Best Buy Ceasing Samsung Repair Program

Samsung Galaxy S23

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Samsung owners appear to be losing yet another means of repairing busted Galaxy phones, with it being reported this week that Best Buy is set to shut down its Geek Squad-backed repair program.

The news stems from internal rumblings and messages to current Best Buy employees, but has since been essentially confirmed by both Samsung and Best Buy to The Verge.

In a statement, Best Buy says that, “We know how important it is to our customers that we’re there for them with the right services and expertise for their technology, and we’re currently working together with Samsung to evaluate the best way to support our mobile customers with authorized services and repairs.”

Meanwhile, Samsung says, “We’re in discussions with Best Buy to determine how Samsung can best support our customers moving forward. [Samsung has] more than 9,000 Samsung Mobile-certified technicians in the U.S. providing walk-in, mail-in and We Come to You van services.”

In short, it seem that Samsung is of the belief that if a Galaxy owner needs repairs, there are still plenty of options out there. We believe they’re simply referring to uBreakiFix. We definitely know they aren’t talking about iFixit.

It should be noted that Best Buy continues to have an obligation to Galaxy owners who purchased Geek Squad Cell Phone Complete Protection. With that, Samsung buyers can still set repair appointments, so long as they bought the phone at Best Buy.

Samsung’s current repair situation, while messy, still looks solid enough. uBreakiFix has over 800 locations in the US. If you drop your phone, chances are you have a certified repair shop close by. And if not, well, you can always ship it off for repairs or have it handled via your carrier if you went that route.

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