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3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus Selling for Just $8

If you need the most battery bang for buck, then you might to hop on this deal. For just $8, you can acquire a 3800mAh extended battery and back plate for the Galaxy Nexus. It may not be the prettiest thing on the Market, but at least your device won’t be dying anytime soon.

Buy Online.

As a bonus, use the code 1H7RFK for free shipping.

Cheers Ben and SemiAuto!

  • Has anybody who’s bought this received it and if so what do you think? I’m still considering buying it.

    • MattSweeden

      To me its just Bullsh*t. i live in a low coverage area in Vermont and the STOCK battery lasts just as long, if not longer. Go with the seidio battery..better and you get NFC

  • I got the Seidio case to go with “their” version of the 3800 and it fits with this battery and door. Did anyone do any tweaking to Android to make the battery show correctly? I remember having to do this with the og droid…

  • coach

    i’m the lucky one, i guess.
    got mine, fully discharged, then recharged. been running +9h and have 71% remaining. normal usage: reddit is fun, checking email several times an hour, etc.

    • dragonflyr

      yeah .. mine has been pretty good so far.  definitely more juice than stock.  i ran it down to about 25% yesterday and just ran out of time!  it should hopefully just keep improving after a couple more charge cycles.  so, for 8 bucks .. i’m not complaining. it might not be as good as Seidio’s 3800, but i wouldn’t call it a total piece of crap either.

  • dragonflyr

    Just got mine today. Yes, the door is pretty bad.  You have to clip in the bottom, then the top, then kinda work in the sides.  Judging from the comments of those who’ve had it a day or two, I’m not expecting very good battery life.  I guess we’ve been “had”.  

  • daware

    Definitely disappointed in this battery, but kinda expected it for the cheap price.  It’s definitely lasting as long as it should, and the battery door I got didn’t fit either.

    • daware

      I mean definitely NOT lasting as long as it should.

  • Me

    Got mine Friday,,,,this battery sucks.  It performs worse than the stock battery.  I should have known it when I compared the weights of each battery.   The 3800ma is twice the size but weighs the same….this is a total scam!!!!!  The cover sucks too…you have to clip the top two tabs

  • Stephen Wesner

    I had to cut the tabs off to the top of mine to make the back go on.  Terrible back quality. Haha

  • RCH

    Just got my shipping confirmation email. We probably overloaded them with orders.

    • dragonflyr