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Sneaky Deal: Motorola LapDock 500 at Verizon Only $149, Compatible with the DROID 4 and RAZRs

Most people can’t justify spending $300+ for Motorola’s LapDock 500. It’s a device and feature that has potential, but until Motorola adds some polish, that price may not be worth it. But what if you could score one for $149? Would that be worth it? If you game Verizon’s accessory system a tad, you can have it for that price today. The instructions below will walk you how to purchase the accessory by choosing the DROID 4, but according to Motorola, the RAZR and RAZR MAXX are also compatible with it. 


1.  Go to Verizon’s site.
2.  Click the big “Shop” button up top.
3.  When the page loads, scroll down and click “View All” next to Accessories.
4.  Click on the “DROID 4.”
5.  LapDock 500 should be the first option, simply click “Add to Cart” from that page.
6.  Go straight into your cart and you should see it for $149.99 rather than the $249.99.
7. Checkout and enjoy.

Cheers Kickin Wayne!

  • It appears that they are sold out.

  • Rebe

    Verizon is out of the 500 series and still charging $199 not $50 for the 100 series.

  • TSE




  • Kubatzke80

    They took it down now 🙁

  • BShab

    Now just comes up as ‘temporarily out of stock’; oh well, available on Amazon for $203.

  • Ordered mine last Friday and got it Wednesday. Looks great, but my renewal isn’t till the middle of the month so I can’t even do anything with it till then.

  • DroidDIY

    Ordered one Friday night of the DL post. Received an email from Verizon confirming order and that they would notify us when it ships. Checked this morning and there is no record of this order in my verizon and the confirmation email has disappeared. Two of us saw the email and no one here deleted it.
    I hope someone gets on of these.
    Pretty sneaky of Big Red. They could of just told us they couldn’t honor it. They didn’t have to go alll Mission Impossible on it.

  • Craig

    I had a chance to play with this today and it’s not bad. Faster than I thought it would be and perfectly acceptable for most using it for browsing, video, music, email, etc. I wish the phone attached in a less clumsy manner but overall I’m happy. It makes for a decent backup computer.

  • Bluebanzai

    I ordered one at 4:30PM EST on Friday but I got an email this morning saying that they are out of stock and that it would be shipped out as soon as it was available..

    • James VanDieren

      I ordered on Saturday, well before their site indicated that the item was out of stock and I got that same “Item is out of stock” email. One would think that their Point of Sale, Inventory, and Fulfillment systems would be integrated so they couldn’t oversell their stock. My guess is that they suspended shipment on sales until they could figure out why it was ringing in at 50% off instead of $50 off.

  • JoeBionic

    I’ve been wondering why this is called a “Sneaky Deal.”  I would call it a wonderful deal, great deal, awesome deal, but not sneaky deal.  

  • Even though I ordered one yesterday, I went back to see if the deal still worked and the site has them listed as out of stock.

  • BPPride817

    I just went right into the store and bought it at that price!

  • RyanJChristian

    Bought one last night and checked my bank account this morning to see what they charged and lo and behold they charged me $322 instead of $160. Spent about a hour the phone sorting this out. They assured me it was a system error and that the units were actually selling for $299. They did honor the $162 and they credited my account for the other $150 extra they charged. They said they were going to fix it asap, so you better hurry up if you plan on getting one for $150. Congratulations to all who jumped on this great deal, oops I mean mistake hahahah! 🙂

  • Joebeau

    Still working today!

  • Survey

    I just bought one of these without being signed in…..but I logged in to check it out and it was showing
    $150.00 OFF when I was logged in too.

  • Gerret Walczak

    In for one, thanks!

    The fiancee’s laptop is dying, and she loves her Razr, good fix for both. If I don’t like it, I can easily return it..

  • Cecole0984

    Idk if anyone else has encountered the problem yet. I ordered a dock yesterday for 160…but my card got billed 320. Had to sit on the phone for awhile with big red. Will get money accredited back to account after they talk to the treasury department within next 3 business days. Then still depending on my bank or not, another 10 days. So check your accts! Get ready for a Big red system error that isnt really a system error.

    • JoeBionic

      I just checked my CC.  No problem, the correct charge was entered.  

    • RyanJChristian

      Bought one last night and checked my bank account this morning to see what they charged and lo and behold they charged me $322 instead of $160. Spent about a hour the phone sorting this out. They assured me it was a system error and that the units were actually selling for $299. They did honor the $162 and they credited my account for the other $150 extra they charged. They said they were going to fix it asap, so you better hurry up if you plan on getting one for $150. Congratulations to all who jumped on this great deal, oops I mean mistake hahahah! 🙂

    • Kevin Raymond

      It looks like my credit card was only billed $160.

