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3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus Selling for Just $8

If you need the most battery bang for buck, then you might to hop on this deal. For just $8, you can acquire a 3800mAh extended battery and back plate for the Galaxy Nexus. It may not be the prettiest thing on the Market, but at least your device won’t be dying anytime soon.

Buy Online.

As a bonus, use the code 1H7RFK for free shipping.

Cheers Ben and SemiAuto!

  • Has anybody who’s bought this received it and if so what do you think? I’m still considering buying it.

    • MattSweeden

      To me its just Bullsh*t. i live in a low coverage area in Vermont and the STOCK battery lasts just as long, if not longer. Go with the seidio battery..better and you get NFC

  • I got the Seidio case to go with “their” version of the 3800 and it fits with this battery and door. Did anyone do any tweaking to Android to make the battery show correctly? I remember having to do this with the og droid…

  • coach

    i’m the lucky one, i guess.
    got mine, fully discharged, then recharged. been running +9h and have 71% remaining. normal usage: reddit is fun, checking email several times an hour, etc.

    • dragonflyr

      yeah .. mine has been pretty good so far.  definitely more juice than stock.  i ran it down to about 25% yesterday and just ran out of time!  it should hopefully just keep improving after a couple more charge cycles.  so, for 8 bucks .. i’m not complaining. it might not be as good as Seidio’s 3800, but i wouldn’t call it a total piece of crap either.

  • dragonflyr

    Just got mine today. Yes, the door is pretty bad.  You have to clip in the bottom, then the top, then kinda work in the sides.  Judging from the comments of those who’ve had it a day or two, I’m not expecting very good battery life.  I guess we’ve been “had”.  

  • daware

    Definitely disappointed in this battery, but kinda expected it for the cheap price.  It’s definitely lasting as long as it should, and the battery door I got didn’t fit either.

    • daware

      I mean definitely NOT lasting as long as it should.

  • Me

    Got mine Friday,,,,this battery sucks.  It performs worse than the stock battery.  I should have known it when I compared the weights of each battery.   The 3800ma is twice the size but weighs the same….this is a total scam!!!!!  The cover sucks too…you have to clip the top two tabs

  • Stephen Wesner

    I had to cut the tabs off to the top of mine to make the back go on.  Terrible back quality. Haha

  • RCH

    Just got my shipping confirmation email. We probably overloaded them with orders.

    • dragonflyr


  • dragonflyr

    has anyone received shipping info per this line on the “receipt”: 
    We will be sending out your tracking number to the email address you provided:

    • Stephen Wesner

      Nope. :/

      • dragonflyr

        fyi … finally got my shipping confirmation yesterday.  package is track-able .. and in transit.  

    • guest

      No…sent 2 e-mails asking, and no reply thus far


    Has any ever heard of supply and demand? It’s how the economy works. That’s why there is a new iPwn every year. Latest, greatest, newest – and if there are things that needs tweaking, then you’ll shell out the extra cash to get it. I got the extended battery on my phone because I use it for work.  To say that people shouldn’t be using their phone for social interaction kinda defeats the purpose of mobile technology does it not? If you are only going to use your phone for calling then get a Jitterbug – why spend the money? Those of us who appreciate the reach and accessibility we have will continue to use our phones for work and play and charge accordingly be it home, work or car!

  • Neutrontwin

    i call bs the talk time is 3.5-4 hours and the compatible devices are: 
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) DROID Prime SCH-I515 Nexus Prime 4G LTE (Google Nexus Prime)

  • I bought two of them.  They were $13.99 plus shipping, but there was a 5% discount code on the site and the free shipping one. I got both shipped for $26.  

  • speraider430

    Insert “I get 20 hours from my stock battery with moderate usage” bullcrap line….

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      inserting 16.

    • drparty

      Yah I have the screen forced on permanently and I stream pandora and youtube and netflix over 4G literally all day on the standard battery. I get about 20+ hrs brah!

