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DROID RAZR 6.12.173 Update Pulled and Available for Use, Brings Phone to Android 2.3.6 [No Root Required]


First off, understand that this is a leaked build and is likely not the official file that you will see on your phones from Verizon. These test builds are pulled from time to time by devs and are flashable as if they were official but again, most are not. With that said, after flashing this new build 6.12.173, you can get yourself back to official 6.11.748 fairly easily.

So what’s in this new build and why should you update your phone to it? Well according to those that have been running it for a bit, the LTE radio update is worth it by itself. It will also bring you a new look to some Blur settings (like Settings menu icons), a bunch of new bloatware including Slingbox and Moto Car Finder, and the phone will jump up to Android 2.3.6, which is at least newer than the 2.3.5 you are currently running. 

Instructions (simple version):

*You do not need to be rooted to flash this file.

1.  Download this file to your SD card (not internal storage).

*You want the file located in /mnt/sdcard-ext

2.  Power down your phone.
3.  Reboot into recovery by holding both Volume Up and Down and Power at the same time.
4.  When the first menu appears, choose “recovery.”

*Scroll using Volume Down. Select “recovery” with Volume Up.

5.  When the exclamation and Android logo appear, press both volumes at the same time.
6.  Select “apply update from sdcard.”  Scroll with Volume Down, select with Power switch.
7.  Select the file “Blur_Version.6.11.748.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip” to flash.

*Yes, 6.11.748 is the current version you are on. Moto names their update files this way. They name them as the version you are coming from, not the version you are going to.

8.  Watch your phone update itself! And trust me, it will take a while.
9.  When it finishes, choose “reboot system now.”
10.  Enjoy your updated phone!

Full instructions on keeping root through the update along with the file to roll back to the official OTA update path can be found at the source link below.

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers J!


    All I get over and over is Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. ?????

  • So with this version will I be able to bypass the Verizon check of their original bloatware.  The OTA fails for me because I (hastily) removed bloatware instead of freezing it.  

  • Benzoom3

    worked like a charm..and I’m rooted. Thank you

  • Jennifer Husted

    I scanned through the comments here, and it doesn’t look like anyone else is having this problem…  Although I admit I didn’t read them all thoroughly.  Okay, here’s what happened.  I was still at work when I got my “Daily Digest” email.  I saw this article and eagerly read it, then eagerly went to the link and downloaded the file.  Well, then I had some things to take care of at work and head on home, so I just thought, “I’ll do this later, no biggie….”

    My phone started getting awfully sluggish over the next few hours, and I absent mindedly just figured it needed a reboot (it didn’t occur to me at this point that the download file might be the problem.  Suffice it to say, I have not been able to get my phone to fully boot up, get a signal or pretty much do anything except get caught in a reboot loop.

    When it dawned on me that it’s probably this file that’s causing all these headaches, I whipped out the instructions, and proceeded to boot it up in Recovery mode.  Well, guess what?  I have no idea if the external SD card would have mounted had I attempted this with the original reboot, but now?  It won’t recognize the external card to be able to install if.  So I have two choices, I suppose.  I can put the card into my laptop, and physically delete it, hoping this will make the world right again.  Or I can remove the file from the SD card and put it on the Internal SD card and do an install from there.  If anyone is still up, and online, please get back to me as soon as possible and let me know if attempting to do this from the internal card would be detrimental to my phone or not?  You can gtalk me as well, at facesbyjenn.  I SOOOO apprecaite it!

    • Jennifer Husted

      Wow…. no one, huh?  Well, all was not right in the world after I removed the file.  It teased me for a few minutes and made me think it would be, then it started in the reboot loop again. I did a factory reset and thought, well, if I am to do this, now would certainly be the time!  So I put the file back on the card from my laptop, put the card back in the phone (made sure it was mounted), powered down, and followed the instructions…  Still no dice.  It’s not seeing an external card, just the internal. 

      Any thoughts?

  • Justin Kobus

    I am currently running stock and do not have root, If I apply this update will this make it so that I cannot receive any new OTA’s in the future or will I still be able to receive them as normal?

  • Anonymous

    i’m having problems updating to this, manually. it keeps saying “install aborted”

    • JL

      Same here. Signature verification failed- install aborted

      • Anonymous

        i figured it out…if you have cwm on your razr, or have ever had it on there, you have to flash allt he way back to stock .the way it was when you got the phone originally…and follow the upgrade path back to .748…then it’ll work

  • Daniel Archibald33

    I think everyone that is running a phone other than the Razr should attempt to run this update.. If you have to ask if it is for your phone then u should all be drug into the streets and stoned with iphones!  

  • Dipstick

    i have been running this build for 3 weeks and the Razr rocks.  Battery life not so rockin but the device is nice. 

  • Philturinsky27

    When the final build comes out will i still get the update even after I did this??

  • Guest

    Uh no credit to the person who found, tested, and released this update?

  • i want a damn update to my droid 3…HOW ABOUT SOME ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!!!

  • linda samuel

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  • Dabruzzese

    Anyone else have an issue with this update not working when trying to install it on the phone? Mine got all the way to the end and then had an issue. 

  • Scottdroidx

    Will this prevent me from getting regular updates from Verzion in the future?

