Have You Given Siine Keyboard a Chance?

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Within the last couple of weeks, Siine Keyboard has popped up enough times from readers (or PR people acting as readers), that we felt inclined to at least discuss it. You see, we were turned onto this keyboard replacement what seems like months ago, but found it chintzy enough at that time that we simply brushed it aside. I don’t know if the Siine team has improved the app immensely over the last couple of weeks or if readers are just randomly stumbling onto it after finding themselves bored with Swype and Swiftkey, but people can’t seem to quit talking about it.¬†

What is Siine Keyboard?

It can function like any other keyboard, but it stands out because you can customize it to say all sorts of every day phrases or ¬†greetings or slang words with the touch of a couple of buttons. You can even download special sets of words so that you sound Australian or like Sherlock Holmes or with a hip hop flare. And from what we know, everything can be tweaked to your liking. That brief description certainly does not do it justice. I’d recommend that you watch the video below to get a clearer picture of it all.

Play Link.

So tell me, are you or have you used Siine keyboard? Still using it? Should I switch to it? Sell me on it.



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