as customers wait for the next iPhone. You can pretty much guarantee that the iPhone will be in the top spot on every possible carrier the next time Canaccord Genuity takes a look. Droid RAZR HD? I don’t think we can get excited about that given that the GS3 (and One X, and…) already match or beat it.

    Also, for those people trying to paint iPhone buyers as sheep… remember, Samsung is all in favor of excess hype and mass hysteria (see: its May 3rd event). Just as long as it’s for Samsung’s own phones.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      There are sheep on each side, called fanboys. They will always be lining up and praising their favourite device/company like there’s no tomorrow, refusing to see that everything has an advantage/disadvantage. They, in short, don’t matter 😛

    • MikeCiggy

      The only reason some people are labeled as iSheep are because the way they go about their purchase of their phone.

      At first iPhones were literally the best thing out, the best smartphone with the most capabilities. This made them cool and that status alone is what made the 4S sell when it was the same thing a lot of users already had.

      Now I have friends that aren’t the most tech savvy or even not educated in the phone world. I’ll sit their and let them know all the new features the Galaxy S3 has and what it can do. They are amazed at the features and think it all sounds great but I get the response still I think i’ll just get the iPhone 5. When you ask them why, especially because no specs have actually been released and no one even knows what the different will be is how you make a decision on how to spend $300 before you even know what your getting!!!? They just answer because I want it.

      I don’t know how Apple turned their customers into non-thinking money bags but good for them.

      • They’re not necessarily shutting their brains off — there’s just a lot of unstated factors that can go into it for some of them.

        The most obvious is that they’re invested in their ecosystem, and they know Apple rarely screws things up (even the “death grip” ended up being a non-issue for nearly all iPhone 4 owners). Why would you abandon your existing apps and familiar experience to get an Android phone whose advantages may be at least partly nullified by getting the next iPhone? It might not be as good as a GS3 or One X for the alpha nerds, but it’ll make a lot of normal people perfectly happy.

        Alternately, there’s just the rumors that swirl. Non-geeks won’t be as invested in it, but you’d be surprised at how often even they will have heard a bigger screen and 4G were coming. Let’s face it, Android rumors are mostly circulated around sites like these, not the general public.

  • Ardy

    Hopefully Motorola!

    • New_Guy

      I think we’re all hoping the same. This just needs to happen. And can we get the bad ass DROID does commersials back please??? These wimpy “I like that my Droid does…” commercials are killing me, Smalls; they’re really killin me…

      • So you want commercials with special effects and that stupid droid noise over and over again? No thanks.

        • Yes. As long as those special effects show you what the phone can do. Besides riding in the back of a Brinks security truck that is. :]

          • New_Guy

            Haha! Exactly. The Droid Bionic commercial is where it got weird. They didn’t initially say what the heck they were talking about so some people not so savvy got confused. But, boy, if that original DROID does commercial for the OG DROID that basically took a squat on iOS doesn’t make you long for better days than you’re fairly new to the Android community is all I’m saying =D…

          • Apparently the hivemind is agreeing with you, but I just prefer a commercial that shows what a device can do instead of a special effects team.

          • New_Guy

          • Um…. I think you missed the part where I was agreeing with you. Yes I would like to have those visually cool looking commercials back but, I’d rather have a commercial that shows what An”Droid” can do.

        • New_Guy

          Yes….absolutely. At least the commercials with the robots had balls. The Bionic commercials misteped by not actualy telling people what it was at first, but other than that, their commercials were pretty damn awesome.

  • Mike Yost

    Of course the iPhone 5 will be the top selling phone, too many iSheep out there. If Motorola made the Razr HD available on all carriers in the US they could stand a chance to at least put themselves in the running but will probably just make it available for Verizon and everyone will forget about it in a month.

  • S2556

    good job samsung! that is if BGR is being legit

    • Jeremy Gentry

      i saw the same article on cnet news

  • John

    BGR? O_o

    • Come on, you don’t like the throw all the rumors at the readers approach in hopes of claiming that they were right? I love when they remind you of how they predicted everything.

      • TheWenger

        I used to troll that Apple haven just to read the comments section. I think I remember you being a pretty prominent troll before they removed disqus. Now I don’t even want to go there to give them the ad revenue.

        • I was labeled a troll in large part due to my stance that Apple was no better than any other OEM is the Mobile space. After being called a troll so many times because my opinions were different, I just started trolling them for shits and giggles. You are correct, I stopped going to that site once they adopted facebook commenting.

    • Bewara2009

      Yes bro,…..