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Amazon Preparing For Mid-2012 Launch Of 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire Tablet?

According to a note to clients from a Pacific Crest analyst regarding Amazon’s forecast for Kindle sales in 2012, the number has been greatly raised from $12.7 million to $14.9 million due to the future sale of a 9-inch model Kindle that will launch in mid-2012. Last year, there were reports circulating that Amazon did plan on launching two separate tablets at different times, so this shouldn’t be coming as too much of a surprise.

The previous “Hollywood” tablet was rumored to be a full 10 inches, but with the huge success that smaller tablets have been receiving, it could be possible that Amazon has decided to take a smaller approach or have decided to just push its launch back. Anyone feel that as long as Amazon can keep the price down like they have been doing, they should find more market success? Let us know.

Via: BGR

  • WAldenIV

    8.9 is the perfect size. It’s about the largest you can comfortably hold with one hand and the display is stunning with a resolution of 1280 x 800 (or higher). I want 10 inch tablets to go away, they are a mistake created by Apple. The iPad size, aspect ratio, and resolution were all bad decisions that others have felt compelled to copy.

    • Justin A Rogers

      Idk I have to disagree with ya.. both me and my wife live our 10 inch tablets

      • Josh Groff

        I’ll have to agree there, but if this was ~200-300, which seeing the latest trend with tabs seems possible, it would be hard to pass up. Although, that ASUS 7″ has my eye at the moment.

  • Borgi_smug

    via BGR… yawn…

  • Chris G

    I’d prefer to just get an amazon prime streaming app for regular android tabs.  I don’t need to have an android delivery system, a regular kindle, and a transformer prime.

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  • @Moids

    Irrelevant unless resolution is substantially greater. 8.9 is perfect size just make it IPS and LED backlit

    • @moids

      Actually it’d be clutch if they released it as an ICS tablet so they could enable the OpenGL ES system wide hardware acceleration. The Kindle Fire is way too laggy. And Gorilla Glass 2 or Lotus Glass please.

      Come on, Bezos. Stay ahead of the curve.


  • Philip Van Luke

    I dont know, I think the price cannot be right at $299 they are in transformer territory, and id rather have a full featured honeycomb tablet at that price than a amazon delivery system, and at $199 they would piss alot of recent fire buyers off.

    • Josh Groff

      Maybe 249.99 like ASUS’s quad 7″ announcement?

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the few reasons I returned my fire. If I was essentially buying a Amazon content jukebox it needed to be larger, lighter and have a ff camera even at that discounted price.

  • Jason

    How they are going to compete with the upcoming Memo I dunno, the specs are going to have to be pretty neato.

  • Jer85008

    I’m sure they will release something in the 9-10″ range this year. Ever try to read a digital magazine on a 7″ tablet? It sucks. Bad. If they can keep it under $300 I’ll happily join the Kindle family.

    • Same here. My one turn off has been the size for mags. But under $300 (I hope), + amazon prime with free 2 day shipping, unlimited video streaming of their recently netflix sized catalog and 1 free book a month… Sign me up.

  • Eli173d

    Hope it’s not as heavy as the current kindle fire.

    • Josh Groff

      The fire is light as a feather. o-o Then again, so is the iPad imo. 

  • Anonymous

    This will be mine. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If this is built of of the GTab 8.9, it’ll be full of win. I’d prefer the GTab 7.7, though.