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Asus Facebook: Original Transformer to Receive Ice Cream Sandwich In February or March

A statement regarding the eventual update of the original Eee Pad Transformer to Ice Cream Sandwich has been issued to concerned customers via the Asus Facebook page. The Transformer Prime has been enjoying ICS for a bit now, so we can understand the impatience some Transformer owners may be experiencing.

Asus’ statement:

Dear fellow Asus members, we would like to say that we appreciate all the support we see in our Asus Facebook page every day. It makes our contributions worthwhile and fulfilling.

We are informed that the ICS upgrade for TF101 will be ready within theFeb/March 2012 period. You will be able to receive the upgrade notification via FOTA once we have a confirmation date.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

So, February/March time frame? That’s not bad. Seeing as how we are already half way through the month, March is right around the corner. Just a little bit longer, folks.

Via: Android Police

  • Kiteless

    Finally! My FT101 wants something cold and frosty. Way to go Asus. Please just don’t postpone. 

  • Hey, I’m happy to see that ASUS is communicating.  I’d rather it get pushed back a month or so and have it actually work acceptably, than get a premature release of ICS that they then have to issue multiple patches to fix.  I love my OG Transformer and hope that ICS will make it better.

  • Anonymous

    Well I can’t wait for it. In the meantime will just have to enjoy ICS on my GNex.

  • Johnnyrocket49

    Why is there is there I-Phonies looking at this page.  Please Troll your pages and stay away from Android — we don’t need or want sheep.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got no issue’s what so ever with this time frame.  Let Asus work out the kinks in the Transformer Prime .  I would rather have a more polished update in mid March as opposed to a buggy one rushed out in mid Feb.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I’m very disappointed in Asus.  I was very tempted to hold off on buying a Tablet, but I decided to because of my travels with work.  I ended up going with Asus for a variety of reasons, and I truly think the OGT was the best product at the time. 

    Unfortunately, Asus has now showed us that once the product is out of the limelight, that it’s no longer a priority for updates.  This will only happen more and more as Asus… differentiates themselves in the Android world.

    Prime owners, do you think you’re going to be the first with Jellybean once the new Prime is released? 

    With Asus slated to also release two 7″ tablets, I only foresee this problem getting worse and worse, with Asus focusing on the newer products and less and less on the older products.  I understand there was a rush to be the first ICS tablet to show how timely they are with updates, but this is ridiculous. 

    It’s obvious they focused all their development power on the Prime.  They then blamed the Chinese new year for the delay, and then Google.  I will not be buying any future Asus tablet offerings unless it is CM supported.  Updates are important to me, and Asus shows they only care about their flagship product. 

    Isolating early adopters is not how you create brand loyalty.  I can’t imagine how the 40 people that purchased the slider tablet are feeling right now.  Maybe they’ll get ICS around the same time as the Droid RAZR.

    Yes, I’m disappointed bro, not really too mad though, just disappointed bro.

    • T M M Froggytriumph

      The Transformer ICS upgrade file, available on the ASUS website, can be manually installed on the Slider and it works great

  • Agnog
  • Mike Jones


  • funny when they told us mid February before….ill believe it when i see it

  • Anonymous

    I do want to look on the bright side I really do because at least we are getting it and at least it will come soon, however this makes ASUS liars about it being in testing by google, or it means it had problems and google rejected it, so they have things they have to go back and fix to win approval again, meaning google must be taking a hard line with UI in ICS.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Asus aint forget about us

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Asus, you made my decision to sell my Asus Transformer much easier.

    iPad here I come.

    • Anonymous

      Rofl. Wont start. Just wont. Honeycomb is better than an ipad.

      • Anonymous

        Sure believe that if it helps you sleep at night. Honeycomb is total ass, it can’t even handle portrait orientation for some fucked up reason.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like you’re the one that’s focked up, if you can’t figure out portrait orientation.

          If you’re going to troll, at least point out something legitimate, like delayed response from the keyboard when typing in the browser. Don’t make it sound like you’ve never even seen one.

          • Emilio Figueroa

            Well the iPad 2’s hardware does completely destroy the Transformer’s and IOS is better optimized for its own hardware, so it would actually be a step up from the Transformer (minus, of course the closed operating system and such)

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Trolls and fanboys say things like “completely destroys.” The hardware is comparable at best. The Transformer is lighter, has a much better screen and cameras, and the same battery life. So, no, it does not appear the ipad “completely destroys” it in hardware.

            The one thing the ipad has going against it, more than anything else, is the fact that in searching for thinness, it lost ergonomics. There are many, many reports of people developing joint problems in their hands due to long-term use of the ipad, because it is difficult to hold in any position with one hand, except laying it down on a table or in one’s lap.

            In searching for “the perfect design” they developed a design with very shoddy user experience.

        • Anonymous

          what are you talking about?   I love people who pose as owners of a product but then reveal themselves as the phoney’s they are by stating a wrong facts.

          You iPhans are the best now run along with the rest of the sheep and enjoy your oversized iPod touch  and by the way how do you like your black bars on your movies with the iPad  Chunky or extra Chunky.  

  • Anonymous

    that’s terrible actually. how prime got it first, shortly after release. and all these people that supported your original product and promoted your product. to make wait. this is whats ridiculous with android period. before i start getting flagged. i have a galaxy nexus. ics should be had by all. SOONER.

    • Raven

      I like my Transformer so much now, I am not even sure how getting ICS is going to make me like it even more.  ICS was a huge improvement over 2.x versions for phones, I get that.  But, what new features does it really offer over Honeycomb for tablets?  Anything other than a performance boost?

  • Anonymous

    LOL, my older Transformer will get ICS before my D3 which at this rate, may NEVER get ICS.  ASUS, please make a BOSS phone!  PLEASE!!!

  • Wade Wilson

    Well I was hoping for mid February…guess it’s just a waiting game now…

  • Anonymous

    i think this is the first time that Asus is not on top of things with the Transformer upgrades… and I think that’s due to the Prime (now we have competition within Asus). it’s hard to be patient… but Asus has been really good to us about upgrades. I choose to give them a break.

  • My prime is having so many issues with the latest update.

  • Anonymous

    ugh today just got worse… first my bionic wont get ICS til possibly xmas, (unrelated) my stitches on my face from hockey aren’t coming out before my internship interviews tomorrow, got a pop-quiz worth 10% of my grade today (who gives pop quizzes in your senior year of college), got back a bad test grade, and i come home to check my OGT for ICS… and boom this. …ugh, tomorrow better be good for my internship interviews ahaha

    • #firstworldproblems

  • Nexus for my phone, Asus for my tablet and notebook.  Good stuff!

    • Anonymous

      Same here!

  • jmu33


  • Al Chandler

    Never fails. delay after delay after delay. people wonder why apple owners laugh.

    • Tldspectre

       So when’s that iOS update coming out that’s supposed to fix the battery issues that iOS5.0.1 was SUPPOSED to fix, pray tell?? My wife’s an apple owner and she’s definitely not laughing since the upgrade…

  • Miztrniceguy


  • Anonymous

    My MZ602 just got Asus’ed..

    • Tommy

      I see what you did there

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