  • JoeBionic

    It is a real deal.  Ordered on Friday afternoon and it was shipped an hour later.  It should be in my hands on Tuesday.

  • Bretfeltman

    II just bought 3 of them so it’s still working! Gonna throw the other two on ebay and basically get mine for free! Thank you for the heads up 🙂

  • No longer a sweet deal.  Big Red must have caught on…..sorry I didn’t check DL sooner.  Congrats to everyone who snagged one!

    • R-Rated

      Actually, it is still showing up that way here is the Nashville, TN area.

      • Guest

        I added it to the cart and it showed up as $150. Kind of tempting just for the battery (during travel) but to be honest I would never use it with the tablet that I use for movies; so I passed (if I had seen one in person and it had a great screen i might reconsider but the lapdock 200 had a horrible screen and i just can’t see myself buying this unseen).

    • JoeBionic

      The deal is still on.  Make sure you don’t log on to your account and follow the DL instructions for Droid 4.

  • Cowboyollie

    I bought the Razr Maxx this past Monday and wanted to buy the Lapdock 500 but didn’t need that accessory at the time.  When I saw this…I immediately went to My Verizon and put it in the check out cart and Baaaammmmm..$149.99.  Before I checked out, I chatted with an online Verizon Customer Rep and asked him if that was right.  He said it should be $249.99.  I told him it is showing up for $149.99.  I checked out and sent him the confirmation # and he was shocked.  He said he didnt how I got that deal, but I stole it.   This means that Verizon employees had no clue about this deal.   Who ever bought this, including myself, hit a home run tonight.  HOLLA!!!! 

    • RyanJChristian

      Lol…I just bought a maxx Wednesday and was checking the 500 out as well, but I just couldn’t see myself shelling out 300 plus tax. I told myself had it been about a 100 cheaper I probably would have got it…well looks like my wish came true! So glad I headed over to DROID life before I went to bed! I just snatched one…glad Verizon hadn’t caught wind yet. It’s 9:30 Cali time over here and it is still working. Thanks! Lol…watch the joke be on us…knowing Motorola, watch em drop the lap dock 1000 next week…hahahahah…still a great deal regardless …:)

    • seeker1321

      way to work at killing the deal for everyone else.

      • Cowboyollie

        did you get one?

        • seeker1321

          Yeah I ordered one, but there is no guarantee that it will ship. You might not be aware of it, but deals like this have their own rules kinda like Fight Club, and the first rule is don’t talk to the stores or their reps, so that as may of us can get in on the deal as possible, the longer it takes them to change it, the better chance we have of getting our product shipped. The faster they become aware of the error the more likely a cancellation will occur.  Even if the order goes through, until your holding it in your hand they have the power to cancel.  As an example just look at all the people that lost out on the $198  LG 42″ deal on New Year’s Eve, because Best Buy canceled everyone’s order except for in house store pick up, that only happened because someone made upper management aware of the deal. 

    • tech247

       Yeah what an idiot. Ruin it for everyone else. SMFH.

      • Cowboyollie

        who is an idoit now…..still going because its a promotion….dont you think Big Red would have caught on yesterday….Kevin and tech247 you are some bright ones….they let anyone respond especially you two….I’M SMFH….too laughable…..

        • yomotherandfather

          Hey Cowboy,
          You always were a little slower than the other children at school. To do this day, I’m amazing you haven’t choked to death eating those banana Popsicle you love so much.Sincerely,Your parents

    • Kevin Raymond

      Hopefully they’ll honor all the orders. Now I’m paranoid about getting my order cancelled.

  • WickedToby741

    Couldn’t pass it up. Besides, I need something to keep me entertained with my Bionic to keep myself from selling it on Ebay and getting a Nexus. This and the leaked ICS screenshots for the Razr should keep me at bay for a while. I’m curious to see if I’ll use this or my Touchpad more. I like how for $300 I basically got a 10″ tablet AND a netbook.

  • me

    one other thing to consider every time you upgrade your phone you also upgrade your lapdock

  • me

    this works for bionic too i bought one

  • George Davis

    I’m in!  Couldn’t pass this deal up, especially since it’s compatible with future Moto phones. Oh and I’m rocking a Bionic .902.

  • Kevin Raymond

    I ordered one… too good to pass up! This would be perfect to take to class.

  • Craig

    My order has already shipped, it’s with FedEx and should be here Monday 🙂

  • Taglogical

    Pulled the trigger on this SO hard for my Bionic. Gogo Ubuntu!!

  • Anthony Palumbo

    i wonder if i can call when i get it and stack my 30 percent corporate discount on it

  • rosariorose9

    Logged into my Verizon account and got it at the $149 price at 5:00 pm Pacific time.

