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Galaxy Nexus is Getting Stomped in Laptop Mag’s Smartphone Madness Challenge, Let’s Change That (Updated)

As of this moment, the Galaxy Nexus is getting crushed in Laptop Mag’s Smartphone Madness bracket by none other than the HTC Titan II. Pretty sure that is a Windows Phone, yeah it is. Probably the same one that got “smoked” over the weekend by a G-Nex at one of Microsoft’s stores. So let’s show Windows Phone again how good this Nexus is and rack up some votes over there. Otherwise, we may be stuck with a bunch of phones with a “gorgeous UI” that no one will ever buy, battling it out with the Galaxy SII for smartphone supremacy.

At the time of this posting (12:19PM Pacific), we are about 900 votes down. Go get ’em DL community.

Update:  In about an hour and a half, we were able to erase that 900 vote lead and jump up by 1,600 votes. Keep crackin’ away at it though, we don’t want a comeback by an unreleased Windows Phone.

Vote at Laptop Mag’s site.

Cheers Timm Eddy and Pinocchio!

  • Ryan C

    So um yeah the G-Nex lost to the Nokia Lumia 710…?!

  • Galaxy Nexus has won! Galaxy Nexus has won! Galaxy Nexus HAS WON!

  • James007torres24

    voted for nexus to help u iphone fandoys act-a-like out. but this poll is a joke.

  • Gary

    I posted to the admin on this site, wmpoweruser acutually had the links on polldaddy to the next TWO weeks polls, they were all voting for the windows phone a WEEK before the vote was made public………………

    Keep it up lads 😀

  • Ishaqmaster

    might as well include the HP Veer

  • JMonkeYJ

    that thing is meaningless…the iPhone lost in round 1 to something called Huawei? i’m no iPhone fan, but…C’MON!!!

  • trumpet444

    Believe me, I am no fan of the iphone…… but how was it burned in the first round? Same goes for the RAZR Maxx, Galaxy Note, and One X. Shenanigans on the whole tournament. May as well throw in an LG VX9800

  • jdrch

    I think the real news here is the iPhone 4S losing in the 1st round.

  • Bionic Man

    all the haters are eating their words now that the GNex is in the lead where it belongs.

  • I’m so upset that the Blackberry Bold beat the HTC One X. The One X is going to be huge when it comes out.

  • MKader17

    Thank you Kellex, I can stand for this injustice!

  • Spence391

    Blackberry Bold over HTC X… come on.

  • Franz

    How did a Blackberry phone beat the HTC One X… This thing is rigged.

  • Knlegend1

    too be honest wp7 is really a good platform.

  • Tom Dwenger

    galaxy nexus is now winning 🙂

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus, notwithstanding occasional self shutdown, its the best phone I’ve ever had, especially with ICS.  Windows has a long way to go since it took them a year to come up with Windows 7, by then everyone switched to iPhone or Droid.

  • miscreant

    This whole thing is ridiculous. I’m not Apple fan, but I will admit that it’s a nice piece of hardware. As popular as that phone and all of its predecessors are/were, it leads me to believe that this whole bracket is set up for a WP7 to win.

    Anyone know where a Windows Mobile store is around Chicago? I want to go “smoke” a WP7 phone and rub my sack on their faces…