  • Pretty sure DroidRzr.com didn’t want word of this going around.

  • The Razr is better hardware than GNex, and the GNex is better software than the Razr.  The difference in quality of the software is much larger than the difference in quality of the hardware.  Thus, those who value software picked up the GNex, and those who value hardware picked up the Razr.  Why do people think that is a problem??

  • Guest

    I’m so Bummed i Didnt get a Samsung Trollus

  • Bill_678

    Oh boy new blur!!!!! Ya thank you so much Moto just what i wanted!!

  • Darthseph23

    see… shame on me… I didn’t read really, I skimmed and had my hopes up this was an OTA.  Eh… oh well…

  • Anonymous

    I’m still waiting on that 902 update for the Bionic that was supposedly rolling out last week!! Did anyone actually receive that update OTA?

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t rolling out to the masses yet.  It was just pushed out to the test group last week.

      • Anonymous

        I did not know it had actually been confirmed as rolling out to soak test members. I have 901 on my Bionic now and while it’s a huge improvement as far as signal strength and reducing the number of data drops,they still occur occasionally and battery life has also suffered slightly

  • Justin Cox

    does this update come with smart actions still on the phone?

    • Anonymous

      I can’t imagine them removing Smart Actions.

  • ILuvSoPA

    You Nexus zealots still hanging out on Moto threads trying to justify your inferior Samsung device purchase?

    • chikinAnus

      Zealots? No way..just here looking at the other phones in town noticing they kind of suck, so dont call us Zealots or we make you SquealLots ya MotoFag

      • ILuvSoPA

        LOL!!!! Damn you guys are easy 🙂

    • Jdstell

      Enjoy Android 2.3.6 and MotoBlur.

      And “ILuvSoPA” Really????

  • Livin2bFree

    This is so old news already. DroidRzr.com has had it posted for a couple of wks already.

    For anyone asking this build is much better then the .748 OTA update. I now get LTE signal at my office that NO other LTE device gets and I have or have owned every LTE device VZW has released to date. 

  • magy1

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      • Therobotcow

        lol just go watch videos like the rest of us instead of talking to spam robots lol

        • chikinAnus

          oo where can i find the videos? didnt know she was a spam bot…god what a whore..but im cool bro tell me plz?

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  • chikinAnus

    Can you retards help me plzx? 

    • Anonymous

      That would be no…

      • chikinAnus

        are you Chaz French?

  • chikinAnus

    Will this work on my GNex??

    • Therobotcow

      Nope, it’ll screw up your phone 

      • chikinAnus

        i wish blur would come to my GNex…this phone is so hard to use..

        • Therobotcow

          It’ll become easier to use overtime. if you dont like your phone im sure that there’s someone out there that would like to trade their razr for your gnex

          • chikinAnus

            i dont wanna trade..everyone tells me all other phones are dum compared..i had the bionic but it was so shitty…it sucked..

          • Therobotcow

            With blur there is alot of garbage that just eats up memory and battery life. If i were you just enjoy the gnex, maybe flash a rom on it(if you’re comfortable with hacking your phone).

          • Anonymous

            haha even with blur the RAZR battery beats the GN.

        • Anonymous

          And you really think MotoBloatWare is really gonna solve that?

          • chikinAnus


          • Anonymous

            Ha if anything it would make it worse.

          • chikinAnus

            it makes my dads tits better

          • chikinAnus

            sorry i know how that looks..Tactical Inline Tree System = tits  my dad is a forrester..

          • Anonymous

            Too bad such a thing doesn’t exist…Nice try though.

        • Jim McClain

          hard to use?  really?, tell your mommy to get you a rotary phone for your birthday

  • Jaaysynn84

    you are about a month late on this news.

  • Charlie

    Besides the additional bloatware, has anyone experienced any bugginess or other issues?

  • Anonymous

    Will this work on my OG Droid? 😛

    • EC8CH

      U want Blur on the OG bro?

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t wish Blur on an iPhon’t.

    • Anonymous

      What about the OG RAZR?

  • Paul Johnson

    Ice Cream Sandwich is so choice, if you have the means I recommend picking it up.

    • EC8CH

      mmmmmmmmm oh yeah!

      • shdowman

        bowmp bowmp…

  • Anonymous

    first lol

    •  Nope.

      • Anonymous

        In his defense, he was the first to say, “lol.”


      • Anonymous

        +1 for the best show not on television.

    • Djenks24

      I have no problem with bloatware on my Razr, its powerful enough to handle it.  Best phone I’ve ever used.  Including the 3 days I had a Gnex with no signal.

      • Anonymous

        Man, you can’t rag the Gnex on Droid-Life. This is the official fansite of the GN and no matter how bad that plastic piece of crap is, its fanboys will defend it. Even the iPhone fanboys aren’t as blinded by reality as the knuckleheads here. 

  • Geez how much bloatware can they put on there?

    • Lake510

      Slingbox is pretty good bloat if it is free…. usually a $40 app

      • Guest

        Certainly NOT free…

        •  NO its a video Ad. It came pre-loaded on the 901 update for the Bionic. Still $30!

    • EC8CH

      Verizon accepts your challenge.