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Video: Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Poses With Extended Battery Inside

The Galaxy Nexus extended battery is no secret. At 2100mAh, it’s not going to extend your life like the 2750mAh beasts that HTC makes available, but it will certainly help over the stock 1850mAh that comes preloaded in the phone. One thing people tend to worry about with extendeds though, is the bulk they can add to the phone. We can safely say after looking at these pictures and video that one of our readers sent, that you won’t have to worry about Joe and Larry making fun of your “brick” at the bowling alley. This puppy still stays slim.  

And yes, that is the phone with the extended battery installed:

Video evidence:

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers Christopher!

  • Ryan C

    After every post about the galaxy nexus this is what happens!

  • Clayton Jones

    They could have done a little better job around the camera w/the extended cover.

  • Kris

    Thats Android for you! Extended batteries are out even before the device is launched! Pathetic.


    Just walked out of verizon looking to see if the lte battery would fit my gsm galaxy nexus. No go. Batteries are completely different. Also my gsm battery cover will not fit the lte galaxy nexus. I they did that on purpose

  • Anonymous


  • dmasheen

    So… is there a reason no one is considering an option like this:
    http://www.shop.power-skin.com/powerskin/samsung/nexus-s  ?

    Also, why would an accessory manufacturer not just say the phone model, and instead specify the certain carriers? The physical properties aren’t going to change I presume… so is it just a CYA?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, when are you going to fix the mobile site for dl?

  • Anonymous


  • Tvldone

    What about a Shell/Holster Combo…..Need That!

  • Nexus=Fail

    Yay another stupid post about the already outdated and overhyped fail phone.

    • You created a username just to say that?  I think we all know who or what the fail is here.

      • user-replying-to-hank

        you don’t have to create usernames..when you post as a guest.. you can type in whatever username you want.

  • Aghadsoghosdgh

    so how does this compare to, say, the thunderbolt without extended battery?

    • I’d like to see that comparison as well.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • damn verizon branding.. i would’ve imported the extended battery and cover but i hate this branded crapness.. i’m gonna wait till the device hits south korea at retail and then import my battery and cover.

  • Jamaicawind

    Idk if i should worry but people on phandroid are now saying the 20th…

  • “One thing people tend to worry about with extendeds though, is the bulk they can add”

  • Hep

    What is this again?  And who is the prick that has this magic?

  • Andrew Elliott

    just noticed the verizon site has the glitch again where when you go to vzw.com/galaxynexus it goes to shop.verizonwireless.com with some variation of galaxy nexus after that(it switches too fast to copy) before switching permanently to the gnex signup page…wonder if they are getting ready for something lol(probably just getting my hopes up but maybe)

  • Duowing

    I wonder if I could get this battery plus the extended back and use this on my Unlocked GSM Nexus?

  • Himal Limbu

    This thing is killing me. 

  • Adam Gustafson

    First thing i’m going to do when I get this phone is go into a verizon store and ask if they have a cover that says google instead of verizon. 😀

    • Tim242

      Dude, the logo is on the back. It’s just logo. The Google logo is on my old HTC Hero. That phone was a POS. Don’t obsess over a logo : )

  • raphael gray

    I rather have the extra battery with the battery charger for the same price and double the power

  • Anonymous

    Hate to be “that guy” but I went to 2 Verizons tonight, and both told me the 15th isn’t looking good anymore. Of course I realize these guys don’t know any more than we do, they just said they haven’t heard anything, which makes it highly unlikely it’ll release in 3 days. I just want this damn phone already 🙁

    • I came here to post the same thing.  I went to my local store tonight to score the extended battery, which I did, before they get snapped up on release day.

      However, I will say that while the sales dude said they know nothing and the phone is not in their inventory system, he looked surprised and laughed nervously when I said “why do you have a bunch in the back, then?”  He said he couldn’t say anything about that, but he claimed there has been no word at all about a release this week.

      Two comments about the new battery cover: it’s smaller and much more slippery than I thought it would be.  I had sort of prepared myself for the worst case on size, thinking it would be huge.  And, the thing is slippery enough that I’m thinking I’ll need to get a case for it, because I do not want to drop my future nexus due to this slippery back.

    • can i get ur autograph roy

    • nxusnow?

      r u kidding?

    • Anonymous

      Costco here knew nothing about it tonight as well, said they hadn’t been told anything about the 15th and didn’t even have the phones or any materials yet.

    • OG Droid

      Called and store near me, said that the same thing. How much do you want to bet the droid 4 is out before this thing.

    • Cpep

      STOP IT…..JUST STOP IT…..were going to stay positive for the next two/three days…so just settle down now

    • i was there yesterday and called radio shacks and other verizons. All said the 15th

  • Tyler

    Still getting the battery charging dock with the extra battery. Getting a second battery you have to have in the phone to charge is pointless imo. Not only do you have to plug the phone in twice as long but you can’t effectively use it at the same time. 1850 * 2 = 3700 and never having to plug phone into a charger is the best deal in my opinion. Unless you go threw two batteries in one day without being able to charge the the used battery after putting the fresh one in is the only reason you would have to plug the phone in to charge a battery. *DING DING DING WINNER*

  • Anonymous

    Camera looks a bit odd with it, like they didn’t make the back piece curve in to mold closer to the camera.

  • NotoriousNeo

    You can actually use the standard battery cover.

  • Robert Andersen

    Keep us posted. Wouldn’t hurt to try. My local Verizon store reps aren’t being helpful.

  • shdowman

    Think I’ll just buy the spare battery with dual charger. Doesn’t bother me to carry on a day I might need that extra. Better deal imho.

  • Robert Andersen

    The battery connectors for the LTE are on the right, the connectors on the GSM are on the left. The batteries may be reversible, leading the LTE battery to be used on the GSM unit, but the NFC antenna is built into the battery, so that may affect the NFC from functioning. Without having a LTE version, this is pure conjecture though.

  • Everytime I look at the droid life header I see Galaxy nexus now I cant even study for finals. That means im gonna fail all my classes because verizon wouldnt give me a date. which is going to cause me to stay in college forever causing me to lose lots of money. Therefore leading to me cancelling my Verizon service because I cant afford the bills anymore and I will never get my engineering degree. 

  • Andrew Elliott

    NEXXXUUSSSSSSS….all of this is killing me.  Wonder if the verizon associates where I’m at are dumb enough (or cool enough) to sell me one tomorrow.  Looks like I’ll be making some calls.