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HTC Rezound Having Sound Issues Through Headphones, Including Beats Earbuds

If there was one area that the HTC Rezound should not have issues with, it would be in the sound department. As Verizon’s first Beats Audio enabled device, and one that is supposed to take sound on your mobile phone to the next level, we can’t help but hope they already have a fix in the works for this one.

According to a handful of our readers and a growing number of forum posts across the Android community, the Rezound is experiencing some sort of static or interference when using any type of headphones including the iBeats that come with the phone. It doesn’t appear to be related to the Beats audio built-into the phone, as the issue can be replicated while streaming or while listening to internally stored music. Some are under the impression that it may have to do with 4G and some sort of interference caused with it activated. Others have been able to replicate the noise no matter what their connection type.

Not all devices are experiencing the issue (including the one I have), but the number that are affected, is growing.

Rezound owners, how is your audio quality? Hearing a static noise at all?

Cheers Richard!

  • I have this issue, as do about 50% of Rezound owners from what I can figure after reading many forum posts.

  • mines like that. Fawk… I want to turn it in and get  different one. I got that phone becasue it was supposed to be bad ass.. now its a pain in the ass just to listen to it.

  • Kenneth Lay

    Mine has this issue and Verizon said HTC is aware of it and that they are looking into it.  I returned my phone to the store for a new one and no problems since.

  • DharmaDog

    I have noticed this static interference and it is extremely annoying. 
    Does not mater what headphones you are using or appear to have anything
    to do with the radio – happens with 3G and 4G both.  I also hear it when
    I have my phone patched into my car sound system

    • Roy Walsh

      wat music device yu use for yur car system? i use a fm transmitter.

  • Lin McDowell

    I noticed the static immediately. Doesn’t matter what my network/WiFi settings are: 3G 4G, Airplane Mode, WiFi only, playing music offline – the static is always there.  And it happens with any pair of headphones I try, not just the Beats Monster headphones

  • Jer85008

    Got my Rezound yesterday. Damn! Love it so far, what an awesome phone (the screen is unreal). No static on the headphones, and I get a solid 4G signal at my house. So far my only “meh” has been the headphones, they do sound great but not significantly better than something in the $80 range from other vendors.

  • Aoholmes95

    I have noticed a type of radio hi pitch static e’ sound once I plug the head phones in but once music starts it seems to instantly disappear. Even once stopping a track directly after inserting buds so a non issue for me. I came from a buggy x2 . This is my first htc phone and I must say it’s super smooth, fast and vivid . Far exceeded my expectations. I never thought I’d get an htc after constantly hearing how bad sense is but I’m loving all the customization options

  • Emilio Figueroa

    Nope, no problems what so ever. All is good in Andy land over here. lol I actually really like the Rezound, the only things is the bloaty HTC Sense. lol

  • Dylan Blom

    I know i would have loved the rezound if i got it but if i had issues with this i would immediately turn to xda while the galaxy nexus would have a update in a week.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the Rezound ZUCKZ !!!

    • TC Infantino

      Sorry, but I disagree totally.  The Rezound has an awesome screen, is very responsive to all inputs (I haven’t noticed any lag at all), has a great amount of internal memory plus the expandable SD card, has a good quality external speaker, and the call quality sounds very good to me.  I have not experienced any static when using either the beats headphones or my other pair (can’t remember the name).  I do believe some people are having this issue, and hopefully they will either receive a replacement phone that works properly, or a software fix is released quickly.  But if you think the Rezound sucks just because of this issue, then you must also think the same of the GNex because of the possessed volume rocker.  After all, any phone that has a bug must be complete crap right? 

      • Anonymous

        That’s certainly what they’ll have you believe about the Bionic.

        • Anonymous

          the anti moto fans made people believe that the bionic sucks. Its a beast lacking some features.

    • Anonymous

      it just has good camera and display, but its lacking the best features call quality and radios.

      • Jer85008

        Wrong, call quality smokes my old Droid X. And there is zero lag with Sense. After a year and a half with Blur, Sense seems pretty slick to me. 100% happy with it.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll buy yours for $25US.  You obviously don’t want it, and it clearly sucks, so $25US is a deal.

  • Jsmyth

    No problem here.

  • Iavt

    what a Rezzzounding predicament. hunh!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Looks like anyone who buys a phone within the first 6 months of release is doomed to issues.  So while cutting edge new is fun, its also a double edged sword because there’s always some bug that needs to be worked out that may or may not be major to you.  Ugh.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the real world.

    • Anonymous

      its not only the bionic lol

  • Hans

    i have a rezound right now.  i’m returning it to the ebay seller i bought it from online.  i did notice the weird static when its switching songs in google music.

    then again my rezound is also hopelessly broken, heats up randomly and drains the entire battery when doing nothing but listening to music in less than 2 hours. 

    hell idly sitting on my desk at work it lost 50% power in like 2 hours. 

    i honestly really like this phone, and would keep it if it was just the static in the songs which is likely just a firmware thing.  the battery issue on mine is clearly defective though, guess i just have bad luck.  i still think its a good phone.

    • Nico

      My Rezound lasts almost 8 hours (whole workday) through medium-heavy browsing and Pandora use.  It doesn’t quite make it home to the charger, though.  Yours is fishy…

      • Hans

        yeah i sent it back to the person i bought it from on ebay.  debating if i should buy another one, or wait a week for the nexus and give that a try… i’m pretty glad i didnt put my tbolt up on ebay in the 3 days i had the rezound.  would have sucked to have no working phone.

