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Sharpen Your Pitchforks, Samsung Galaxy S May Not Get “Value Pack” Upgrade Either

When Samsung came out and announced that no update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would be provided to the Galaxy S, the Android community got a little heated. They backtracked a day later and said that they would consider a “value pack” of sorts that would give users something for not getting the bump to ICS. Now, rumors are dashing those hopes as it seems like no upgrade of any kind is on the horizon for the original Galaxy S. A Samsung spokesperson said that the phone likely will not get the upgrade due to the hardware limitations, saying that they are “limited to and fully optimized for Gingerbread.”

I can only imagine that this is going to make the situation worse than it was originally with getting hopes up and then coming back with a worse answer than before. The Galaxy S was a huge seller and many people still own the phone in a 2 year contract. Will Samsung really deny this huge swath of customers an update of any kind?

Via: TheNextWeb

  • Anonymous

    There is a shock Samsung isn’t updating a phone.  Shouldn’t Galaxy S users be used to this by now?  Unless your Samsung Phone has the word “Nexus” in the name don’t be shocked if it doesn’t get update or it takes forever.  

  • So since my Galaxy S phone – the Stratosphere – was RELEASED in October with Gingerbread, then that means I get no more updates? Hell, the phone is only 3 months old! What am I going to do for the next 17 months?

    • G8orboy11

      i am in the same boat and pissed off about it. if they release a phone three months ago they should be prepared to keep it updated for etleast a little while.

  • Anonymous


  • this is the reason why i will never buy samsung again. they’re support is the worst i have ever seen next to gameloft…lol. really tho. galaxy S phones sold in the millions.  samsung you are the WORST at support. you wont get my skrillah anymore…

  • PC_Tool

    …at least supply an update for the S series to TouchWiz 4?  3.0 is doing more to harm your image than anything else, Samsung…make it go away.

  • nasgadth

    http://www.engadget.com/2011/05/10/google-partners-with-oems-and-carriers-to-guarantee-android-upda/samsung please don’t be selfish, where is my gingerbread vibrant if you ever working on it.

  • Anonymous

    then how the f*ck did the nexus s get it, it is basically the same phone

  • Anonymous

    “Sharpen your pitchforks” = HAHAHAHAHAHA


  • Anonymous

    Removing touchwiz works for the 1 or 2% who actually know what touchwiz is.  Everyone else would get the update and crap a concrete brick because they would no longer know how to use their phone.

    ICS is not a point release.  It’s a major release.  The phone didn’t come with it, why should anyone expect it for free?  Oh, it’s open source, therefore it doesn’t cost anything. Yeah, ok, sure. Please.

    Just because it may have the hardware to run it does not mean that Samsung should have to put it on the device.

    Samsung has an obligation to support the device for some period of time, but that should not mean that they have to make a build of a major OS release for it when it didn’t originally come with that OS version.

    Did the people who bought PCs with XP get Vista and then Win 7 and soon Win 8 for that PC for free?  No.

    • The “free argument” doesn’t have a point here. Windows cost 100+ dollars, so of course Microsoft won’t release it for free. Android is open source, so it is free.

      Saying that, I do agree with you. It would alienate a lot of consumers, because they would no longer understand their phone which is why I am happy that Google has more strict lines on the OEM customization. OEM’s now have to follow guidelines in order for their phones to have access to the market. 

      Personally though, touchwiz is the fastest skin, so I’m sure the phone can handle it. It is nothing more than a skin, or theme. It doesn’t add a ton of effects and services that slow the phone down like sense or motoblur. They are making excuses. A phone should get support for at least as long as a contract, or else you are selling your customers short. 

      • Jarred Sutherland

        They want to force people to buy a new device. It’s a complete sham because obviously you’re locked into a two year contract. 

        All I can say is vote with your wallet, that’s the only thing that gets their attention.

      • Dan Letsch

        It may not cost anything to purchase the software, but where do you think the money comes from to pay all of the developers, testers, and everybody else to actually get it running on the device. 

        I understand wanting support during your 2 year contract, but that contract is between you and your phone company, not you and samsung.  If Verizon would like to pay to have the software upgraded that is their option, it should not be Samsung/moto/HTC/LG.  If you have been paying a fee for upgrades, I could see it that you would expect it, but you are not.  Support does not mean you get anything that comes up, it means they will support the device (IE – bug fixes, security patches, etc).

        Mobile devices have by their nature a shorter life span than pc’s (as do laptops due to them being mobile).  There are people that buy computers and run them for 15 years, but that does not mean they will get the latest OS for free and be able to use it on that pc.

