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AOKP Gives State of the Union, Official Jelly Bean Build Coming ‘Soon’

Things have been a little quiet on the AOKP front, but yesterday the group took to Google+ to assure their fans that they have not disappeared and that things were coming on the horizon. First things first, the team addressed the issue of their next official build of AOKP, based on Jelly Bean:

First, a ‘build’ is coming.  We’re getting very close to an official, non-nightly JB build.  Just throwing that out there with no ETA to let you know that it is a real thing that will happen, pretty soon.

“Pretty soon” sounds good to us, so we will sit tight and wait using their nightlies until things get more official. Secondly, the team announced a new IRC channel, #aokp-support, for any problems that you may have with the ROM. Even better still, the AOKP team says that there is a reworking of their website underway. It is promised to make the whole experience better and more streamlined.

Lastly, there is a call for device maintainers after their new build comes out. If you’re a developer looking to get in on the AOKP team and help to maintain and code for a certain device, the team has a checklist of what you need in their post.

Are you still running AOKP or have you moved on to another ROM for your daily driver?

Via: Google+

  • ABerry5

    AOKP 4 LYFE.. on nightly aug 19 ATM 🙂

  • Spencer

    CM10 nightlies for now, AOKP nightlies are such a pain to find compared to get.cm I’ll move back to AOKP when the first build comes out

  • T_Dizzle

    I’m Liquid Smooth.

  • tomn1ce

    I usually don’t root my phone but, I’m waiting for a stable AOKP JB to free my G-Nexus from vzw’s grip. I like what they did with ICS so I’m hoping they do a similar job on JB. Right now I’m on stock ICS unrooted….

  • I’ve been on AOKP since build 1 for ICS but when it came time to try out Jelly Bean, I jumped ship to Jellybelly as it was getting the fastest updates. When AOKP hit unofficial nightlies, I switched back but for some reason I was getting horrid battery. Rather then going back to Jellybelly, I decided to give another ROM a go. Quickly flashed Paranoid Android and don’t see myself jumping ship for a while now. This has been the best ROM I have ever used and has given me the best battery for screen on.

  • CM9 Stable with the Google Now port. Got tired of rebooting and getting stuck on the Google splash screen that every JB rom I have tried has had issues with. Not much fun when it take 20 minutes and many battery pulls before my damn phone comes back to life.

    • Tyler

      Wow 20 minutes! Mine takes a while too, but its only like 3 minutes for me, but thats still horrible. What ROM were you using where you were getting 20 minutes?

  • AOKP always seemed like a hacked together piece of crap to me. Also, unicorns. I’ll stick to Bugless Beast until the final CM10 build is released.

  • Katie Pollard

    Moved on to BAMF Paradigm, and don’t see myself looking back. This ROM is just so solid.

  • dylan84

    Definitely still running AOKP on my Atrix. Best ROM around for sure.

  • I have been running the AOKP JB nightlies with nightly Franco kernels. It is easily the best ROM I have run with the exception of BAMF Paradigm which I have not tried. For people who have tried both which is better?

    • On LTE G-Nex.

    • ABerry5

      try airkernel.. you’ll thank me

      PS I was on franco when I jumped

  • wm snyder

    Aokp since preview 1 to nightlies all the way!

  • ericsorensen

    AOKP ICS is still my daily driver. I couldn’t get everything to work right with JB…like the car dock. I need ALL those features like pause play on dock removal, etc.


    I bleed AOKP ! I have been faithful since the beginning and won’t jump anywhere else. Team KANG is amazing and are miles ahead of other developers in my opinion. Thanks team KANG for all you do. Without you guys, we would just have another boring device. AOKP FTW !

    • WindedBison

      You’re obviously entitled to your opinion but saying that they are “miles ahead” of other developers is kind of insulting and also wrong.

  • LeDerp

    two questions, 6 letters

    ETA? and…. ASL?

  • Cant wait to see what Roman et Al have in store for us.

  • SD_Scott

    I’m on Liquid Beta 2 and love it. Wish the nav bar widgets would work though…

  • Jeff Simpson

    Moved on. The nightlies are really buggy (crashes and reboots all the time for me). I’ll probably give it another test once they release something “official”, though, because I miss the look of the notification power control switches and the widget tray.

    • Trevor

      Try fitznugly’s newest nightily. He makes jellybro but has a aokp rom. The best one i’ve tried so far. http://fitsnugly.euroskank.com/?rom=cm10&device=toro hit the AOKP then Toro if you have a nexus for big red

    • PC_Tool

      In the same boat. On BB until we get an official and word comes down that it’s stable. Been burned too many times on the nightlies with reboots and missed calls.

      BB may be missing tweaks and toggles, but it has been stable as hell on my phone.

  • Running Bugless Beast for now, but I’m gonna flash right back to AOKP before too long

  • Dylan

    Been using Jelly Belly for a while and can’t complain. Currently on version 6.3 extremely smooth! Has anyone used both Jelly Belly and BAMF that could compare the 2?

    • Tyler

      BAMF Paradigm was pretty solid i did notice issues with GPS locking but that might have been fixed in latest version (i used 2.1) it had some nice cusomization and i had no issues with the rom. I had some major issues where my phone would continually reboot with Jelly Belly but i think i had better signal strength with Jelly Belly. Its worth trying because you can always restore back.

