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Horizontal App Switcher for Ice Cream Sandwich [Mod]

The built-in app switcher for Ice Cream Sandwich makes jumping between your most recently used apps a breeze and is easily one of our favorite features. In previous versions of Android, you were stuck with 6-10 of your previous apps in a not-so-fashionable box without much control over them other than the ability to tap to initiate. In Android 4.0, not only can you scroll through a list, but you can swipe them away if you no longer want them appearing or to help tidy up your list. It’s a massive change, but again, almost everything is in ICS.

Well, what if not everyone was as satisfied as we were and actually wanted their app switcher to function horizontally rather than vertically? The developer community for this phone has you covered with this new “webOS” styled switcher that flips your most recently used apps list on its side. You should still be able to swipe them away, only this time it’s up or down rather than left or right.  

Download:  webaokp2.zip


*So far, this mod only works with the Android Open Kang Project ROM, but brucekey has released the code to it so that others can port it to a variety of ROMs.

1.  Download the file above to your phone.
2.  Boot into recovery.
3.  Make a quick backup, just in case something goes wrong.
4.  Then “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card” to select the file.
5.  Flash it, reboot and enjoy.

To keep up with this mod, head over to RootzWiki.

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  • @patfrank

    Works with Bugless Beast but I think it also adds a new settings menu scheme in the activity bar that I’m not really a fan of. How do I uninstall this?

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah my day will come soon to unlock and root. I am just loving my GNex as is 19days old. It’s so great to know that when i get bored whenver that will be i have something to look forward too and a place here on droidlife to come too for full instruction on unlocking the bootloader and rooting…Nothing beats the Galaxy Nexus the ultimate android device

  • Me

    Yeah it also works on gummynex0, 4.2

  • Ryoung1036

    Does not work with CM9 rom FYI

  • http://twitter.com/Pollita_Droid Erica M.

    Gotta give credit when due… This is one hella cool feature but I still don’t have the urge to drop a few bills on a new phone.

  • http://profiles.google.com/adamtruelove Adam Truelove

    How about a mod that makes pulling up the app switcher and scrolling through the list not slow and laggy.

  • Anonymous

    While I applaud the devs for creating this mod and making it available, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for ICS as a whole (so I don’t see Google implementing it in the future without massive changes to Android).

    One of the key tenets of ICS was to make the UI consistent. One example of the inconsistencies in Android is how every app, Google’s apps included, handled removing items from lists very differently from each other. The lateral swipe gesture was thus defined as the OS-wide “remove” or “delete” gesture. Operations like this should be intuitive and consistent throughout the OS and its apps. Unfortunately this mod breaks this UX pattern.

    If you like task switching better in this webOS-style way, feel free to flash this amazing mod.

    However, ROM developers, if you absolutely have to bake this mod into your ROMs, please offer a toggle within the Settings app to allow users to switch between vertical and horizontal switching as they please (but vertical MUST BE the default) to make everyone happy.

  • Muffstic

    Kellex, I have verified that this works on Axiom 2.3.  I installed the monster mod with it before I switched to AOKP rom and made a backup for in case.

  • Anonymous

    I’d prefer a cascading windowtile effect – more to see in less real estate. It’s actually my biggest beef with Android 4.0. I hate how I have to scroll all the way up to get back to an app.

  • Anonymous

    HP kang. Just saying. I like it vertical.

  • Anonymous

    i will only install if it makes the angry birds sound

  • Treknologist

    This looks fantastic.  I wonder if it can be implemented on tablets running ICS.

  • Tabe

    Add a way to clear all to this and it’s a winner!

    • Tim242

      you do realize that swiping them away does not actually close the program, right?

      • Tabe

        Haha yes, yes I am. Not sure how my comment made you think I might not be aware of that… I sometimes like to clear my list, so I think it would be nice to have a way to clear the whole thing at once.

      • schmiggy

        Actually you are wrong, it does.  That gesture is tied to a command “REMOVE_TASK_KILL_PROCESS”.

        More details here:  http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/nuv82/this_just_sounds_wrong_to_me_particularly_the/c3c4mrf

        • Tim242

          No, it most certainly does not. Go swipe something away . Then go to apps in menu. You will see that Force stop is not greyed out. It is still there. I’ve tested it…have you?

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
          On Jan 5, 2012 7:34 PM, “Disqus”

          • schmiggy
          • Tim242

            I have a Nexus. Apparently you do not, or you could see for yourself.
            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • schmiggy

            I have seen for myself, not all foreground apps respond to the command but most apps in the background cache will. 

            But you can continue to be stubborn and brag about how you have Nexus and think the rest of us don’t. 

          • Tim242

            It does not kill any app. It just removes it from the recent list. Every review pointed that out. Believe what you like . If/when you get one, you’ll see for yourself.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • schmiggy

            What ever you say guy.  I’ve got my Nexus, I’ve played with the swipe geusture while in ADB and I have seen it kill processes.  Everything?  No, but it will kill quite a few things. 

