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HTC One XXL on the Way With Snapdragon S4 Quad-core Chip, 2GB of RAM, and LTE?

HTC apparently wasn’t ok with people calling the One X the best Android phone they’ve ever used; they saw more room for improvement. The above screenshot is from the rumored One XXL that takes the original and bumps the specs even more. Not to be out done by Samsung, this new phone will have the same 4.7″ LCD2 screen packed in, but will feature 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor that will play friendly with LTE.

This sounds like an amazing bump in specs to a phone that already blew people’s minds when they purchased it. This certainly matches up with HTC’s promise to focus on high-end phones, the question is: is any of this rumor true? The One X only officially launched a few months ago so we don’t expect to be seeing this anytime soon, although that doesn’t mean we’re not excited.

Via:  SmartDroid

Cheers Denny!

  • Jake Ramirez

    this is why i skipped the one series for the first half of this year because they will have a better selection of phones in the fall for me plus i can compare the iphone 5 to android


    The real question I are they going to be the next MOTO? What I am asking is will HTC be releasing new phones to frequently? Hope not.

  • For Verizon? :] maybeeeeeeee

  • Lu


  • George264

    Theres two responses from me. First. SHIT. Second, Okay HTC, less phones this year, okay. Please let this be the last or one of the REAL lasts of this year. Too many phones is bad. It makes me feel bad, and it hurts their sales. If this is on Verizon, I might COMPLETELY throw iPhone out of my mind.

  • Noel

    My hunch is HTC is really working on an improved version of the One X. If u guys recall there was a rumor a few month ago that HTC was working on a version of the One X for Tmobile and will be dropping this summer. They may have decided to up the ante and also add the 2GB RAM since the Galaxy S3 and a new device from LG will have that. But i will strongly hope after the out cry due to the omission of an SD card and removable battery they decided to rectify that with a new souped up One X. Hopefully we will see the One XXL specs as follows…4.7″ LCD2 screen, 2GB RAM, 16/32/64GB internal memory, a removable battery abt 2500+mAh, an SD card slot of up to 64GB, a Qualcomm quad core S4 chip, and a device abt 130mm in height and abt 10mm thin. I am drawn to the form factor of the Sensation XL which at 132.5 mm tall has a 4.7″ screen with a lot of bottom bezel that can be cut in half to drop the height to abt 130mm. I think it should act as template for the One XXL…if there is actually one in the works. All these devices that are 135mm in height are too cumbersome and strenuous for one handed ease of use., but at 130mm tall like the Tmo GS2 it is tolerable. I would prefer to see onscreen buttons on a 4.8″ screen device w/ minimal bezel top and bottom to further reduce the height of most of these devices. Just make this device available to as many carriers as possible (pentaband 3G/HSPA+) but a must on Tmobile with 3G/HSPA+42 and also maybe throw in bands for Tmo LTE…future proof it cuz we know it is coming.

  • no SW keys, no care.

  • balthuszar

    cue the whining about having just bought the one x and now this is coming out

  • Greyhame

    Great specs, but that name.. One “XXL”? Odd. What’s next, the One XXXL? Or maybe the superbowl version One XLV?? One X^2 would’ve been better.

  • http://forums.androidcentral.com/android-news/41690-build-prop-hall-shame.html

    LoL that screen is available there with some other really bad ones.

  • Mchl496

    This phone sounds nice, especially when I am looking at the S3 but the problem is I am a Tbolt owner from day one. HTC left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • If HTC keeps focusing on the tablet market like this, they’ll never return back to prominence in the mobile market.

  • ME

    More screens have been release and show the benchmarks of the device as well!

  • MentatYP

    Maybe it’s got an XXL battery so they don’t have to break the multitasking anymore to get decent battery life.

  • riteshk

    Wait, I just got my Tegra 3 One X a month ago!!! WTF!

    • blood

      Why’d you get a tegra 3? The S4 is better than tegra 3 and outperforms it even if its dual core.

