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Early Ice Cream Sandwich Build for the HTC Rezound Leaked

What sounds like a very early Ice Cream Sandwich build for the HTC Rezound has been leaked this morning. I say “early” because from the what we have read, the build is a mix of HTC Sense 3.5 and some stock ICS icons and images. While we no longer have a Rezound in house to try and flash this, all signs point to it being unusable on a daily basis. This isn’t all that surprising though, since we weren’t actually expecting a release of this to the phone so soon, but at least we can see HTC is puttin’ in work on it. Flash at your own risk, folks.

And is it just me, or is the Rezound becoming more and more attractive by the day? A new $199 price, unlockable bootloader, one of the most beautiful screens we have ever seen on a mobile device, and the best camera of any Verizon phone, are making this phone worth another look.

Via:  RootzWiki

  • what is the latest sense/ics leak?  3.10.605.13?

  • Anonymous

    This is the closest thing we have to Pure ICS at the moment: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1453266

  • It’s sound intresting

  • Anonymous

    Only thing that would annoy me about an HTC phone is I wasn’t a rom’er is they never seem to update Sense on their phones even if they update the OS.  If it ships with 3.5 (or whatever is current) then that’s what you are stuck with forever even if they come out with 4 before they upgrade your OS.  It’s almost like they see that as a way to differentiate their phones to separate the old form the new in addition to the hardware itself.
    It’s the reason I am going to finally break down and rom my wife’s Inc2 even though I didn’t want to mess with her phone as the Sense on hers is buggy and slow IMO.

  • Johnzenobia

    I have one question for only the users that have the phone. How is the 4G connectivity?

    • Anonymous

      It’s great. I bought a Galaxy Nexus for my dad on his brithday, and I have the rezound. So we got both the big phones in the house, I and compare them. Both DO NOT suffer from 4G problems. although, I have noticed that the G-N has lower bars in places where not great coverage, although my rezound maintains a 3-4 which it has a 1-2. The Rezound maintains a ALWAYS on 4G, which in “sort of dead zones” the Galaxy Nexus jumps in and out.

    • Coming from the original Droid, I got the Razor. wasn’t crazy about it. I returned it for the Rezound. Loved it! NO issues. But then the hype!  I then returned the Rezound for the so called super phone the Galaxy Nexus. Nothing but issues connecting to 3G and 4G. Forget about getting 4G, it never did. While my wife sitting next to me having 3 bars of 4G on her Stratosphere I wasn’t even getting 2 bars of 3G. I missed MANY calls and had just as many drop calls. Most of the time, the only internet connection I had was on WiFi. The Nexus was a total waste of time for me. It did look nice though. But looks aren’t everything. By the way, the camera sucked on the Nexus. Poor speakers. Barely heard the phone ring….if it even did.
      I returned the Nexus a few day ago. I purchased again the Rezound. Its a great phone. No issue at all. I connect 3 bars to 4G ALL THE TIME! It is a great phone! Now its rooted and all is well!!! You will not regret the Rezound!! The Nexus was over hyped. Serious issues with connectivity. The only thing I wish the Rezound had is ICS. The Rezound will be the first phone after Nexus to receive it. 

  • said this in a reply below but i’ll say it again…if a 7″ Quad Core Tegra 3 1200×800 full android 4.0 tablet with an 8mp camera and twin speakers can cost $249, there’s no way in hell a phone, whether it’s 4.3″ or 4.65″ should be any more than that.

    Make all these phones $149 cuz they are half the size and half the cores (ya ya technically the quad core is 5 cores, w/e), and I’ll be more interested.

    • You’re fitting the same technology into a much smaller piece of hardware.  That is part of the reason phones are more expensive than tablets.

  • Anonymous

    I give the rezound plenty of credit it PIMP SLAPS THAT USELESS IPHONE all day long. But the GALAXY NEXUS BITCH SLAPS ALL.

    • LLcdPH

      Took my Nexus back last week.  Reasons: lousy VZW support (3 pin docks?), crappy camera, power and headphone jacks on the bottom and the phone doesn’t rotate 180 degrees, poor speaker quality, etc. I love ICS and the display is beautiful.  But other than that, early 2011 hardware.

      • KevinC

        what dual core phones with 1 GB RAM where coming out in early 2011?

        oh, that’s right, NONE.

  • this is for those adele fans out there. http://youtu.be/WyCovuXqfY0

  • Oviemad

    I just downloaded go launcher on the rezound. WOW! this gets rid of sense and that little bit of remorse I had about trading the nexus in disappeared. I love android, it is so customizable whatever you want or don’t like there is a way to change it. One more plus of trading the nexus in for the rezound I now get to use 4g on my 4g phone, with the nexus I rarely if ever get 4g in my house or work now I rarely have less than 4 bars of it. 

  • shdowman

    So, I have a dilemma guys.

    I got the nexus before Christmas but had to return after for $ reasons. The rep at costco was cool enough to give me a stratosphere to use till I could come back. Not sure when I’ll have $300 again to get it so have been eyeballing this and razr since I am stuck in my 2 year now.

    Advice, what would you all do? 😕

    • Johnny G

      I’ve got the rezound and love it… The only downside is battery… But if ur near wifi most of the day you can put it in wifi mode and save battery and have enough to get through a full day.

  • I’d like it more if HTC gave us the Rezound Maxx instead of that tiny battery…and real Beats Headphones, not the break-easy, overpriced earbuds.

    • Dj

      hell while they’re at it, maybe they should throw in a $100  gift card and a french prostitute,

      • nah, no french…maybe like a date with Gina Carano…