        • Anonymous

          but you can still buy the OS and install it whereas for the phone, you’re just stuck on your old OS. It’s more like if you buy a pc with XP that can run W7 just fine, but Microsoft will not provide a way for you to do so. Costs aside, the option’s not even available to consumers. (I understand rooting is the way to go, but not everyone knows how to/will) I personally don’t think this looks good for Google and I see it improving with Holo, but their main competitor is Apple which has a great track record of providing updates and new firmware releases even for 3 yr old devices. Just imagine the backlash if iOS6 won’t run on the iphone4.

    • Arthur Uscg

      Yes, I receive a free upgrade because i bought my laptop within 6 months of win7 release.

      • Dan Letsch

        Which was part of the deal when you bought it.  You were never told you would get every single new thing that comes out for as long as you keep your phone.

    • Anonymous

      Except Vista didn’t come out within a year of XP and Win 7 didn’t come out within one year of Vista, and even when it was about to come out, manufacturers were wise enough to generate goodwill by promising an upgrade (roughly 6 months). You don’t think ending support 1 year after the phone was released is a bad move on Samsung’s part? it took 3-4 years for Apple to stop major iOS upgrades for their 1G ipods/iphones, as a comparison

    • Anonymous

      You can’t compare the OS of a phone to a PC. Companies should update os on the phones for the life of the 2 year contract. Most people can’t afford to upgrade their phone midway especially since verizon and sprint both took away the 1 year renewal. If you don’t mind paying over $300 to get a phone with the latest OS then go ahead. The gs1 is plenty capable of running 4.0. Its just samsung can’t tweak it to work with their crappy wiz ui. And again, you can’t compare a mobile os to a pc os. They are completely different not to mention one is easier to upgrade than the other. 

  • Blood

    I want a cookie.

  • They need to throw these millions of owners a bone.  Samsung is on a real Android tear right now, lest they leave a bad taste in the mouths of their customers.  Some of those phones are just now going out for free with new 2 year plans.

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again, I find it hilarious that Samsung would rather keep the Galaxy S lineup all ate up with touchwiz than scrap the skin altogether for vanilla ICS.
    Also it just dawned on me that I’ve never seen an ice cream sandwich that wasn’t vanilla, but I digest,  I have to wonder if there isn’t some other “limitation” that they’re keeping quiet on.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t just an Android or Google/Samsung/Moto thing.  It’s been going on for years in the mobile world and makes me appreciate the versatility of the Wintel platform.  I vividly remember paying big bucks in 2008 to go from a Palm 700p to a 755p even though their specs were basicaly identical JUST to get a (barely) smaller formfactor & an updated version of the OS and the core apps.  Or even longer ago (2001), being excited when going from the Palm V to the Vx not only due to 4x the memory but also going from OS 3.x to 4.x on basically identical hardware. 

      What’s I’ve been saying for years is that hardware manufacturers should support a device for its first 12 months on the market without question. After that, CHARGE A NOMINAL FEE FOR THESE DAMNED UPDATES!!  Apple was on the right track with the iPod Touch several years ago! 

      I’d be perfectly fine with paying $10 or $15 (max of $20) for a stable, fully tested & supported ICS ROM update for my 5-month old Droid X2…but I ended up buying a Bionic not just for the hardware boost but because I knew I could count on it seeing ICS.   I recently sold my Galaxy Tab 7″ and did NOT replace it with another Samsung device…but if Sammy had offered a solid ICS (or even Honeycomb 3.2) update for sale, I would have likely bought it and kept my G-Tab going for another 6 months or so. 

      Ideal scenario:  Customer buys a new phone at launch and signs a 2yr contract.  Manufacturer supports him with free OS updates for the first 12 months.  If customer wants to keep on getting updates, he pays for them and it carrier his device through the full 2 years or until 20 months or whenever his upgrade eligibility is.   Win/win for all parties involved. 

      Instad, the carriers & handset manufactuers hope that someone buys a new phone on a 2yr contract, uses it for 12 months, then buys a NEW phone at full retail, uses it for 8-12 more months then reups their contract.   Only the biggest die-hards with deep pockets can afford that kind of stuff. 

  • Anonymous

    Not surprising, although I doubt that even if Samsung did get it working that we in the U.S. would have got it. There are Galaxy S varients in the U.S. that don’t and probably won’t ever get Gingerbread.

    Still though, makes me wonder if the Galaxy S2 will ever get Jellybean. 

    It’s so sad that the only Android phone you can really count on for a reasonable amount of updates delivered in a reasonable amount of time is the Nexus, which isn’t even on all carriers.

    • But Nexus isn’t bound to a carrier, you can use it with any carrier you like, no?

      I mean, it supports all available bands and is not network-locked. Just buy it at full retail, insert the SIM card, and you’re ready to go.

      • Anonymous

        GSM is not great in the U.S. Verizon is the much more reliable option.  And when I made that post the Sprint Galaxy Nexus hadn’t been announced.  Now though, for the first time there is the possibility (not subsidized on all carriers and non subsidized phones don’t make sense in the U.S.) of having a Nexus on all carriers.