  • Atomic

    Been on aokp jb nightlies since they started releasing them. Haven’t had any stability problems at all. I’ve been running Franco kernel nightlies along with it and the combination has been amazing.

    • duder

      Just curious… where do you get the Franco nightlies? My Franco updater says that there are no JB kernels available.

      • Pedro

        Mine (v6.0) tells me there are no Milestone versions available. That’s true.
        Latest nightly is r241

  • Destroythanet

    The thing I miss the most about my GNex that I don’t have on my GS3 are the customizable soft keys from AOKP.

    • RGiskard

      Just out of curiosity, what do you program the soft keys to do? I haven’t really played with that feature and would appreciate ideas!

      • Justin Swanson

        I use a long press Back to kill the current app (works great if current app is locked up); I long press the Home Button to open the app drawer (custom setting from Nova); I long press the Recent apps for the AOKP navbar widgets (doesn’t work in JB yet)

        Other people like to add a permanent menu button, search button, etc

  • Hothfox

    I’ll probably stick with BB. I personally don’t use all the extra customizations that AOKP brought. The only things I “need” are the power mod menu.

    • Tyler

      The latest BB 8-7-12 has reboot device and reboot into recovery. What other power menu stuff were you looking for? (Never used AKOP… yet)

      • Hothfox

        Oh, I’ve been running BB! I was just commenting that even though AOKP is super popular I’ll probably stick with BB because I don’t need AOKP’s extra customizations.

  • KILLrom. CNA 3.2 base with KDH tweaks.

    • PC_Tool

      Link, or you made it up. :p

      • It’s DroidTh3ory’s (now KillDroidHack) rom. He’s moving between websites, so there is no thread.

        • PC_Tool

          That…sucks. :'(

          I’ll have to find something else to crackflash.

  • Still running milestone 6. Its like a comfortable pair of shoes. Looking at the nightlies I’ve seen a few features missing so I haven’t bothered changing yet.

  • Crackaplease

    Anyone else going with CodeNameAndroid? Its builds are solid and customizable

  • Booyah

    Was running BB, now running BAMF Paradigm. Will flash AOKP once their “official” build is produced. The nightlies are lacking too many features to be worthwhile.

  • 1MPR0BUS

    I’ve been running the nightly builds of AOKP JellyBean hosted at http://androtransfer.com/?developer=AOKP built by sixstringsg. They have been running great. I’ve been on the the August 15th build for the most part of today and its running great. Once CM10 gets finalized I’ll probably check it out but the AOKP JB Nightlies have been running well for me over the past couple weeks.

  • Nemo Hoes

    I’ve been waiting for the AOKP’s JB rom since google announced it lol
    Don’t judge me on my excitement…I can’t help myself.
    But I’ve been running Jellybean 6.0, until someone tells me something better

  • MikeCiggy

    The latest nightlies have all been great. Last version wasn’t so good on my battery but seems to be better now.

  • moelsen8

    sweet. i need a new rom now that gummy development has ended.

  • DanWazz

    Sticking with Bugless Beast until a stable AOKP is released, then gonna try CM10 when it’s official. After that…stick with the one I enjoy the most.

    • Jeff Simpson

      Same here. AOKP and CM nightlies were both unstable for me, so I went to BB to wait out the storm.

      • fixxmyhead

        on a galaxy nexus? wow i would think they would be more stable on the “it” phone. aokp JB nightlies on my s2 have been super stable other than a working jittery camera that crashes sometimes pretty much everything else works good and dont have any real issues. i only reverted back cuz its pissing me off that they keep saying camera should work now but its still jittery

  • EminenceFront

    No love for the RAZR? 🙁

    • fixxmyhead

      shut up u know theres no love for those locked down garbage phones

  • I jumped from AOKP to BAMF just for JB. I liked BAMF back on my tbolt but I loved AOKP on my gnex. I can’t wait to go back to AOKP once they go JB.

  • David Hussey

    Another week, another hot JB ROM.

  • jjrudey

    I’ve been on Bugless Beast until some official CM10 nightlies come around.
    I like AOKP. But I prefer to be on CM.

  • TheWenger

    I’ve been waiting for a stable first build. Haven’t updated since JellyBelly 3.8 or somethin.

  • droid209

    have moved on to BAMF

  • John

    BAMF Paradigm is rock effin solid for now. I may jump over to AOKP in the future, but for now, it has all the functionality I hope AOKP receives.


    • I tend to agree. I’ve noticed much more stability with Paradigm. I’m anxious to see what the milestone build will be for AOKP, and I’m also excited for CM10.

      Whichever group puts out the best ROM for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 will likely get my vote, as I’d like to have the same thing on both devices.

  • since i’ve been running bamf, i noticed there was a lot of stuff in aokp that i really didn’t need. i’ll probably give it a shot out of curiosity when they drop the official build, but it’s nothing that can’t wait

  • Andrew

    I’ve been running their nightlies, and they are pretty great for the most part. A few bugs here and there, but nothing crazy.

  • AOKP All day everyday! Any other ROM is just pure stupidity… Just kidding. But come here if you mean business.

  • still on AOKP

  • finally some type of news on the official build, its felt liek FOREVER

    • sdny8

      Forever? I’ve got a bunch of kids working off donations that are adding some great features. The evil empire can’t throw out a build of stock android when it was dropped 2 months ago. And I wouldn’t expect one from them until Oct. I’d say they’re doing pretty damn good