  • shfghrwe
  • Bobby B 187

    I’d rather keep the SLIMMER phone and lose an hour or two battery.  Personal opinion.

    • speraider430

      You’re losing much more than an hour or two trust me

  • Jonzey231

    Anyone get an estimated shipping date? I bought it quickly yesterday and don’t remember seeing one anywhere.

    • Mine finally shipped.  I should have them by the 26th.  Kind of disappointed it took them 7 days to ship it and it is coming from California.  But for free shipping and the cheap price I bought 2 for less than half of a Seidio.

  • Adam F.

    I dont leave the main cities to much, so no problems here. i have however traveled over seas a few times and swapping a prepaid GSM simcard cannot be duplicated by a Verizon Gnex

  • ics

    really nice 😀

  • This might be selling very cheap but how good is the quality of it? I wouldn’t buy it if it was $5 unless they can show data on how it compares to Seidio’s 3800mAh battery for the Nexus. And the other company Mugen that sells their 4000mAh battery for close to $100 I’d want them to do the same, show proof that its great. When I get my Galaxy Nexus next month, I’m just gonna stick with the standard battery in the phone. I’m always near a charger anywhere I go so I’m not gonna spend the extra money when there really isn’t any proof it lasts as long as they say they do.

    • if I were you i’d hold off on gettng a nexus,wait to see if the updates ever come,the way it is now the nexus is not worth your money right now, way to many problems with it

      • They aren’t even hinting at anything though. I don’t want the Razr or anything like that. Completely stock experience device like the Nexus is what I’m looking for. If there was a peep about the Galaxy Nexus +/plus then I’d probably wait. I messed around with the Nexus in the Verizon store a few days ago and already like it more than my Bionic. What problems are happening with the Nexus? I’ve only heard great things about the phone from people I know that have it and of course the Verizon reps

        • I got mine the first day,kept hearing rumors of updates in jan. then heard feb.  now i’m hearing march,if I knew it would have been this long,I would not have bought it, I held on thinking they would fix it,my mic cuts out on calls a lot now,just one of many problems, think it over a lot before you jump,If I were you i’d wait and see what happens

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            the development community has fixed most of these problems in their roms. if you are still sitting stock, you kinda missed the point of buying a Nexus in the first place.  The Nexus is not a good phone running stock. period. Go get a RAZR Maxx, root it, and throw go launcher on it if you want the best “stock but rooted” experience.

          • no where in any advertisement or in store did anyone anywhere say “dont buy this phone its only for developers only” it was sold to the mass market,  ,am just asking that they fix it

          • Catalyst7

            You don’t need to be a developer to root your phone, the whole point of the nexus is customization and freedom

  • evilkokonut

    Any cheap cases that fit this battery?

  • cmalkiewicz

    Dropped $13 but the promo code still worked got free shipping

  • Just ordered it.. had to pay $13 for it, as the sale was over.. Still got free shipping! Will be awesome to use as a GeoCaching device!

  • Jspumphrey

    *inserts fanboy BS* oh you need to upgrade the battery on your gnex? My razr maxx already came with a good battery.

    • Greg-sax

      And a locked bootloader 🙂

  • Davel

    Looks like the sale is over 🙁

  • Irohazaka17

    Anyone else not able to add it to the cart? All the link does is show a picture of the battery and cover.

  • JulianZHuang

    im not putting that explosive on my GN haha 

  • real4life

    site will not let me order

  • saimin

    Link doesn’t work?

  • Chris

    seriously? this is ridiculous. how come EVERY 4G device needs extra battery pack?! if the device can’t handle its standard battery, then it should come with extra battery instead of us having to put out more cash.

    Otherwise, improve the f*#kin battery life that’s capable of handing 4G! Am I the only one that’s annoyed by this?!!

    • Tim242

      A 4G phone lasts all day with normal use. It’s people that can’t put their f*#kin phone down, that need extra juice.

      • Exactly. I have a Galaxy Nexus, and with moderate use, I have plenty of juice to last through the day.