  • Ryandev00

    I own a rezound and I can confirm this.. it’s a staticy noise and only happens when switching songs while the aux port is plugged into my car’s sound system

  • Anonymous

    To rule out the data or LTE radio being a possible cause. switch it to 3G only or turn airplane mode on. Then try it and post results.

  • Gs2

    Not all phones are perfect like my gs2 which kills the gay gnex is all quad rent and any benchmarks lol. It bar let hit 1,900 in quad rent

    • Anonymous

      gs2 is the second best device. The razr is the king inside and out 🙂

  • John Hall

    Just got my Resound yesterday and played music at work all day. No problems so far (with the music, that is).

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  • I hear static and interference using both HTC music and Google music

  • Rezound Owner :)

    I haven’t had any sound issues with my headphones but I’ve only used them a few times since purchasing the phone

  • Mikey

    Name One Thing That Has Been Released Bug Free; We Just Don’t Live In A Perfect World.

  • Retep1115

    I Just wanna throw this out there…  What android phone hasn’t come out with bugs?  What version of almost any OS hasn’t had bugs after a release?…  Companies do it on purpose to keep the buzz going on these forums.  I would love to believe TROLOLOL that it is things exploding behind you as you walk.  I’ve always wanted to live in my own commercial where I’m the cool guy walking alone with headphones in.  Because, usually thats the weird guy that talks to himself all the way down the street while listening.

  • I tried the rezound at Best Buy with the beats headphones…. not really impressed.  My overclocked (1.35ghz) Droid X with the PowerAmp app and $30 Sony Headphones sounds soooooo much better.  I think beats is overrated.

  • Jeglum1

    Nope (not yet)

  • my only issue is my left earphone does not work -sigh- 

  • Anonymous

    Listening to my Rezound right now with no problems, sounds great. Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stereo Headphones.

  • jesus2.lopez

    The HTC Rezound was has spared no luxury in smart phones. I
    am a huge fan of Beats audio and know that this phone will be great for music,
    but I am more impressed with the 720p display that this phone delivers. I am
    actually more excited than ever to watch videos with this phone. Paired with my
    employee Sling adapter from DISH Network, the Rezound will be the ultimate
    mobile device. With the Sling adapter, I can steam live and recorded TV to my
    Android device everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. Plus, DISH is offering
    them for free, so why not?

    • Anonymous

      Well pin a rose on your nose.

    • I’m confused.. is this a legitimate response or a canned ad-bot post?

      • Jesus Lopez

        I am definitely a person. LOL

  • Lafrad

    I Also have the static issue.   VERY noticeable with expensive headphones and earbuds.   I only really notice it on low volume or between tracks, but I don’t listen to my music very loudly so its apparent in all sorts of situations.    Cheap earphones seem to mask the issue, mostly becuase they take more output volume to make the same amount of sound…. 

  • Jeralmac

    I am “leasing” the Rezound as I wait for the Gnex and I too hear the distortion. To me, it sounds like DSL chatter, sort of like using your home phone without DSL filters. I’m using it with a pair of Shure SE420 earphones and like another person said, you can hear it most when there’s either no music playing or at a quiet moment of a song. Really loving the display on this phone but I’m completely anal about sound purity so hopefully they’ll get this addressed soon.

  • Anonymous

    No issue here. The Beat Audio gives the best sound from ANY music device (why do I feel the iDrones are going to stalk me now for saying something is better then an iPod?) so this is bit of a shock to me.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I’m tired of hearing how meticulous Verizon is with their testing of phones – if they were wouldn’t they have discovered this?

    • Anonymous

      Well sir, that all depends on how you test.  I believe this is called “end-user testing.”

  • Sammyxp

    I do hear it, during the silence between tracks, or just as I hit play. It is faint, though.

  • Warning make cause things around you to explode…

  • Jer85008

    I’ll find out later today when I get my new Rezound and post a follow-up, I will let you know if I have any issues. I do live in a 4G area (San Diego).

  • Dlowrey99

    no problems with my rezound.

  • Aaron G

    So, yesterday, I was trying to use my wifi hotspot on my Bionic and it said I was not authorized.  I got VZW tech support on the line and whilst on the phone with the guy, I dropped and gained signal 3 times.  I live in Central Phoenix in a great reception area.  I told him how frustrated I was that I will pick the phone out of my pocket at random times during they day and find that I have no signal.  Toggling the airplane mode doesn’t work.  I use the phone primarily on 3g because of battery life so this is 3g that disconnects.  I have to change it to 4g to get it to come back and then back down to 3g.  Anyways, to make a long story short….the support guy admitted that Verizon has not done a good job at their QC on the 4g phones with regard to signal handoff issues and the like.  He also admitted to me that Apple had not released a 4g iphone because of the problems with 4g service at the moment.  So, my question is…with all the 4g problems with every phone it seems….why don’t they fix the problems before bringing more markets online?  Who cares how fast or how large the footprint of the network is if half the time you can’t access it or anything else?  I have seriously thought about going back to a 3g device for now…the frustration is not worth it. 

  • Nico

    My Rezound has static.  There’s an extremely quiet sound in the background when sound is actually playing; you can’t hear it unless the song is exceptionally quiet.  There’s a buzzing between songs, though, especially using Pandora, that goes away when the music starts.  It gets MUCH louder when plugged in (like attached to a car charger with the sound piped through the speakers).  No idea why it’s happening, I haven’t run any “Airplane Mode” tests yet.