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DROID 4 Poses for Pictures Alongside DROID XYBoard, Blur Enters the Tablet Game

Hey look, the DROID 4! Wonder where we have seen that before? Ahh yes – here (first pictures), here, here and accessories here. It’s a fine lookin’ DROID-branded phone, that will be the first in the franchise to rock out with a physical keyboard and 4G LTE. CNET seems to have had some hands-on time with it in the last couple of days, however, they could not offer any details as far as a launch goes. Actually, they aren’t really mentioning it anywhere aside from the gallery that was included with their DROID XYBoard post.

And speaking of the XYBoard – if you weren’t buying into our report last night that the name is official, maybe the picture below will help confirm it. On the demo unit that was fondled publicly, Moto placed a sticker that reads “XYBoard 10.” If that doesn’t confirm it, then I don’t know what will.  

On related note, did anyone happen to glance at the photo on the right? I’d say we will welcome in the era of Blur to the world of tablets starting with the XOOM 2. Those are Blur icons and Blur-inspired on-screen navigation buttons. It makes sense that Moto would finally start to skin Honeycomb, but I can’t help but admit how painful it is. At the same time though, tablets need something to help them stand out. Stock Android 3.X is far too bare bones to be exciting anymore.

Via:  CNET

Cheers Stephen and Brian!

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  • Rb11411

    Dec 22?
     I thought it was the 8th?
    I still have the OG and I am holding on to it for something worth changing to lol and  i want to Droid4 and now it wont come out till the 22nd? dammit Verizon, Dammit Dammit Dammit

  • JMK

    need that

  • Anonymous

    Blur on the XYBOARD is kind of old news. I agree with your opinions though.

  • Rusty

    just sets up their 3D tablet as the XYZBoard

  • David Parrella

    I’m not saying that I think that this isn’t the official name;

    But I could print out a “Droid 5” label and slap it on my Droid 3 in about three seconds…

  • booboolala2000

    Hoping that my xoom stays blur free after they update it to ICS.

  • Annoyingposter6

    Motorola is run by a bunch of retards. Focus on the god damn hardware and leave the software alone! Motorola has never created a single piece of software that hasn’t been complete utter shit. Will not touch any non stock android device with a 10 foot pole.

  • I”m really looking forward to the quad core up up down down left right left right b a start board from Motorola later this year.

  • Anonymous

    The ONLY thing I might be interested in is the 8″ Xoom2 (I refuse to call it by that ridiculous Xyboard name) in a wi-fi version IF it’s priced right and relatively thin and light.

    I am still searching for the perfect Android tablet for my needs:

    -Charges microUSB so I can travel light
    -Decent LCD screen (rules out Iconia A100) sized between 7 & 8.9″
    -1280×800 (or similar) resolution. 1024×600 is a bit too low in this day and age.
    -Honeycomb or eventual upgrade to ICS
    -2 cameras, BT etc (so this rules out Nooks, Fires etc)
    -MicroSDHC slot preferred but not required
    -Wi-fi version, no carrier foolishness or 2yr contracts

    I’d probably bite on a Galaxy Tab 7.7″ IF it was available now in the USA.  Galaxy Tab 7+ is nice but overpriced for what it offers.  The 8.2″ Moto might be the best of the lot but i have a sneaking suspicion the wi-fi version will be either missing entirey or greatly delayed at the expense of the VZW LTE version. 

  • I think that the icons and widget look good, especially with that wallpaper. However, I am not a fan of how motorola has been designing their phones since the photon 4G. I likes the curves how they used to be

  • Is that its Droid eye as the wallpaper? WORST DROID EYE EVER!!!!!!

  • doittoit

    Those are some of the ugliest pieces of equipment I have ever seen.

  • Lewis M.

    Hope the D4 comes out next week.

    • KeyboardFan

      I hope the Droid 4 goes for cheap since supposedly nobody wants sliders.

      • Anonymous

        And yet the original Droid was one of the best selling phones 🙂

        I wish the D4 had a bootloader that can be unlocked.  Would have picked that and went back to Verizon instead of getting the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version.

    • Stevenson

      I hope so too. I’m going to Europe during the holidays and want a global GSM capable slider with domestic LTE.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks super awesome – both Droid 4 and the tablet.  I don’t like the “Xyboard” name – people I have talked to about it think it is pronounced “Ecks-Why-board”, and I have tried to explain it sounds more like Cyborg.  Oh well… it’s still not as bad as the Rezound.  lol

    But like others have said, I can’t for the life of me see why this is better than a Xoom.  It has a better screen, supposedly, but my Xoom has a great screen and good battery life.  It’s lighter too, but my Xoom isn’t too heavy.  So, I don’t see why they didn’t park this one and wait for quad-code and ICS for the next tablet iteration.

    • Kenny

      Ecch! Why?! Bored.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    “Stock Android 3.X is far too bare bones to be exciting anymore.” Are you crazy??? I’ve never once thought that. Never even crossed my mind. 

  • Anonymous

    Seriously you think “XYBOARD” is the name of the tablet…”XY” is just a place marker but they added the “Y” so you wouldnt publish that the name of the tablet was “X”BOARD…maybe they should have just named it “ABC123XYZTBDNAMEWITHELD”… IMO the name is TBD

    • Anonymous

      I think they were/are shooting for this.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          WOW, that is terrible! I suppose it doenst matter what they “name” them…I really only care about the specs and the price and I dont think this one will be on my list.

  • Anonymous

    Glad they pushing out tablets with skins (sarcasm) but hey on a brighter note maybe with all the skin tablets, we’ll see a Nexus tablet so we have some stock running around in the world. If there is a Nexus tablet count me in as soon as it drops.