      • riteshk

        I’m in the UK. The S4 dual does not outperform the Tegra 3 out & out, just in a few areas. But that 2GB RAM has got me fretting.. and I can imagine the performance of a quad core S4..! But this mostly is a rumour or, if true, the device is at least 3 to 4 months away.

  • My GNex is still a sexy piece of hardware. No need to change, I’ll hold out for that hexa-core, 5G phone when I’m eligible for an upgrade.

  • Bionic

    So now HTC is doing what Motorola did with Razr—->Razr Maxx in a short time. Gonna piss of a lot of one x users!!

    • that all depends really. The Razr/Maxx was literally the only difference being a larger battery. they even use the same software versions. This device looks like an incremental update to keep up with current market trends, and I’d expect it to drop at least 6 months after the original OneX, which is about right for those kinds of updates.

  • This is on Verizon? Maybe I should cancel that S3 order?

  • zUFC

    why do people complain about too many phones? I want new ones every day!!!!!! are people crazy? the more the better. I want the OneX more than anything. Can’t get it because it’s on AT&T. So please come to VZW with this phone, please……..And keep introducing more and more new ones so i can have a choice. Everything out there now is “almost” perfect but not. the only bad thing i could see coming with this phone is physical buttons. Other than that, i want it bad. Please come to Verizon!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone’s pulling a Motorola. . .Next up, HTC One MAXXL

  • What happened to releasing 2 to 3 devices a year?

  • 4.7″ screen means it will probably have physical buttons like the One X? I’ll pass, loving the virtual buttons on my GNex.

  • Can’t be that soon after X. Moto pulls this crappie of a new phone every quarter. Stick to 1 or 2 a year. All you do is alienate customers since you won’t support all the versions.

  • They pulled a Motorola!

  • Sirx

    Nope! No excitement until we get the One XXXL, that comes with a 5.0 inch screen, quad-core processor, and 2 GB of pr0n pre-installed!

  • Dave

    Introducing the HTC One XS, One S, One M, One L, One XL, One XXL, and the One OMG YOU’RE HUGE.

    • brando56894

      Hahah right? How big is too big, 4.3″ seems just about perfect for me but if this is 4.7″ with the on screen buttons then it might be alright. The size f the Galaxy Note is just ridiculous.

      • GNex is 4.7 with onscreen buttons. Personally, I find it’s a perfect size for myself. ALMOST too big, but not 99% of the time, it’s just right.

    • the last one is what she said

  • JR

    Verizon skipped the One X for the superior Incredible 4G, remember? They will skip this once again.

  • Well the fact that the only thing they’re changing will is RAM and processor, I still won’t want it because of the non-removable battery and storage. I want that freedom. I’ll stick with the SGSIII.

  • JosephMoreno

    I’ve seen a lot of sites already call this off as faked.

    • I was thinking fake too. Especially if they’re trying to pass that image as a screenshot from the phone.

      “Prozessor: Quadcore”

      Really? No details as the make or model of the processor, just “quadcore”? Seems a little weird to me. I know it’s a foreign screenshot, but still.

      • 4n1m4L

        Thought most HTC phones did that…

    • Greyhame

      Agree. Good call.

  • Bionicman

    This could be very interesting. If they could bring this power with the sleek style of the One X to Verizon, it could make for a great phone (easily passing the Inc 4G). It may even make me think twice about selling my Gnex! (but probably not)

  • Is this the rumored beast that is supposed to be coming to Verizon this fall? There has been some chatter of something big hitting big red from HTC in the fall.

  • Only for AT&T again?

  • ch0diac

    Honestly, since the announcement of Share “99.9% of my bank account” Plan, it’s hard for me to get excited about any new blip for a new phone, at least if it’s coming to Verizon.

    • Right. Now its like… oh look! A new phone to buy used in 3-6 months after launch when its $300 on Craigslist.

      • JoshGroff

        That’s how I roll, but switch craigslist with eBay or Swappa. Not a big fan of craigslist personally.