      • Dan

        It’s the people that sit on facebook and twitter all day on their phone that have trouble getting through the day. People can get addicted to this stuff apparently

        • Tim242

          That is a huge part of the problem. I don’t get wrapped up in that crap. I even deleted Google + from my Nexus.

          • I’ve only drained my battery down once, but I was trying to coordinate 2 other groups of people over the course of a day, so mostly it was a problem with excessive use, and texting doesn’t even involve 4G!

        • Or the people who tether while connected via USB and the charge trickles to 0%…just saying.

          •  And those who don’t enable fast_charge in their kernels.
            You can do that in most that I know of…
            Imo’s LeanKernel for one.
            You lose MTP while fast charge is on…but the phone acts like it’s plugged into an AC rather than USB and pulls more power.
            No harm to the phone, is it’s still not pulling any more than it normally would.

          • Michael Strom

            If you need the most battery bang for buck, then you might to hop on this deal. For just $8, you can acquire a 3800mAh extended battery and back plate for the Galaxy Nexus. It may not be the prettiest thing on the Market, but at least your device won’t be dying anytime soon. john

      • JulianZHuang

        on weekdays, i charge my GN 4 times per day. my usage include gaming, cnet news, and more browsing. but 2 days ago, i switched to MIUI iphone theme with 
        franco.Kernel, i only need to charge 2 or 3 times per day now. 

        • Tim242

          Sounds like you need to get a job…or at least a hobby. You are spending 12-16 hrs a day on your phone.

          • JulianZHuang

            I got a job. My gn screen time max is at 2hrs. How can I get over 12hrs of usage with just 3 charges?

          • Tim242

            Using my Nexus, without putting it down…it lasts for 4.5-5 hours. That’s 4.5-5 hours of screen on time. So, 3 charges is over 12 hrs…easily. Maybe you have your screen brightness too high. Maybe you have social network junk constantly updating. Maybe you use your phone more than you think. I don’t know. But, on a work day when I am not constantly on my phone, I have lots of juice left at night. On days when I use it more, I do one battery change.

          • JulianZHuang

            30% brightness isn’t high. Maybe it’s the 4g that drink a lot of it. Anyway, everyone’s usage is different.

          • Tim242

            Not in 2 hrs.

          • JulianZHuang

            something wrong with my miui rom i guess.

          • Tim242

            I’m using AOKP M4, stock kernal, stock radios. I do not have any battery issues, unless I can’t put my phone down : )

          • JulianZHuang

            without my phone, I will bore to death at work.

          • Michael Strom

            If you need the most battery bang for buck, then you might to hop on this deal. For just $8, you can acquire a 3800mAh extended battery and back plate for the Galaxy Nexus. It may not be the prettiest thing on the Market, but at least your device won’t be dying anytime soon. Miami airport transfer, pita bread

    • John

      It’s not ridiculous whatsoever.  There is plenty of information on battery life available, and it’s up to YOU as a customer to decide what to purchase.  If you don’t like the battery life of current gen 4G LTE phones, don’t buy one.  Just don’t sit there complaining that someone needs to fix this issue, when 1) you are doing nothing to fix it, and 2) it’s not like manufacturers WANT poor battery life.. the technology just isn’t available at a price point you wouldn’t bitch at.   

      • Chris

        We live in a country where there’s freedom of speech so if you don’t like my comment, then move on right along. Who are you to tell me what to do?!

        As a consumer, I have a right to state my opinions, frustrations, and suggestions.

        You however seem to be one of those who worship Androids for what they are and find no flaws cause you’re a sucker. Pathetic. Whatever “nobody”.

        • God

          chris is a troll..ignore him.

          • Chris

             apparently, im not the only one that feels this way considering i have most “likes” and how dare you call yourself “God” when you’re filled with imperfections like the rest of us?

      • Chris

         Oh one more thing, don’t take it out on me and whine about my post cause i tell it like it is. You being sensitive to this topic obviously shows your bitterness of having to buy the extra battery life, yet trying to justify the flaw simply cause you own one.

