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Keyboard Dock For ASUS Transformer Prime Pictured – Looks Stunning

All you ASUS Transformer lovers are in for a treat. The newly teased Transformer Prime is getting a serious friend with benefits in the newly photographed keyboard dock. The Transformer Prime is a quad-core beast which deserves nothing but the best accessories and ASUS looks like they spared no expense. Plans are set that ASUS will announce the Prime on November 9. All of us U.S. hopefuls will then see just how awesome this new era of tablets are. 


(Click to enlarge)

Via: Phandroid

  • Derek Stiles

    Now THAT is a tablet!

  • Anonymous

    is that backlit?

  • Rob Becker

    Wow! I think I could sell the wife on getting this.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If you have to lug that keyboard everywhere you might as well just add a small netbook to your bag with your tablet. I love the idea of these components working together to address the weaknesses of the different form factors. I just don’t see it catching on when netbooks are such an inexpensive option.

    More power to them though. Options are awesome.

    • J Dub

      For me the keyboard is more of an extended battery. I am hoping for 20 hours with the tablet and keyboard.

      • i think its 10 for the tab and 8 for the dock.. so 18 hrs combined.

        • Chanda


    • I think this is great option. At home, I’ll lounge around with just tablet, reading blogs, looking up recipes, and so on. At work or on a trip, I would use the keyboard to take notes in meetings, write long email responses. It’s a floor wax and a desert topping. Sign me up.

    • Irtechneo

      I have the transformer one and the keyboard is very light weight. It is no problem to carry around and to top it off the keyboard charges my tablet when docked. To each his own but this form factor is perfect for me. I keep it in a netbook zip up case and its no problem to carry around.

    • Chanda

      I would compare that to lugging around a tampon.

  • Anonymous

    Once again Apple is flattered….

  • Why are the speakers on one side??

    • Chanda

      there are speakers on both sides

  • Put a disc drive in there and im down

    • Chanda

      Disks are becoming obsolete. Everything is flash, stream and cloud now. It also comes with a year of unlimited cloud storage.

  • Anonymous

    Does it look like a macbook pro? Yes. Does it cost $1000? No. Can you pull the screen off your macbook pro? No. Are they trying to compete with the macbook ? I doubt it. This is a nice little product to enhance a tablet experience while making it portable and functional. You can add a bluetooth keyboard to an Ipad but these guys wanted ports and a battery. I, for one, like it. Would never leave my house with it, but it would look nice on my desk when I bring my tablet home.

  • Anonymous

    This will be one significant and impressive device.  However, I, like many others, got the TF-101.

    Am I bummed I did so?  Not at all.  The original is a fantastic device and certainly not a weak contender.

    Be interesting to see what comes next year from the tablet makers (what with the advancements coming out now).

  • of course it looks like a laptop, the screen isnt on, so you don’t see the android goodness

  • Interstellarmind

    new era of tablets will be when we’ll be able to use them as phones and they come with NFC.

    • Chanda

      Asus is coming out with a Padfone…stay tuned

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH, I’ll stick to the original version, ala Macbook Pro
    Still looks cool though.

    • Good luck jamming your closed system laptop into a netbook bag.  This tablet is an ipad killer.  While all the special ed kids and fanboys(not much difference) fawn over the closed system of the ipad, Ice Cream Sandwich comes along.  It will allow you true open access to customize just about anything you want to about your tablet, including the ability to disable firmware.  Apple fanboys love a shiny closed system, and will hate on anything that isn’t.  Asus just gave us shiny, AND better!

      • Anonymous

        The iPad has more than 90% of the tablet market. I doubt it’s just special ed. kids and fanboys.

        • Matthew Merrick

          and android is gaining ground rapidly. i wonder why? 

          I’ll admit, the iPad was the best tablet for a while, but not anymore. 

          • Anonymous

            Is it? The only numbers that suggest that are from “shipped” tablets. The iPad is responsible for 97% of tablet web browsing. Motorola in their earnings call said they shipped 100,000 Xooms last quarter. For comparison, Apple sold 11.12 million iPads last quarter. They sell more iPads in a day than competitors ship in a quarter.

          • Redfoxdude

            Cool story bro. My Asus Transformer appears online as an iPad. I changed the user string agent. And when it’s not an iPad, it’s a desktop computer. But it’s still an Android tablet. Skewed stats are skewed.

          • Chanda

            they did, but that is coming to an end.

          • Anonymous

            [citation needed]

    • 11knives

      you mad bro?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    There is my first and only tablet.. nice! Will be a nice match to the Nexus if it also has an NFC chip and can thus Beam away

  • christian cerda

    looks like a bootleg version of my macbook pro, just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Would be if you could yank the screen off your mac. Lol

    • Anonymous

      Apple didn’t invent brushed aluminum.

    • Chanda

      they are both shiny, but this blows the ipad away

  • …Oh.. you mean like a laptop…?