  • Chris Ryan

    I’m an ASU Sun Devil, I’m taking your advise and sharpening my Sparky fork. 

  • TLW

    It absolutely has the hardware, the problem is the “software” that is known as TouchWiz.  Just stupid that a manufacturer skin stops people from getting an update.

  • Anonymous

    Most people would have upgrades soon anyway…

  • MrArt

    Yeah, except that story from TNW is wrong. I just read Samsung’s full statement and it never said anything about the value pack deal…..people are just jumping to conclusions.

    Source: http://blogs.computerworld.com/19513/samsung_galaxy_s_ice_cream_sandwich 

  • Ed

    The galaxy S has gotten 2 upgrades 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3 and to my knowledge this is the phone tied with most updates received with Droid (2.0 to 2.1 to 2.2) and Evo/Incredible (2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3) so I think you should had never expected the update. 

    I mean Global Galaxy S, the US variants suck

    • PC_Tool

      Fascinate made the same journey.  2.1 > 2.2 > 2.3.  But yeah, it sucks. (RAM is so limited I’m amazed jt1134 was able to get ICS working on it.)

  • jbonics

    in translation ……. bloatware and all that other crap that we get paid to put on  your phone wont run rite… no no no we have to keep the crapware. yes. sorry. we allready have your $$$$$$$$ ha ha ha.


    so either root or don’t complain… they are last years specs and you really think a company would put that much time into the old model. maybe they should make a way around it for users who want it but most users probably don’t know the difference or care. i highly doubt my thunderbolt will get ics but i hope im wrong. but i have a galaxy nexus now so you have to move on.. and i didn’t feel like capitalizing my letters..

    • Anonymous

      I hate that argument. Alot of ppl dont root but still want ics. Rooting is a bonus not a requirement for android usage. And yes they should uddate their 1 year old best seller. Apple does it and apple os their main competition so that is another unfortunate edge apple has over.android.

    • Anonymous

      I might be naive, but i don’t think it’s asking for too much for companies to support their product for two years (the life of most cellphone contracts in the U.S) let alone 1 year. Rather than placing the burden onto the consumer to find ways around it, shouldn’t they take responsibility for it? Not to mention, move on = buy a new phone after 1 year while mid contract? That sounds like a horrible solution.

  • Jonathan Ly

    I don’t understand why people are so up in arms about it. Unfortunately, its part of the Android game. You have to stay up to date or at least try to, and unfortunately, with how the Galaxy S line is advertised, the only “technically” ready phone is the Nexus S, because its meant to be a Google experience device. The other variants aren’t. It sucks a lot, but that is the game. 

  • Makes sense, the phone is about 18 months old now which is what Google said they wanted as the standard for updates did they not? 2 more months people who got the phone when it was released will be able to upgrade to a new device.

    People on here cry and yell to just put a stock android experience on the phone since the Nexus S is fine with ICS, well what about the people that don’t know what the stock experience is? It will be like having to learn the phone all over again. Its prob better to leave the phone on Gingerbread and devote their resources elsewhere.

    If anything though, If Samsung wants to give users an option release an update.zip that is signed so it can be flashed through stock recovery and give those who choose to have it stock ICS.

    • Dangerous

      Didnt Google stop updating the Nexus S to 4.0 as well?

      • Temporarily, yes. They were getting 4.0.3, and it was supposed to go out to the GNexes as well, but there was something in it that needed fixing, so they stopped…but there are 4.0.3 ROMs for both phones.

        • Michaelbrandonw

          I worry about the nexus brand maintaining the instant update status. It was originally marketed as a developer device that gets the latest version of android as its released. 2 months out and still no update? Kinda discouraging for Galaxy Nex owners and future nexus devices.

          • Anonymous

            They should enable a “dev” or “canary” mode like they do for Chrome OS/browser.

  • Michael Forte

    I find it odd that the Galaxy S phones won’t get ICS when the Nexus S is essentially a Galaxy S phone, only with Stock Android. Probably don’t want to put the time into redoing Touchwiz for ICS for those older phones. Many people might say, why not just upgrade the phones and put stock ICS? Well I could see it being very confusing to many customers that are used to Touchwiz and aren’t Android enthusiasts like us. For instance, my parents both have Epic 4Gs on Sprint (the Galaxy S keyboard version) and I’m almost positive they would be asking me questions about it if it were changed from Touchwiz to stock ICS. I think there should still be an option for customers to get the upgrade though.

    • Dangerous

      They would be asking u questions about ice cream sandwich regardless of whether it had touchwiz on it

  • ahsan


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      • Zeadaplaya

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  • EC8CH


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    • Michael Forte

      And/or buy a Nexus phone.