Rumor: Google to Launch 7-inch $199 Android Tablet to Compete with the Kindle Fire

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After Eric Schmidt was quoted in December as saying that Google would release a tablet within the next 6 months, the tech world has been digging deep with their sources to try and come up with any extra details. Famed rumor-starting extraordinaire DigiTimes has come forward with what they believe to be some of those additional specifics. How does another $199 Android-powered slab sound? According to their sources, that’s exactly what Google plans to release in the 7″ variety. A time frame for release could be between March and April with the Kindle Fire being their direct competition rather than the iPad.

Well, I guess I would be down with another $199 tablet. The more budget-friendly products we see from companies like Google and Amazon, the better chances we have at seeing the end of the $599 on-contract tablet. I’m still wondering if Motorola has sold 3 or 4 total XYBOARDs since release? Anyone taking the under on that?

Via:  DigiTimes



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