            Keep living in your casual world and reading what every “reviewer” says who are about as knowledgeable as you and have no experience with the source code and don’t even know what ADB is.

          • Tim242

            I don’t have to rely on second-hand knowledge. I have a Nexus in my hand. I just swiped away 12 apps. It did not kill one of them. Again, until you have one in hand, STFU! Btw, I used Android Debug Bridge to unlock my bootloader : )

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
            On Jan 5, 2012 8:28 PM, “Disqus”

          • schmiggy

            Oooooh, you unlocked your bootloader, you must be so knowledgeable. 

            You’re from Arkansas, that explains everything.  I don’t need to comment further. 

          • Tim242

            You are the one that said I don’t know what ADB is. I just proved I do. Yep, I’m from Arkansas. Home of alltel, which made Verizon the largest carrier. Home to the world’s largest company…Walmart. home to the world’s largest meat food company…Tyson Foods. Home of the first national park…Hot Springs. Home of the first national river…Buffalo National River. Home of the only diamond mine in North America…Crater of Diamonds State Park. Home of Bill Clinton. Home of the top job market in the US…Fayetteville. Hey, we even have LTE! We’re so backwards, eh? Your ignorance explains everything. No further need to comment. Must suck to not have a Nexus….and want one soooo bad. Your jealousy shines : )
            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
            On Jan 5, 2012 8:45 PM, “Disqus”

          • Znibbor


          • Tim242

            Is good

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
            On Jan 5, 2012 9:34 PM, “Disqus”

          • Tim242loveshissister

            Not only are you a inbred hillbilly but you have zero knowledge about code:

            call (recent.apps.menu)
            // user presses recent apps button
            popupate (recent.apps)
            // populate all apps ran since last bootup
            recent.apps.visibility = 1
            // 700ms later, show recent apps to user
            //wait for user input now
            IF action (swipe) ‘thumbnail’
            GETSTATE called.application
            IF called.application running = 0
            Remove ‘thumbnail’
            IF called.application running = 1
            Remove ‘thumbnail’
            KILL process
            IF action (press) ‘thumbnail’ and app = closed
            KILL recent.apps.menu
            LAUNCH process ‘thumbnail’ application
            IF action (press) ‘thumbnail’ and app = open
            KILL recent.apps.menu
            ‘thumbnail’.foreground= 1

          • Tim242

            What are you, 10? Nice copy/paste job you did. Now, since you were too busy not knowing what you were talking about to notice my avatar…I’m GAY! So, it’s my brother I’m in love with, not my sister : )

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • jason Krueger

            Gay and completely obtuse I see?  Pretty bad that you willfully ignore the evidence this guy posted.

          • schmiggy

            If only I had one so I could send you a message on it…

          • Tim242

            Haha it took you 3 hrs to create that? Nice try though.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

  • Anonymous

    I guess I really need to root already so that I can stop being disappointed every time I open a topic and see it’s root only…

  • Anonymous

     i installed this with MONDER MOD with a few other AOKP mods and its just about damn perfect.

    • http://www.droid-life.com Kellex B

      Ooh, nice complete set of mods there.

    • John

      AOKP is awesome. great mods. love the lockscreen one too. modified it so have messaging/gtalk/camera/unlock 😀

    • EC8CH

      urge to root growing………

      • Anonymous

        You must be very strong to fight the urge to root and rom. I didn’t think I would need to either too soon with the G-Nex but I didn’t last but a day or so… lol.

        What makes it all so nice is that it is just so darn easy.

        I just went through the process of rooting and stuff with a friends Thunderbolt and it really made me appreciate my new Nexus. 

        • EC8CH

          oh it’s unlocked… but not rooted yet.

          I’m just teasing it at this point.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not nice to tease a Nexus

            I am disappointed in you

      • Anonymous

        I rooted and such, but I’m still fighting the urge to play with ROMs.  Once I install one custom ROM, toying around with my phone is going to be my worst source of procrastination ever.

      • angermeans

        I have to say i agree this is the longest ive had and not rooted it but i can feel the itch. U wanted to hold as im really liking ics but i think i might cave this weekend. Koush and his tether option has heald it off but too many cool things going on in the community

  • Anonymous

    WHat we need is a MOD to have LESS… 16 was a bit ridiculous from Google lol… It’s work to clear all that out…. and once you get to the top… you can’t even remember opening the app lol…. I just need 5… 6 at the MOST

    • Anonymous

      not really the same thing, but…

      go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Background process limit. Unfortunately you can’t cap it past 4 (as you mentioned 5 or 6)

      • Tim242

        Background processes have nothing at all to do with the recent apps list. Swiping them away does not close the program.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, thank you, I stated that when I wrote it.

  • lol

    WebOS –> WP7 –> Android (unofficially)