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FitBit Android App Released, Bring Your Daily Activity Tracking with You


Fitness gurus, your FitBit Android app is finally available in the Google Play Store. As one of the most popular fitness trends in recent history, FitBit is an easy way for health conscious folks to keep track of their daily activity levels. The Android app appears to be a nice add-on for those that chose this fitness accessory over the Nike FuelBand or Motorola MotoActv. While it doesn’t seem to sync wirelessly from anywhere, it will sync all of your data once your FitBit comes in range of a base station. So you can get it to sync while at home or work if your base is around, but not on-the-go at the mall or gym.

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Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • “This app is incompatible with your Asus Transfomer TF101.”

    Too often I find Android apps don’t always run on Android.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I prefer MyFitnessPal, I’ve lost 78lbs using it.

  • rohicks

    I know the designers behind this app. Glad it’s finally ported to android. Been wanting to try it.

  • Tom_Cullen

    i prefer endomondo for excercise tracking and myfitnesspal for calorie/diet tracking.

  • Ulf

    Is there anything better than an app, that tells you what and how much to eat, drink and bike? Will someone who uses this app be able to live when he’s lost his phone?

  • cascade

    This item cannot be installed in your device’s country. (Germany) Too bad :/

    • Thansen1976

       Same here in Denmark. Can anyone post a link to the APK?