  • Mojoman

     Like others, it is just too good a deal to pass up.  If I decide I don’t like it, I should have no problem selling it with no loss and possibly a decent profit.

  • Mike S

    Just ordered one. Great price for a device with a built-in webcam, USB ports, keyboard and 14″ screen. And free 2-day ground shipping too!

  • baobao22


  • JoeBionic

    This is one reason why Moto smartphones are desirable.  Moto supports their smartphones with attractive and functional accessories at release or soon after.  Now, hopefully with the change in CEOs, Moto will be unlocking their bootlockers. 

  • Scooterman7

    Verizon site says not compatible with RAZR MAXX. However, Motorola site says it IS. I’m taking Motorola’s word. I just ordered one. I also had to log out of my account with corporate discount.

    • WickedToby741

      It’s compatible with more phones than Verizon lists. If your phone sports Webtop, it should work. The Razr, Razr Maxx, and Droid 4 can use all of the features, but others like the Atrix, Atrix 2, Bionic, and Photon should be able to use the basic functions with possible support for features like the USB port and webcam coming in future software updates. Razr Maxx should be fully supported though.

  • You have to be LOGGED OUT of the Verizon site to see the deal. Just figured this out when I went and placed my order.

    • Scooterman7

       Yes, many comments have already said that.

      • Sorry…I looked through quickly but didn’t see that.

        • Scooterman7

           I’m glad you were able to get it. Now, to just hope we all don’t receive an email telling us it was a mistake, and they are refunding our payment.

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    Nice.  Not everything will work with my bionic, but I can always resell for a few bucks more.

    • Droidzilla

      If someone gets that wicked awesome Ubuntu thing working for the Bionic, you’ll be glad you got this.

  • ChefDave

    Dammit I am not getting the discounted price. Tried twice, then even added a phone temporarily, and price at cjeckout was $249.

  • Trueblue711

    $150 seems like a fair price for this. If I had a compatible phone, I’d pick one up now.

  • Mikeg1969

    In for one, just got my confirmation.  Thanks for the great tip!!

  • Damagickid

    i just got two. Incase i get my gf a razr or d4…if i decide not to. ill make good profit on ebay!

  • Unique

    You don’t have to pick Droid 4, It was listed the same with RAZR under the View All Accessories. I’t shows $50 off but when checkout it’s priced at $149.99

  • I’m not sure why, but I figured I’d get it for fun to use with the upcoming Ubuntu stuff and at $150, it’s a good price.  If I decide against it, it looks like I could at the very least get my money back on Ebay.  I have a few laptops, a tablet and now those, so it’s kind of not necessary, but oh well!

  • Thomas Lecceadone

    Thank you for the info!!!!  Was going to use my tax refund for this at 300.  Half Price is assume!

  • DeeMat

    Since we have 2 Droid RAZRs at home, I figured we will use this enough to justify the purchase. 

  • huskerhog

    So what’s the advantage to this as opposed to tethering via USB to my laptop?

    • huskerhog

      Does Verizon charged for a tethered mobile hotspot?  I know they do for a wireless hotspot.

      • Craig

        There is no additional tethering charge when using this device only.

  • Craig

    For those saying this doesn’t work, you must log out of your account, clear cookies, return to VZW, add item to cart, then you can log in.

  • Got it to work.  I had to clear browser cache and not log in.  Put in my zip code, but did not sign in. You also have to add it to the cart with out click on the actual detail page. When it shows up in the accessory list, select add to cart and then check on cart.  If you go into the item, then add it and then view it, it’s full cost.

  • Craig

    AT $156 delivered and billed to my account I couldn’t resist. I usually carry my Macbook Air when I travel but this may be an acceptable option. Amazon is selling this dock for $350. I would never pay that much but at this price it even makes a great backup computer. Thanks for the post Kellex 🙂

  • Just checked. Still works. Easiest way I’ve found is just go to the search bar and manually find the lapdock 500. Select the 32GB RAZR for compatibility check. Add to card. Proceed to checkout. Should show as $150 when you look at it on the checkout screen.

  • Just tried twice, still wont come up at the correct price of 250

    • jcw

      Did you look in your cart after adding it?  It shows up at $249 until you actually add it to your cart, the proceed with the order.

      • Had to clear cache, make sure I didn’t log in before I could do it.

  • This no longer works.  I just tried myself.