  • the closer tablets go to laptop territory the further they go from pushing tablet innovation. Just my 2 cents but this looks like a laptop with a touch screen.

    • jerry Martin

      thats the beauity of it it’s a netbook no it’s a tablet…you should see the jaws drop when I pull my TF 101 out of it’s dock. 

    • Chanda

      Anyone in a business environment needs a keyboard to type up docs. How can they be going further away with duality? I say keeping it either a tablet or a laptop keeps pushing from innovation.

  • Anonymous

    This will be my first tablet book it

  • jbonics

    II just want the tablet, forget the dock.

  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s some nice kit, but it’s really just an android based netbook. I wonder how useful it could be.

  • Shane_cone

    Tim-o-tato you should do a movember droid-life team. Check their site. Its a yearly thing where you grow your mustache to bring awareness to prostate cancer and raise funds its a lot of fun and a good cause

    • So everyone can see my patchy beard thing? Hah I’ll look into it 🙂

  • Raven

    Shiny!  But too light colored for me.  Anodize that bad boy black and I will be all over it.

    I think I will stick with my sexy coppertoned beauty for now.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Are you saying Apple patented the keyboard too?

    • Matthew Merrick

      wow you’re right! the color scheme is the same! otherwise, they’re completely different. 

      since the original transformer was brown, its totally ripping off a tree trunk, right? maybe a patch of dirt should sue it. 

      oh, you’re wearing a blue shirt? sorry, bob patented that. 


      • Anonymous

        I was trying to point out that it looks too much like the macbook pro
        for my taste. Another commenter remarked, which I completely agree with,
        that if the tablet came in black it would look great. Also, If you’ll notice I’ve got Andy as my avatar and I’ve been rocking my OG droid since this site was excited about froyo so I don’t know where you come off thinking I’m an Apple troll… I sure hope I’m not feeding the trolls with this response though.

        • Matthew Merrick

          i’m no troll, but people comparing EVERYTHING to apple products is starting to drive me insane. it does NOT look like the macbook pro, it just has a similar color scheme. 

          (and i would prefer it in black metal, actually. its too shiny for my tastes)

    • Pennywise

      hmmm yea I need a little more help here cause I’m not seeing it…  Unless it’s the ‘MacBook Pro Silver’ that I’m missing…  Cause I’ll bet if it was black, then absolutely no one would have made this “comparison.”

      Come to think of it, my Subaru is silver and is now looking a lot like a MacBook Pro O.O

  • JG

    Holy Bezel Batman!

  • Tim Youngblood

    Don’t you know, Apple has patented ‘stunning.’

  • Anonymous

    if they would just add a mouse and a mini tower, i’ll be over this tablet!

    • download andromouse lite on your Droid and you can use it as a mouse or a keyboard

  • Anonymous

    Apple lawsuit in 3… 2…. 1….

    • Imagine That…  Someone thinks Apple has ever had an original thought.

    • Whett Phartz

      Jobs is turning over in his iGrave because of this. “iThey iStole iMy iDeas! iArrrrrgh!”

  • Anonymous

    Man, they really want to get sued by Apple don’t they…

    • Chanda

      for being shiny? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Skinja

    Why is this better than a similiarly priced netbook? Just the touch screen?

    • Because it runs Android? Because it will likely have better battery life?

      • Anonymous

        I tried ripping the keybaord off my netbook but it stopped working.

    • Chanda


  • DO WANT! Someone want to buy my Xoom?

  • Anonymous

    Instead of a tablet, you can have a laptop!


  • Anonymous

    Now, the resolution… 🙂 (detemining factor for me)

    • 1920 *1080 any one?

      • Anonymous

        kal-el should be able to support much higher resolutions than that…

        • Nick

          Slow down speed racer. I’m sure all of us would be delighted with 1920×1080. Cramming anything higher into a screen that size would destroy the battery life, which I certainly don’t want.

          • Anonymous

            Screw battery life 😀

  • Since when can the macbook pro screen come off as a tablet?

    • Anonymous

      I wish I could say something in defense but they really shouldn’t have made it silver.

    • jerry Martin

      When it’s Asus but not a Zenbook

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’ll be getting one of these though I worry about the price.  Something tells me this is going to go for $500 plus $150 or more for the dock.

    • trumpet444

      $500 + $150 doesn’t really sound that bad in comparison to other tablets. I’d maybe like to see it $500 + $80 though. Yeah, it would end up costing comparable to a mid-range pc laptop but how many laptops can you snap the screen off and it continue to function?

      • Anonymous

        Those laptops are also more powerful and capable though.  Tablets just don’t have the same productivity, they are primarily for media consumption.

        • Chanda

          zzzzzzzz you forgot to do your homework

          • Anonymous


  • KevinC

    dank city

  • Jvrcb17

    looks a little to apple-y to me. 

    reminds me of the macbook air. bleh!!!

  • Anonymous

    I want bro…