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Motorola MotoActv Update 1.7.2 is Ready, Facebook and Twitter Integration Added

A new update has been made available today for owners of the Motorola MotoActv Fitness Watch. The update for those with the golf software is 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 for those without the golf goodness. So what’s new? A bunch of stuff actually, including Facebook and Twitter integration. 

  • Golf:  New views and options (tee locations, putt distances, etc.)
  • More flexible workout planning
  • New heart rate choices for fitness zones
  • View Facebook and Twitter posts on the device
  • Better views of post-workout maps
  • Easier WiFi setup

To get the update, you will have to hook your device up to your PC and then let the magic happen. Definitely interested to see how this new Twitter and Facebook integration works. I guess that easier WiFi setup is going to come in handy.


Via:  Motorola

  • Br_d

    Hey, it’s a cool device and all, but I’d rather save the $250 and just use endomondo and skydroid on my phone. 99% of the functionality for 1% of the price.

    • jonny6pak

      I can’t speak to the golf aspects, but I used to say the same thing until I bought one. If my phone had ANT+, I would feel different. But this thing is really solid for serious running and cycling.

    • BSweetness

      A lot of people don’t want to carry their phone around with them when running or working out. Personally, I prefer having a dedicated, standalone device that can be worn, has very little weight, is built like a tank, and is water resistant when I’m doing things that could very easily do serious damage to my phone.

  • Amazing news! Thanks Motorola! Facebook and Twitter integration is very nice!

  • Twitter and Facebook Plugin’s not available via Play Store as of yet. Also will these only work with Motorola phones like the weather plugin?

  • jedijesus95

    I love my motoactv but they really need to update the web portal and hopefully they can add more functions with to non moto android phones.

  • cheezer88

    I’m hoping my Sony smart watch can deliver

  • Slightly unrelated, but did anyone get the Pebble watch? I’m thinking it will be slightly superior to the MotoActv due to better visibility in bright sunlight, longer battery life, and still being able to run many of the same apps.

    • Can’t wait to get mine!

    • BigRed4X15

      Although you make a lot of good points, and yes I pre-ordered a pebble, I don’t think the pebble has GPS, so I don’t think from a fitness point of view it will be better. True it can use the GPS from your phone, but the Motoavtv doesn’t need a phone to fully function as a fitness tracker. I have had my motoactv for a couple weeks and I have no complaints. The outside viewing is weird, because even though the color gets washed out, you can still read the display. It actually looks like an e-paper display. I will try to post a pic sometime.

    • Laki L.

      I agree with BigRed4X15. I have a Motoactv and am also a Pebble backer. The Pebble looks to be a pretty great device, but it won’t replace my Motoactv. When I run or ride my bike, I like not having to carry my phone or use it as a control, which is what you’ll have to do with a Pebble since it isn’t meant to be a stand alone fitness device. I’ve been using the Motoactv for several months now and I have no problems seeing in bright daylight either. The Pebble seems sufficient if you’re just getting into working out or intend to use it more casually, whereas the Motoactv would probably be better for you if you plan to use it often.

    • BSweetness

      As others have said, the biggest difference between the two (and it’s actually a huge difference), is that the MotoActv is a standalone device that doesn’t require a connection to a smartphone for 97 out of 100 things that it does. Beyond normal watch functions, the Pebble must be connected to a smartphone to do anything the MotoActv does. So, while the Pebble is certainly looking like a good device, it really can’t be compared to the MotoActv. They’re very different in what they accomplish and what they are capable of.

  • BSweetness

    This thing just keeps getting better and better. One of the best tech purchases I’ve made.

  • drose0

    Installing now, thanks!

  • Daniel

    I thought it was pretty silly to release the firmware when the FB and twitter plugins still aren’t available on Google Play

  • Ivan92116

    I’ve been training with the Motoactv for the past two months with great success….finally get to test it out during a race this Sunday for the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon.
    The Facebook and Twitter features requires a download from the Play Store, which won’t be available until Friday morning (according to the support forums https://forums.motorola.com/posts/5cfca84e6f ).

    • Scott Willenborg

      …and it’s in the Play store now…

  • mctypething

    twitter? no thanks. more like tweety? possibly.

  • Jack Wallace

    they should make a motoactv watch with a front cam and skype support. imagine video chatting on your watch. but only see them of course and they see u

  • gregba

    I love this watch.

    • Kevin Stabe

      Battery during golf is a little disappointing. Some times i play 36 and it cant make it through both rounds. But other then that no complaints, it is a solid device.

      • jonny6pak

        How many hours is 36 rounds. I’m sure it’s a long time, I’m just curious to see how that matches up to full day’s of running or biking that I sometimes try to pull with this thing. I haven’t tried to push this thing past 5 hours yet, but so far so good.