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DROID 4 is Mistakenly Front and Center in Best Buy Rewards Zone Promotion

Looks like Best Buy had a feeling that the Motorola DROID 4 was already supposed to have launched this month. According to their newest online Rewards Zone promo, if you upgrade your existing device to say, possibly a DROID 4 on Verizon, you would receive 5000 bonus points which equal up to reward certificates.  Unfortunately, as we all know, the DROID 4 has not been launched yet and Best Buy just made a silly little error.  Not the first, nor the last time that this will happen.

Via:  Best Buy Rewards Zone

Cheers Jonny Ray!

  • Please oh PLEASE do not let the Droid 4 be 299$! I can settle for 249$ or even 199$ but NOT 299$ D:

    • Usghawigrh

      different phone rtard

  • Itzael

    Looks like Best Buy didn’t get the memo…

  • Anonymous

    5,000 bonus points? I’m not familiar with their point system but is it really necessary to have this big of a number? I dunno, I’m just not fooled by big numbers. 5 points 50 points 500 points, these can all have the same value as 5,000 in this point system but somebody thought 5,000 sounds like a lot so were going to have a bogus point system that uses lots of zero’s. I hate advertisers who think up ways to manipulate people into something. Geesh.

  • looks like droid 4 has a notification LED on the keyboard?

  • i really think we are the only ones who care about this. the guys who put together this ad will probably never know there was even a mistake.

  • Austinrgoebel

    They could still release it end of the year and unlock the boatloader

  • Anonymous

    Im still thinking about getting my wife a D4….but shes happy with her D3 right now. She doesnt need LTE and she enjoys the “seriously awesome battery life if Im not streaming Pandora or iHeart Radio all the time” as she puts it. 

    But shes already sent 1,258 texts since this bill cycle started….which was the 21st. :/ I may have to get her a D4 simply because shell burn out the keyboard on her D3.

  • Akl

    If only I could walk into a Best Buy store and buy one (assuming it really is global capable).

  • AngryTurd

    Release it already Verizon! I swear, they’re really pissing me off and I’m not on contract right now…just sayin…

    • Silvio

      Same here.  I almost got the 3.  Darn glad I didn’t.  This phone has it all.  I want want want it now!

  • EC8CH

    It’s got the wrong eye as well.

    • Seen a couple of pics of the device with this eye for some reason. I think they used this first on the D2 and then the D3 and may use it on the D4. That D4 eye wallpaper we have seen will likely not be the boot animation.

      • Anonymous

        Boot animation will probably be the same as the RAZR.

  • Jonny Ray

    These ads and images are generally created about 3-4 weeks in advance.  So clearly this was created in the beginning of December / end of November and they were anticipating the release.  When it got cancelled/rescheduled, someone didn’t adjust the image or notice they should before posting it.

  • Anonymous

    Best Buy gets the 2011 Booby Prize

  • QtDL

    Oh Best Buy, you little tease….when will you stop?

  • Anonymous

    They should just call it the Droid 4 Prime!! Best buy is funny.

  • Sam

    Damnit. They’re all just laughing at us now.

  • Anonymous

    At least the spelling is correct. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Number Juan!