    • jcw

      Still works here…

    • sfcascooter

      Just worked for me at 3pm PST

  • geekabilly

    What a deal — just snagged one but had to log out of corp account in order to get the price – was going to mod an Atrix lapdock for my Bionic but it’s rare that you see them used for <$100 on eBay — I can live with a few missing features until the Bionic webtop software is upgraded:  http://goo.gl/1qA0o

  • JoeBionic

    Pulled the trigger for my Bionic.  I hope Moto decides to update the Bionic webtop firmware soon so that I can get the full functionality of the 500. Now I have to sell my Freedom Pro keyboard that I have been using with the Bionic.

    • Immolate

      I did as well. I was able to select Bionic and the cart said $149.99 or whatever. Nice.

  • subiedude85

    Tempted to buy one of these for my razr instead of a tablet but even at 150 I need to mull it over.

  • jim

    system seems down… “page is not currently available”…

  • The Phoenix

    This Lapdock costs about 500-550$ in Europe where I live…. If it’d be 150$ (or 300$ I’d buy it), but around 500$ (100 500 HUF ) is ridiculous.

    • Droidzilla

      Buy it from Verizon Online and have it shipped to a freight forwarder in the US. You’ll pay a little in shipping, but not that much (depending on the freight forwarder you use).

    • Pfigurella

      What is the current exchange rate for the for forent?

      I visited Budapest once and it was an awesome city.

  • Motoman

    Wanted to buy this one for a long time and finally bought it now… :P.
    Although I was pondering on the “place final order” button for a heck of a long time .. finally clicked it though 

  • mbanicek

    Dual-core 1GHz CPU
    Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; Open GL, ES/EGL
    Storage: 2GB for OS disk image
    HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device
    USB host mode
    512 MB RAM

    With MHL and non-removable storage, I wonder whether G-Nex will be supported by Ubuntu.

    • WickedToby741

      It won’t. No existing devices will. Canonical is only allowing it to be pre-installed onto pre-released devices for now and don’t have any plans to open source it at this point. I also don’t think they plan to add MHL support or at least not initially since it says devices must have USB support and HDMI out, not HDMI/USB or MHL. No mention of MHL is made, so don’t expect MHL support. Also, I believe Ubuntu has only been married to Gingerbread thus far, although it does say it supports subsequent Android versions.

  • Will McCoy

    Worth noting that this didn’t show up if I was logged into the website with my corporate discount. Logged out and bam, there it is.

  • Company I work for has 6 of these for citrix… they work acceptably well.

  • master94

    Just wish it was thinner so I can take it on the go

  • Bewara2009

    I might buy this for my brother since he is has been dying for this LapDoc..

  • Lol this is 150 and the GNex (Not trolling, I use one) desk dock is freakin $90. Insane.

    • Bewara2009

      What do you expect? The gnex dock is made of plastic so it be cheaper than moto.

      • Aaron

         He’s not pointing out that its cheaper but that its way too close in price because the gnex dock does practically nothing and is $90.

  • ddevito

    It’s still expensive and the performance is so slow no one wants to use it. I was hoping devs would develop something but thanks to Moto this isn’t possible (yet).

    I would like to see someone hack a GNex and throw ubuntu on it like we saw the other day

    • Bewara2009

      Keep dreaming on….

      • ddevito

        I say its ready in 6 months.

        • Bewara2009

          I doubt that maybe longer “if” someone did.. just saying

          • Tony Allen

            I guess you missed the video of Ubuntu running on an Atrix 2. It isn’t vaporware, it’s entirely real. It will be coming sooner than later.

          • LaCokaNostra

            He wants to justify his motorola purchase

  • LaCokaNostra

    Waiting for umbutu

    • Droidzilla

      This. Of course, I would like to have the lapdock already for when this is integrated. I’m a bit broke atm, but $150 is a heck of a deal.

  • hkklife

    Anyone know if this would work with the Bionic as well?

    • Moto says that it is compatible starting with the RAZR, then all webtop devices going forward. I think the Bionic will miss the cut. When mine arrives, I’ll let you know though.

      • I checked too (owning a bionic).  According to the Verizon website, it’s compatible.  I’ve got an itchy trigger finger right now…..  

        • Good to know that it works. 🙂

          • Redneckben22

            Don’t worry about what Verizon says is compatible, check with the motorola website

      • From the Moto website:

        Droid Bionic can be used with Ladpock 500 Pro to enjoy the larger display, larger keyboard, and webtop functionality, however select new features will require a future software upgrade for full functionality. The features not yet supported by Lapdock 500 Pro with Droid Bionic are the integrated webcam, VGA output, Ethernet connection, and SD card reader. 

        • CaptainKGB

          SD Card slot does work with Bionic, with the caveat that it needs to be FAT32 format.

    • CaptainKGB

      I use it with my Bionic.  the web cam does not work, no drivers in the bionics firmware.