      • OhAaron

        I have a Galaxy Nexus and I am very happy with it, but I think your “technology not available” thing is bull.  Look at the Razr Maxx.  It has GREAT battery life.  In fact, I doubt you could kill it in 24 hrs.

    •  I couldn’t agree more.  Anyone blaming this on “misuse” of facebook, twitter, google+, etc. it ridiculous.  Those are the things phones are made for nowadays.  Talking is tertiary.
      And for the haters… I have a LTE Nexus and my wife has a RAZR MAXX.  We don’t use social networking all that much.  We DO use navigation.  It’s one of the killer Android features and unfortunately kills the battery on even the might MAXX.

  • I’ll probably never use it, but I have spent more money on stupider things… so why not?

  • Tyrian

    Page is down for the $8 battery

    • Greg-sax

       doesnt work for me either

  • you can use FREESHIP too… lol 

  • David Kim

    too good to be true, but as a reseller they’re the real deal. so i’ll bite {http://www.resellerratings.com/store/CellularFactory}

  • Okolonga

    why would NFC not work with this battery?

    • sahilm

      The NFC antenna is literally on the stock battery, so a battery without the NFC antenna = no nfc.

  • igotadroid

    i just ordered. used paypal for a little extra security, i hope. 8 bucks for a 3800 battery? um yes I’ll take it. just ordered 3 more for my bro, his gf, and my buddy. 

    • sahilm

      Don’t know if you use it, but this does not have NFC according to my research. 

      • John

        Ya i would’ve gotten it otherwise

      • Igotadroid

        If for some reason i’d need to use nfc, i’ll just swap batteries. Not enough stores around here use Google wallet and i dont have many friends to use nfc sharing with :'(

        • it sounds like you have at least three nfc friends

        • nowhere

          i use it all the time at places with the mastercard touch to pay feature.. even though the places dont have the actual google wallet sticker on them

  • haomeng27


  • Steve of UHS

    I give it a one in three chance of being legit… well better buy three!


    Are you sure? Have you ever ordered any goods from this site, specially this bettery? 

    • Geekout

      the site looks…. a bit.. sketchy…

  • Vespadaddy

    I grabbed 2 of these.  One for me, and one for the Mrs.  This will be great for camping trips, or all day winter activities, like snowboarding, etc. (won’t need NFC for those activities)


    I just ordered it and I will post my own review after using 2 or 3 days.  I really appreciate  Droid-Life for informing this wonderful site. I hope this extended battery would work fine.
    In addition, I’ve noticed that 4G signals of my Galaxy Nexus contains pretty strong since last week in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Usually, in my work place, my Nexus switched from 4G to 3G or sometimes disconnected frequently although it shows pretty stable 4G connections at my home where is SE suburban.  Does someone know what happens in Verizon’s signal strengths or  Nexus’ software updates?       

  • Just ordered one…my wife and I have annual passes to Disney, and every time we go (every couple of weeks), I manage to kill my GNex during the day. Any other time, my battery life is fine on the 2100mAh, but for $8, this will get me through a day at Disney. 

    • Geekout

      that’s EXACTLY the reason i got mine! I love going from 8 AM to 12 AM!! PARTAY!!!

      • I really love Disney, I don’t care how cheesy it is lol. Epcot is our favorite, but we park-hop a lot.

        • Geekout

          haha i’m from the west coast! Greeting from the Disneyland Resort in CA!!

    • Kevin Kintner

      I was thinking of doing the exact same thing, we also have annual passes to Disney World and live about 12 miles away so we are there frequently. Site is down for the $8 batteries though right now. 

      • I’m all the way down in Vero, which adds about 3 hours of travel time, so my phone is inevitably dead before I get home. I managed to get one ordered before it crashed…guessing Droid Life #neilwebfailed the site.