        • Really? I have had great luck on CL. I have received fake and damaged stuff on eBay about 50% of the time. The best one was when I bought a Taylormade Driver and took it out to the driving range the first time… at night. I was just finishing up when the club head decided to follow the ball down-range. Within 10-20 seconds the, range lights turned off (the range closed) and I had to hunt that bad boy down on the driving range in the dark. Selling on eBay has been good though.

          • JoshGroff

            That’s why I generally buy from average sellers as opposed to top rated, seems you have a lot more honest average joes just selling their old stuff.

            I’ve never used craigslist personally, but then again, my family had bad experiences for me. Then again, bad experiences can come from any site, so I should probably give it a second chance.

        • majormudafuckinhun

          Yeah except when you order ya a ho!

          • JoshGroff


        • noyfb

          Craigslist, cause when I buy things i like it to be sketchy and full of risk ; P

    • “since the announcement of Share “99.9% of my bank account” Plan,”
      I almost choked on my food after reading that.

      • I right now am cleaning pop off of my desk.

      • Noel

        Looks like a coded msg to me…cuz the whole sentence is hard to comprehend.

      • yea, me too. i will just pay cash and flash to walmarts network for 40 bucks a month all inclusive. The days of payeing for the best network have lost their luster. I can handle a few dropped calls. My bionic cant seem to hold gps or 4g anyway and i am 40 miles east of los angeles.

  • Spider210

    If something like this comes to verizon this will catch my eye ^_^

  • r0lct

    I’m thinking (hoping?) this will be an October release with a Nexus version running JB.

    • JoshGroff

      *Looks at the notification bar.*

      Nope, not a Nexus.

      • r0lct

        This definitely isn’t, but I am hoping they have another version of the same phone.

  • Butters619

    Put a 2500+ mAh battery in there and you have yourself a winner.

  • Greg Morgan

    If something like this came to Verizon, definitely would be interested.

  • Quadcore working with LTE almost seems like a myth these days.

    • Butters619

      Qualcomm S4….

      (Qualcomm owns a ton of LTE patents and was the first with LTE on chip because of that.)

      Edit: And I didn’t mean Qualcomm has a quad core S4 out, but you can bet your ass when it comes out in Q3-Q4 that it will have integrated LTE.

  • steve0617

    Maybe VZW wants a One series phone after all? That would be PIMPTASTIC

  • mmoreimi

    Unless this is Verizon’s One phone…finally.
    Please and thank you.

    • EC8CH

      Just what I was think..

      “the One X only officially launched a few months ago”

      …not on VZW it didn’t

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        They pulled an Asus.

    • Bryan

      Verizon just is getting stuck with the Incredible HD….

    • Austin00

      If this is true goodbye G-Nex hello One XXL

  • moelsen8

    ugh. htc needs to talk to bionic and original razr owners.

    • JoshGroff

      Mobile tech is advancing rapidly, and hyper competition is driving people to constantly one up each other.

      I think it’s great to see how quickly everything’s improving and especially don’t mind since I usually buy off contract.

      • RedPandaAlex

        Seriously. If you just bought a phone and are drooling about something like this, just think about what’s going to be available that puts the XXL to shame when you’re up for an upgrade.

        • JoshGroff

          Upgrades are shams, I prefer to not be leashed by a carrier getting a slightly reduced rate which is less of a discount than the ETF I would take if I were so inclined to switch carriers (or completely drop my phone line as I rarely use it.)

          Still running with the Rezound I bought off Swappa and waiting on that HTC 5.3″ with the S4 to come out. I’d gladly pay 200-300 more than on-contract pricing and sell my old phone to subsidize the cost over taking an upgrade.

          • majormudafuckinhun

            Rezound owner rejoice! I’m still loving mine!

    • r0lct

      If it is 6 months after the One X I don’t see it being as bad. If they stick to 2 flagships a year that’s not a bad schedule.