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Developers Create Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired Live Wallpapers, Now Available for Download

You can get a sense of how much people enjoy the look of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich when developers and theme artists are actually inspired enough to create work that mimics it. A team of developers by the name of Team Gummy over at RootzWiki has gone ahead and created three individual live wallpapers that play on the ICS live wallpaper named Phase Beam. By replacing the floating spheres with icons, it’s just another way for people to create a look of their very own. Install as you would any 3rd-party app, but do note that from what I experienced, you can only have one installed at a time.

Star Beam | Bio Beam | Root Beam 

Note: For those who may ask, the icons I am using are called ICS Plates and they can be found here.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Gary, Kejar31, and Team Gummy!

  • Link is down for root beam

  • Keith Sumner

    “Could not parse the package”

    Rooted, strapped Bionic Eclipse 2.2

  • mikesuds

    @Timotato:disqus how do you get your folders to look like that? I got the icons but cant figure out the folder…

    • Where’d you get the icons? [email protected]:disqus A little help… =)

      • mikesuds

        icon link is in the post! ”
        Note: For those who may ask, the icons I am using are called ICS Plates and they can be found here.”

        but I was wondering how to do that folder…

        • FACEPALM!~ I can read, I swear.   But folder set up is the real beast.

        • Nova Launcher w/ Each Icon changed to ICS Plates AND
          * Nova Settings -> Desktop ->Folder Preview -> Grid
          * Nova Settings -> Desktop ->Folder Background ->Platform

  • Bert336

    Gummy 0.8.2 tried to load the root beam and it’s giving me a signature failure.

  • acumensofttech

    WOW! it is really very good.

  • how do you get the folder icon to look like that.. cant seem to find it! 

  • Zebra

    I’ve been weary of mobile_sensei’s work since his Droid X theming days where he’d crank out buggy cookie cutter themes with little support. Basically quantity over quality. However, things could have very well changed since then, I haven’t been following his work since then,

  • cloud36426

    Is it just me or does the live wallpapers cause very big lag issues?

  • teejaycard

    It says for 4.0.3. I’m not rooted and have only 4.0.2 is that going to matter? 

  • davetheAndroid

    Works great on my Gnex. Thanks! Root Droid is my favorite lwp.

  • Reyztec

    the su one is sweet!

  • Tjcard03

    Trying it through apex launcher and get the black screen and then default wallpaper. Non rooted.

  • damn anyone or OP that can get this loaded can you guys just post the wallpaper then because this would look awesome on my charge

  • Lakerzz

    Working fine for me. GNex, axiom crossbreed sho…

  • Abc

    Hi guys,

    I would appreciate if you could try my new game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sixdead.marssmash

    Thank you


      I’ll give your app a go & see how it is.


      it was ok, not my kind of game but it ran smooth.

  • oQQ

    nice post i like

  • These were tested on GS II,DX, & Nexus S 4G,  all on Android 4.0 + also Tim-o-tato installed them ok, not sure why they wouldnt work for you guys, unless you guys aren’t on ICS, that would be my guess. For the GNex users, could be the resolution? I’m looking into it. DX users hang tight, Gummy ROM wil have y’all fixed up soon. Thanks, @Mobile_Sensei:twitter

    • Calculatorwatch

      Is it not made to work on stock non-rooted? Mine never loads and goes back to my old wallpaper if I try to set it anyways.

  • Icu2archbran

    cool thanks

  • Cliff05rsx

    i assume you have to be rooted and on a ics rom to use these icons??

    • Nope. Just load them through a launcher. No root required. 


    The SU wallpaper isn’t working.

  • Trisco75

    “There is a problem parsing the package”… I side loaded on my rooted DroidX running 2.3.3

    •  Same here Droid2 GB 2.3.6

    • Boblank84

      Only Tried the root beam and it seems to work fine on gnex aokp m4.  I did first copy the apk to the /system after reading the install issues.  But just to see i removed for /system and installed normally and that also seemed to work.  I would suggest copying the apk to /system and setting permissions correctly if it wont install like a normal apk.

  • will bartlett

    i think im gonna pass on these backgrounds though and stick with my unicorn porn for now.

  • Robert Walters

    Not loading on my Gnex.

  • droidman

    No go on my Galaxy Nexus. Just a black screen and then the static multi-colored standard background. 🙁

  • will bartlett

    finally, thank you for the icons 😀