    • I bought cheap standard batteries for my Droid 2 and my daughter’s OG Droid before going to WDW last summer.  I think I paid $10.00 for three of the batteries.  They sucked at holding a charge and I’d never use one as my main battery, but they did exactly what I wanted them to do, which is get me through the long-ass days in the parks.  This battery should do the trick for you.

  • Asdfadf

    its fake, don’t order.  i got something once and it was garbage

  • Robsmith Nikon

    Google checkout, $8, free shipping, 3800mAh… why not?  In for one.  Will be handy on those days when I know I will be out and away from a power source.

  • Probably like the same batteries they sell on Dealextreme. 

    This comment was Made in China. 

  • Okolonga

    whats “not NFC”?

    • OhAaron

      It doesn’t have an NFC antenna like the OEM stock battery/ extended battery.  Therefore, no Android Beam/Google Wallet.

  • saimin

    Are these no-name batteries safe to use in my phone?

  • Got it for $14. Rather not have NFC and have the phone last all day

  • dragonflyr

    the “sold” count is going up pretty fast. it’s worth a shot for $8. 

  • Shipping Weight:    2.50 ozWhat’s in the box:   1*EXTENDED BATTERY 1*EXTENDED BATTERY COVER SKU: 58723-781484
    Location: S88-217 its ugly, but cheap   lol

    • RadicalPie

      if you know you are going to be away from a plug all day why not. 

      • mjmedstarved

        This is the only reason I got it..

  • man that site has a lot of junk   lol

    • Mark Wilk

       I was thinking the same thing. I thought it was a scam link at first.

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  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    One word, nasty. 

  • its the battery and the door for 14 bucks, non NFC

  • G-Nex

    I found this through fatwallet.com this morning and ordered one. For only $8, why not.

  • looks like its just the door that is for sale 

    • RadicalPie

      Go through the link and read the description, “This Cell Phone Lithium-Ion Extended Battery (3800mAh).”

      • dragonflyr

        What’s in the box:   1*EXTENDED BATTERY 1*EXTENDED BATTERY COVER Item Number:   58723-S88-217

  • Mark Wilk

    I’d rather spend the extra bucks and get something like this: http://www.amazon.com/New-Trent-IMP500-External-Blackberry/dp/B0013G8PTS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331594822&sr=8-1

    That way my phone doesn’t look like a tank and can be placed in a case. 

    • I’ve been looking for something like this that I can just throw in my backpack while walking around all day.

      • Mark Wilk

        I don’t own one but the New Trent batteries got a bunch of positive reviews on Amazon and you can get one up to 11000mAh(!) Something I might pick up down the road (when the wallet lets me).

        • Right there with ya, gotta wait for the wallet to recharge so I can let my phone recharge on the go!

        • I can say it is awesome. I got one of the biggest ones they made at the time and think it still is, the 11000mah and it was well worth it for days I woundn’t be around a plug. It would fully charge my TB at least three times and it does the same with my G-Nex. Well worth the money for people that aren’t always in constant contact with a charger port. 

  • Tatsuo

    is this safe?  i’m always skeptical of something someone sells for 8 dollar where another person is selling for $70.  (Seidio Non-NFC)

    • I am the same way. Bought one of these one off batteries before and the thing lasted two or three charges and then would only hold half charges.

  • not NFC either

    • Okolonga

      what is NFC?

      • ArmanUV

        you have a gnexus and don’t know what nfc is?

      • nfc chip thats in the nexus

        • Michael_NM

          Nfc chip to use instead of an ATM machine if you’ve forgotten your PIN number?

          NFC=near field chip. Nfc chip is redundant. 🙂

          • Okolonga


          • Gallardo94

            NFC is near field communication, not chip.

          • Travis J

            NFC=Near Field Communication

          • Angrydono

            By the way, ATM=Automated Teller Machine. ATM machine is redundant. 😛

            Haha, I know! I know! I just couldn’t help it! No ill feelings. xD

          • D.C.

            PIN = Personal Identification Number, so PIN Number is equally redundant.

      • NFC is the conference that won the Super Bowl this year