In the Case of Apple Vs. Samsung, Samsung Found “Guilty” (Updating)

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Bad day for Samsung. The Samsung vs. Apple jury has just finished deliberating and the verdict is out in San Jose. Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung has been found guilty of deliberate patent¬†infringement¬†time and time again on many devices spanning multiple carriers. As you may guess, this was never going to be just a simple ‘guilty’ or ‘non guilty’ outcome. There was a 700 question form for jurors to answer and as I type this, the verdict is still being read and discussed in court. What we know so far is that Samsung is going to have a rough road ahead with this loss.¬†

This post will be updated as more details are made available. You can expect a full breakdown next Monday as all of the trial’s information and verdict are compiled for easy digestion.

Update: In good news, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was found not to infringe on the iPad’s design. That’s a big one.

Update 2: In terms of damages, Apple has just been awarded $1.05 billion. Ouch.

Update 3: So far, Samsung’s claims against Apple are being met with a wall of “No.”

Update 4: That’s it for now. All of Apple’s patents valid. Samsung devices infringe on many of them. Samsung must pay big money. We’ll keep you posted!

For live coverage, you can follow the Verge’s livecast here.



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