Samsung Starting to Rollout Ice Cream Sandwich Officially, Coming to Tabs 10.1 and 8.9 “Soon”

With the announcement that a few European countries would have Ice Cream Sandwich rolling out to their Samsung Galaxy SIIs, Samsung also gave us a friendly reminder about a few of their other devices. Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 will “follow soon” to the update that is rolling out now.

Samsung also confirmed the dreaded “value pack” firmware upgrade for phones like the Galaxy S. After saying the Galaxy S wasn’t getting ICS, then backtracking and then said the phone might not get a value pack either; users were frustrated. But Samsung explains a few details of what they have up their sleeve:

The firmware upgrades for GALAXY S, for example, include Face Unlock, Snapshot, Photo Editor, and others.

So it is a little something isn’t it? But is it enough to appease Galaxy S users? Let’s just hope for Samsung’s sake that the ICS rollout across the world doesn’t take too long.

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Sharpen Your Pitchforks, Samsung Galaxy S May Not Get “Value Pack” Upgrade Either

When Samsung came out and announced that no update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would be provided to the Galaxy S, the Android community got a little heated. They backtracked a day later and said that they would consider a “value pack” of sorts that would give users something for not getting the bump to ICS. Now, rumors are dashing those hopes as it seems like no upgrade of any kind is on the horizon for the original Galaxy S. A Samsung spokesperson said that the phone likely will not get the upgrade due to the hardware limitations, saying that they are “limited to and fully optimized for Gingerbread.”

I can only imagine that this is going to make the situation worse than it was originally with getting hopes up and then coming back with a worse answer than before. The Galaxy S was a huge seller and many people still own the phone in a 2 year contract. Will Samsung really deny this huge swath of customers an update of any kind?

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Comparison: DROID Bionic vs. Atrix 4G vs. Galaxy S 4G vs. Photon 4G

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If you were wondering how the DROID Bionic will stack up against some of its beefier competition, then you’ll want to click on the chart above that breaks it all down (excluding the Sensation and EVO 3D for some reason).  Also, if you wanted official specs on the device (like we haven’t seen them enough already), this would be a good place to look.

We get confirmation on everything:  4.3″ qHD screen, LTE, 8MP rear camera (shoots 1080p video), VGA front camera for video chatting, HDMI out, 16GB SD card pre-installed, 14GB (?) internal storage, Swype, “Motorola UI” (aka new Blur), LapDock capabilities, dual-core processor, and mobile hotspot for up to 8 devices.  It has all of the specs needed to be considered a top tier device in 2011.  Whether we think some of those specs actually are top tier is another story for another day.

Oh, and since when does the Photon run HTC Sense 1.6?  Is it from 2009?

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