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HTC Holding Event on September 19, Got Any Guesses?

HTC is sending out “Save the Date” notices to the media this morning, letting us know that we can “see what’s next” on September 19 in NYC. Other than the date and an odd-looking icon and symbol at the bottom of the invite, there are no other clues. Or am I the only one that thinks the half circle and blue dot look like a play on Google Now? For those with a Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean, you know that you can swipe up from the home button, revealing a half circle with a Google Now circle directly above it. Just a thought.

Assuming they do announce new hardware at this event, it’s time for you all to take your best guess at what we may see. Will it be the oft-leaked 5″ 1080p device codenamed “dlx”? Could it be that silly looking iMac rip-off tablet we saw from last week? What about the red-accented device pictured here? Maybe it’ll be Windows 8 phones? Invites to Android blogs would sort of shut that thought down. Anything else?

And how about the timing? Apple is holding their iPhone 5 event the week before and usually announces that availability will happen the following week or two. HTC’s event is happening in the middle of all of that craziness. Smart move?

  • Sven Enterlein

    Does anyone know if there’ll be a live-feed somewhere?

  • platypuses

    if the iphone 5 actually looks like that piece of crap that I saw in the rumor mills, I’m definitely going for htc

  • yarrellray

    I wish Htc well on it’s 5inch Galaxy Note 2 competitor. Competition means everything to all of us. My Galaxy S3 is premium no doubt but my upcoming Galaxy Note 2 on Tmobile will be boss. I only roll with Samsung as of now but I want Htc to remain viable to android cause that means choice remains strong.

  • ConCal

    Maybe a new Sense update, hence the ring and circle thing on the bottom of the announcement. who knows…

  • evileclipse

    First things first, I’m an android guy. Second, I’m an HTC hardware fan. But, if they don’t pull out a complete home run, they are pretty much done for. Their efforts have come off as stale and incomplete lately. At least to me. The only reason I even jumped ship was for a nexus, so maybe they will pick that up. I have sweet dreams of a 5″ 1080p slcd2 HTC nexus device. Please , please???

  • Tyler Casilio

    Maybe Sense 4.5? I like the little lock screen ring on the bottom lol

  • Alan Paone

    It looks a little like a camera an single LED flash if you squint

  • J450NM

    If its not a pure google android phone i dont give a damn what any of them put out, HTC Samsung the whole lot of em….give me plain vanilla or at least give me an option to get it

  • Jeremy Gentry

    knowing HTC this will get delayed for another month and they won’t tell anyone until september 18th at 11:59pm

  • Dual booting Windows / Android phone….i wish

  • dsass600

    Looks like an HTC lockscreen with an icon above it, where you drag the icon into the circle.

  • You should send someone to that event to get the details. 😛

  • Suralin

    Isn’t that “Talk Like A Pirate Day” ? I wonder if it’ll be pirate themed…

    • Yarrrr, indeed it is, you scallywag.

  • Anyone stop to think that it’s Windows Phone 8 devices like the Accord? Just saying…


    This just in: locked bootloaders for all!

  • Okki125

    Thunderbolt users getting Jelly Bean… either that or a free One X running LTE on Verizon in trade in for your current Thunderbolt. Either will be an acceptable proposition.

  • Rezound gets discounted and HTC has an event shortly after vzw trying to clear some stock before the rebound is obsolete. Hope it’s the 5 inch beaut


    If this is the 5″ 1080p display Nexus device, I will never need anything else ever again. My heart says “no”, though. =(

  • Joe H.

    The windows phone sites are claiming they also got the same invites, maybe they’re release both an android and windows phone stuff

  • WillCald

    If this leaked tablet releases with a SLCD2 display I would fall in love with it, the screen on the HTC One X is amazing and seeing it on a tablet would be awesome.

  • Steve Douglas

    If HTC has listened to it’s customers, it has the chance to pull something great off. I really think that if HTC includes a SD card and larger battery this new behemoth could bring HTC back as a serious contender. They already have beats (love it or hate it), playstation certification, killer camera, and great displays. What else could you ask for??

    • btod

      that they release it on verizon so I can buy it.

      • Steve Douglas

        I hear you! I would have loved to see Verizon get the one x..it’s a dank nice phone

    • The only way HTC can come back as a serious contender is if they put the same phone on many carriers branded as the same thing. Widespread release.

  • That circle at the bottom of the invite makes me think of the Sense UI (was it launcher or lock screen? – never owned an HTC device). Maybe a new Sense look to go with Jelly Bean? (and maybe the dot is part of the lock screen UI too?)

    • Ahhh yes, Sense does start with a circle on the lock screen.

      • If only that were an HTC contest and they were giving a device away to whoever figured it out first… (that’s more my speed vs. the google super-nerd puzzles that I can’t even begin to figure out).

    • was just going to say that. my guess maybe the new icon is google now? and the bottom portion is of course the lockscreen ring.

    • BurnBabyBurn

      I had thought it was a sad cyclops

      • awww… now i’m depressed, lol. can’t be unseen.

    • triumphtriple

      The first thing I thought of was the JB lockscreen or the Google Now access from navigation bar. Now that you mention Sense, I get that too. So the merging of Sense and JB makes sense…

  • MikeD

    Thunderbolt is finally getting ICS.

  • Tyler

    So many events … I LOVE IT!!!!