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Google Halts Transformer Prime Release To Update OS To Ice Cream Sandwich?

According to the DigiTimes, Google is working hand in hand with ASUS to make sure the world’s first quad-core tablet, rightly named the Transformer Primelaunches with the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It is being reported that Google in the past has “cold-shouldered” PC makers and that some were looking to turn towards Windows 8, but Google is now on board with ASUS and making sure consumers will be happy with their new tablets.

There is one small issue though. If Google and Asus decide to launch the tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich, there is a chance that this could lead to a delay. According to this rumor, that could mean a December launch, which is disappointing, since this is such a killer tablet. But with the addition of Ice Cream Sandwich, that makes it all the more desirable.

Would you rather get the first quad-core tablet early with Honeycomb or have it slightly delayed to get ICS?

Via: Android And Me, DigiTimes

  • Delay it I want two ICS device in less than a month

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have it bug-free, whether that means HC or ICS.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Something tells me that if Google’s stepping in and pulling the plug this quick, it’s going to be a rush job to get ICS out.  I’d much rather have a stable and rockin’ Honeycomb build and let them get ICS right rather than rush ICS out and have it suck.

    I was planning on picking this up tomorrow, so it’s a bummer for sure.

  • Jhirai20

    I’d rather get it now and update later. Or at least preorder it ASAP.

  • Anonymous
  • Eavan Hamilton

    I’d much rather get it early and deal with upgrading it myself later.

  • I’m so glad I went with the OG Transformer as my tablet choice, seems like ASUS knows how to treat their customers and get shit done. Other companies should take note of this.

  • Anonymous

    prime? could this be the nexus tablet?

  • Jvmxtra

    Seriously, as a droid fan(you guys that is), why would you consider buying any droid based tablet now? With no apps, what do you do w/ your tablet?

    Shouldn’t you buy ipad 2 for now and buy droid based tablet later once apps start to catch up a bit(which eventually I know they will).
    IF there is no app, and you must buy droid tablet, does it matter which droid tablet you get?(since you will be browing and some kind of communication(email and etc). Just buy kindle fire.. no?

    • Just Saying

      But there are apps. Lots of them.

      • Jvmxtra

        really? ok.. last time I checked they were saying there is almost nothing.. but maybe they got them more in now

        • Just Saying

          I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I’ve never felt the shortage of apps. There was an app for everything I needed.

          • Jvmxtra


  • Just Saying

    There is a huge difference between the device coming with “Ice Cream Sandwich” and “Ice Cream Sandwich ready”. The selling point for android devices at present is “Does it come with the most up to date software?”. The main selling point of Galaxy Nexus is just that and Rezound and RAZR suffer without it. No matter how assuring the immediate ICS update will be, it is less than ICS pre-loaded.

  • ICEMAN_2781

    to me if people quit Bitching and wait till decmeber  they can get the tablet with ICS instand of the Honeycomb 3.2 oc on it to me its worth  it to wait till december  so go Asus AND GOOGLE GO  MAKE HAPPEND THERE PLAYAZ

  • bigrob60

    “Would you rather get the first quad-core tablet early with Honeycomb or have it slightly delayed to get ICS?”Is that really a question that needed to be asked.

  • Anonymous

    transformer prime + ICS (+ GED) = buy in 3 … 2 … 1 seconds

  • Dan

    Asus and Google are definitely an awesome combination. I’m reading / typing this on the original Transformer and it has been pleasure. Asus continues to support and relase updates and patches, so if they were to relase the Prime early, you could rest assured that Asus will continue to work on, tweak and release updates including ICS and following; in a more timely manner than most OEMs.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a smart idea on both parts to push back release slightly to allow for an enhanced experience with the latest operating system.

    As I said before, I won’t be updating to the Prime because I’m content with my TF-101. It would be nice to see an upgrade in the works to ICS for my current tablet though. But I’m confident they’re working on that too. If Asus continues on this path, they’re certain to have continued success with customers. (Lord knows they already have a bit of my money [mobo, 27″ monitor, tablet]).

