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Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Receives Update to, Minor Bug Fixes and Other Tweaks

Owners of the Asus Transformer Pad can start manually pulling the newest firmware update to if their tablets haven’t automatically prompted them to do so. The update contains only a few bug fixes and updates to the camera and WiFi build numbers, so don’t look for anything too special. If you’ve pulled the update and notice anything good, feel free to share it down below.

Cheers Scott!

  • shawn

    i’m still not receiving the update. i also just noticed that my build number is still at .17 and its not even notifying for the previous update. any thoughts?

  • David Domine

    Fixed the battery usage reporting issue under Settings>Battery. I’m also seeing a good bump in stability and speed. Very happy customer.

  • GazaIan

    This update gives a MASSIVE performance boost (it was being bogged down by a small fail in internal storage), it feels like a new tablet now.

  • I received this friday as soon as it came from ups wasnt on .17 too long lol just long enough to root

  • Anthony Randazzo

    Only issue i was having was the screen flickering

  • Mine seems to be bricked 🙁
    Update ran halfway through, and now the thing is frozen in that state for over half an hour.

    Battery was at 80% when I started, and I’ve put it on power now. Going to wait it out for a while, but I fear a horrid scenario…

    • Higher_Ground

      Did you try a reset? I think if you hold the power button for awhile it should do it. I wouldn’t normally reset during an update, but 30 mins sound like something is wrong. There is also a little hole which I think does a complete reset but I’m not positive.

  • SD_Scott

    When I’m playing games such as Samurai or Dark Legends, the joystick seems to keep going out… So I’m constantly trying having to keep swiping at the joystick until my character moves again. Super annoying. Was trying to turn up the screen sensitivity but couldn’t find any such settings… Anyone else having this problem?

    • ineedthatpurse

      i was having problems using the swype I installed… seemed like there were dead spots on the screen or the continuous line would be broken… possibly the same issues?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Man, this “news” is like a week old already..

  • Mchl496

    I have a transformer prime and I do not have Face Unlock 🙁

    • Scott Willenborg

      You don’t have GPS unlock either! har har har… sorry, I had to

      • Mchl496

        WHy would i have GPS unlock? That sounds like a dumb feature. Also GPS issues are 0, and I don’t even have a dongle for my prime. Im on wifi. I understand that the Prime allows for GPS without wifi but I also have a phone.

        • elliott9000

          GPS unlock isnt real silly. hes making fun of you for having a malfunctioning GPS module (which you do). WiFi is not a GPS replacement and if it were then nobody would have a GPS module. And what does having a phone have to do with anything? I have a laptop too so what, I dont need my tablet to work???

  • Scott Willenborg

    Face Unlock is included… didn’t improve my looks at all though…

  • Inquizitor

    Will update later when I get home and report any changes. Sure hope it fixes the screen flickering though…

    • Radgatt

      Same here