  • i can understand wanting to seperate it from their “reference device” – but xyboard is the worst name to come from them…possibly ever.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  I love my Xoom, but Moto is really heading in the wrong direction with this new product.  Who, in their right mind, would buy a XYBoard (unbelievably stupid name, btw) with a dual core proc and skinned Honeycomb over a Transformer Prime with Tegra 3 and ICS?  I mean, seriously, can anyone make an argument for that?  If you can, I actually want to know, because I’m just flummoxed by Moto’s product planning…

    • Mctypething

      It really makes no sense. How does this differ from the Xoom in any way? They might sell about 10 of these. Moto seems to have no direction. Given their current trend, they’ll probably release a quad core tablet next month called the Xyboard 2.

      • Anonymous

        it does differ.  now it has sh!tty blur on it.  awesome.  google really needs to release a nexus tablet going forward..

        • Dominick DeVito

          Funny you say that – I find it strange that Google hasn’t had a “Nexus” tablet. I’m not yet convinced that Google cares much about tablets.

      • Dominick DeVito

        I would say, to answer both your questions, is that the XYBoard will be subsidized through a carrier. That may not mean much to us consumers, but a tablet with LTE built-in and a data package is attractive for the enterprise. I’ve been looking for such a tablet for my company and this one just might fit the bill.

        As a consumer, can’t agree with you more. My BDay is in 3 weeks and I’m buying myself a prime.

        • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

          Well said! 

        • Mctypething

          I’m talking about the specs, I really don’t see how they differ from the XOOM in any way, certainly not nearly enough to consider this an upgrade. The XOOM is also subsidized through a carrier.

          • Dominick DeVito

            Correct – yes. But I was comparing that to the Prime (RGiskard’s comment).

            But also I think the extra Motorola “goodies” like corporate email encryption, etc – would be on the XYBoard and not the Xoom (?)

    • Anonymous

      One reason could be that the Asus is WiFi only and the XYBoard will be 3G/4G LTE capable.

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      Amen! Perfectly put. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, MOTO is nuts or boarded one or the other. Tablet norm should be quad core and ICS.

  • Anonymous

    whoever came up with the name “xyboard” and thought it would be a great way to compete against the ipad should be shot.

    • Anonymous

      I was saying fired, but your idea has style. 

    • I agree.  I totally want to be overheard saying “Yes, this is my XYBoard that goes nicely with my Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.”  Seriously, who comes up with these names?

      • Comment of the hour. Hah. Android naming has become a joke as of late. Rezound, XYBoard, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy SII Skyrocket…

        • Mctypething

          They’re running out of interesting names because 20 new Android phones are released every week.

          • Guest

            you not interested bro?

        • What names would you come up with?  Personally I like the creative names that they always come up with.  They are (for the most part) always unique (for cell phones).  I guess there are only so many letters in the alphabet and there will always be people that are for and against any given name.

        • Anonymous

          It all started with the “Incredible” 

          • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

            I actually though that the Incredible was a great name. But nonetheless there really are some stupid names out there. 

    •  only think i have been able to think of is some stupid person thought XyBoard was their play on Cyborg? lol i have no clue.

      • Ashley Horne

        I thought the same thing when i first saw this.

  • Anonymous

    Is it me, or does the XyBoard held in the pic by the dude in the red tie look fecking HUGE?

    • Dan

      Perhaps a wide-angle lens was used to snap the photo 

    • Miguel

      His tie looks huge…
      And is it just me or is the Xyboard a really ugly name? 

      • Anonymous

        Wide ties are all the rage.

    • Sebastian Encina

      That was my first thought. Either that, or the guy holding it is very small. 

      – Pause – 

      • Anonymous

        It must be Jonathan Geller from BGR.

    • Anonymous

      it’s a little kid in a suit holding it

  • Anonymous

    Pass and pass..

    • Anonymous

      hideous and hideous. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    I hope the XYBoard is as dev friendly as its older sibling

    • Anonymous

      yeah right.. moto released their one open tablet device.  the blur era is at hand.

      • Dominick DeVito

        I’m not a huge fan either, but corporate IT admins don’t care.

        • Pretty sure it’ll be locked up tight.

  • Oh Motorola…Motorola…. *shakes head*

  • whoa they did away with the lip at the bottom…interesting move!

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      About freakin’ time! HATE those stupid, ugly lips on the bottom of Droid phones! 

  • They really like that RAZR styling huh?

    • EC8CH

      I think it’s original and makes their products stand out.

      I however think it looks much better on phones than on their tablets.  The chamfered corners don’t scale up on the tablet design very well.

    • Anonymous

      Consumers do.

      I looked at one yesterday and I love the styling of it. But I don’t need a super thin phone. My extended battery Bionic is just fine for me and it’s not big at all IMO.  

      • djembeman

        I agree with you about the Bionic! The extended battery doesn’t add too much thickness and really adds a great deal of battery power. I’m not buying the Xyboard shape and lack of quad core at this point in the game.

        My guess is they will still release a Xoom 2 in 2012, but will actually have the new quad core processor.

  • EC8CH

    “At the same time though, tablets need something to help them stand out. Stock Android 3.X is far too bare bones to be exciting anymore.”

    I’d rather have ICS over Blurrycomb

    • Robbie Gerling

      i’d like you to point out some people who wouldn’t like ICS over Honeycomb…

      • EC8CH

        this guy

        • Anonymous


    • Mctypething

      What is blurry about Honeycomb?

      • EC8CH

        “I’d say we will welcome in the era of Blur to the tablet game. Those are Blur icons and blur on-screen navigation buttons.”

  • Anonymous

    The droid 4 looks… big.