  • One this is the first Quad-Core tablet. No else is putting one out until next year Q1-2012. Keep it and make sure that ICS is fully optimize to use all the power on this tablet. Then release it to the masses. Just like many users here, half @ssed products breeds bad press and bad publicity. You want to defeat Apple and their iPad juggernaut? Make the OS and hardware seamless. Once people get their hands on it, they can’t say anything bad.

  • StormbladeX69

    Wait for ICS please.

  • Anonymous

    Xoom anyone? How about we wait until it’s out to market for 90 days and then buy. Anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    I would rather have hardware that was made for the software

    • Anonymous

      its got quadcore and ships with ICS. sounds like a good deal to me.

  • Djenks24

    Keep it until its right, I don’t want quad core hardware with software that is only optimized for dual core or even single core.  Stop putting out half ass-ed products just to meet a deadline.

  • Wouldn’t even consider a tablet without ICS at this point, since Android updates are so elusive. But, I probably won’t consider this tablet based on pricing when it comes out either, so I suppose it doesn’t matter to me either way. The OG Transformer was #1 on my too-expensive tablets I might buy if I was given a bunch of money list though.

  • Interstellarmind

    i think the key ditinction here is WHO is involvedi n the upgrade to ICS for the TPrime.

    if it was jsut ASUS working alone to get ICS up on the TPrime, then it’d be an annoying useless wait (why not just OTA that bad bay?)

    However, if Google is “personally” overseeing/ hand-holding/ DOING the upgrade, then, yeah, i’m all for it because it’ll mean less bugs on the device.

  • PSU_DI

    Honeycomb, is a decent OS.  It works great on my current Transformer.  I’d prefer them to launch with HC then update to ICS, if that means the product isn’t delayed.  If ICS could be installed and running with out a delay than so be it, but it really is important to get this tablet out on the market ASAP

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the whole world to have Ice Cream Sandwich and see every Android user with a smile 🙂

    F apple
    DROID FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • Thrillho

    If the wait was just to put ICS on it, I want it NOW…   but if Google is going to go in there and make sure ICS is done right, I will happily wait.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m missing something, how much will ICS make a difference in the actual user experience on tablets? From what I’ve read it’s pretty much Honeycomb with a new framework added that allows it run on phones.  Why would it be critical to get ICS on the Prime before release?  ASUS has been fantastic about updates to their current line, they are simple to apply, not requiring any sort of user intervention.  

    What am I missing? Sometimes it seems our community automatically assumes we have to have the latest release, when at the end of the day they often bring minimal new functionality to the device.  Now I could see ASUS making this decision because they don’t want to have to push updates out to everyone, but as a potential customer, I’d much rather get the device now, rather than waiting another month for ICS.

  • Anonymous

    I like it… especially if it means that they are going to turn it into the next flagship device

  • Anonymous

    Still surprised Hasbro hasn’t sued over the name.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    That’s ok to me. I was planning on buying it sometime in december anyways. I’ve been saving up my money for the past 4 months so I could buy this. And if it comes with ICS right at launch, then that’s cool with me 🙂

  • Trooper

    Id rather have ICS.

    Question, where can you purchase one of these tablets and how much are they?

  • Anonymous

    Hey at least someone gets to use the Prime name. Where’s the Prime Andy?

  • Dominick DeVito

    What some people don’t realize is that an OTA upgrade is more difficult for an OEM to deal with, then delaying the shipped device with the newer OS.

    Also, shipped OSs almost always appear to be more optimized with the device it ships with. Updated OSs can get delays, etc that cause weeks, or months to iron out. The OTA process itself requires programming, testing, etc – which adds time.

    (See: HTC Thunderbolt, Droid Charge, etc)

  • Jaime Ramirez


  • Asmodai

    Honeycomb now, ICS OTA ASAP