Draw Something Price Slashed on Android to $0.99, Zynga Wants to Buy It All

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If there is one game that has truly taken the Android and iOS worlds by storm over the last couple of months, it’s Draw Something by OMGPOP. It’s like Pictionary meets Words With Friends for your mobile device and recently took over the title of top app on Facebook from WwF. If you cruise around FB or even Google+, you are bound to find something looking for a game and sharing their account name. It really is as simple as drawing an object and then hoping that your partner guesses it right.

Is anyone playing it?  

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In a related note, TechCrunch is reporting that Zynga (who owns Words With Friends) is in talks to buy the game. Since it has taken over their apps as the top in the Facebook game, it only makes sense that the gaming giant would attempt to acquire it. Some have suggested that they simply make their own version and run Draw Something out of business, but that could be much more to accomplish than you would think. If they buy it, they already have a massive hit and could then put their own dollars in to making it even better.

Might want to grab the pro version now on sale for $0.99 before wonky things start happening behind the scenes if Zynga does indeed decide to buy.

Via:  TechCrunch



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